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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Avery Bailey Clark - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Avery Bailey Clark Played by Jessica Collins on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Collins (CBS)

    Birthday: April 1 1971
    Birthplace: Schenectady. NY
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jessica Collins
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: Slick Operator.

    Friday, December 05 2014

    At The Underground, Avery apologizes to Joe for blaming him for the incident at Crimson Lights. She asks him to respect that she's with Dylan. He's always wanted what's best for her. Dylan appears. Avery says she told Joe they don't blame him for the incident. Nick arrives. He meets Joe and says he's adamantly opposed to his development. Joe excuses himself. Nick questions Avery being married to such a slick operator. Talk turns to Sharon hiring David Sherman and filing a countersuit.

    Stitch arrives at The Underground as Nick, Avery, and Dylan are discussing Katie being Billy's. Avery and Nick step away to discuss the case, so Ben joins Dylan. He thinks Billy and Victoria are already back together. Avery approaches Joe, who questions her not being honest with Dylan. She snaps at him and rejoins Dylan. She tells him Joe sent a text at Thanksgiving. Dylan goes to Joe and tells him no more calls, texts, or surprise visits or things are going to get much less civil. Abby arrives. Ben, drinking, says he had a change of plans. Abby checks in with Nick, who tells her about the woman who saved his life. Jeff arrives and Ben wants to fight him. Jeff was going to drop the suit, but now he's not sure. Later, Nick asks for Abby's support. She muses that you can knock a Newman down but they'll always get back up.

    At home, Dylan and Avery kiss passionately and undress. After making love, Avery gets wine and Dylan looks at an engagement ring.

    Y&R Recap: Outside Looking In.

    Tuesday, December 02 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Avery shouts at Dylan not to go out there after a brick comes through the window. He goes.

    At Crimson Lights, Paul joins Avery and Dylan comes in. He thinks the brick was thrown by kids. Avery worries this could affect her case to save the place. Dylan reassures them he'll get security cameras. Paul makes a call about Joe. Later, Avery bickers with Dylan about going after the person who did this. Talk turns to Nick. Avery's concerned he missed their conference call and hasn't returned her messages.

    Avery finds Joe in her office, who complains to her about Paul interrogating him. Avery hollers that it makes sense. Joe says she clearly doesn't know him at all.

    Y&R Recap: Animal Instincts.

    Monday, December 01 2014

    At their office, Avery and Michael collide. His coffee spills on her blouse. Joe arrives as she ducks into her office to change and sees her in a bra. She catches him enjoying the view and irritably tells him her campaign against his development is gathering momentum. She reminds him it's just business. He calls her a bleeding heart and goes to complain to Michael that he needs to do something. After, Michael gets a call from the doctor, who wants him to come in regarding treatment options. Summer arrives to ask Avery about Nick's whereabouts. Avery says he needs time.

    Y&R Recap: Only One Choice.

    Wednesday, November 26 2014

    At the ranch, Nikki eyeballs the alcohol as Victor appears. He's sad about those who will be missing. Faith runs in, followed by Sharon. She understands they don't want her to stay. Nikki walks Sharon out and says they'll protect Faith from what she's done. Nikki slams the door. Later, Paul and Christine arrive and greet Victor. Nikki offers wine. Chris declines; she may be pregnant. Dylan plays with Faith and Avery gets a Happy Thanksgiving text from Joe. She joins Dylan and Faith, who leaves them alone. Avery says awkward family get-togethers are what Thanksgiving is all about. Nikki calls for a toast - it's been a year since she announced she was Dylan's mother. They're both glad they took the journey. Dylan is proud to call Nikki and Paul his parents. Victor clinks Dylan's glass. "Cheers."

    Y&R Recap: Strictly Business.

    Wednesday, November 19 2014

    At Avery's office, Sharon wonders if she's working on Nick's case against her - she won't just let her take her child away or be used as a pawn. Sharon thinks if Avery ever cared about Faith, she'd be talking Nick out of this. Avery says Sharon is getting exactly what she deserves and Faith will be loved and cared for by Nick. They bicker. Avery reminds her she used Faith to come between her and Nick. She's done terrible things to people. Sharon's to blame for Phyllis falling down the stairs too. Sharon says she regrets everything she did, but this isn't what's best for Faith. Avery says she's given her the ammunition she needs - she can't possibly lose.

    Nick learns of Sharon's visit at Avery's office. Avery isn't sure they can win. Nick says Sharon has a history of instability. Avery warns it's a tricky case and will be an ugly battle. They talk about making it as painless as possible for Faith. Avery suggest he not withhold visitation for now. Avery talks about Joe going after Dylan - he's trying to punish her. Nick thinks he can get the deal stopped. She has a plan of attack. Nick leaves and Joe arrives. Avery asks him to tell her why he's there and then get out. He insists he came to see Michael. They argue about Dylan and his development. Joe is about to tell her why he kissed her but stops. "Please let Michael know I stopped by."

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