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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Avery Bailey Clark - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Avery Bailey Clark Played by Jessica Collins on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Collins (CBS)

    Birthday: April 1 1971
    Birthplace: Schenectady. NY
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jessica Collins
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Back To Square One.

    Monday, October 07 2013

    In the interrogation room, Paul questions Michael's version of the events in the alley. He can't understand him being so quick to confess - something's not right. Michael insists he offed Basco so he'd stop hurting his family. He compares it to Paul having to shoot Ricky. Lauren arrives with Avery, who is left alone with Michael. He says she can't help him - he's pleading guilty and she can't talk him out of it. Paul takes Lauren to his office and asks how Fen reacted to the news about Michael. Lauren hedges that they'll stick together as a family. Paul leaves. Nikki arrives and has a curt exchange with Avery about Nick. Avery tells Lauren that Michael refused her representation. Lauren rejoins Michael and wishes he'd told the truth. He says they have to save their son and warns that it's an open and shut case now, but if anyone looks too closely, it won't be. He asks Lauren to find Fenmore and make sure he keeps his mouth shut.

    Dylan runs into Avery in the park. He's trying to figure out where everything went wrong and always ends up back at the same spot. Avery nods. Dylan says they're back to square one. "Makes you wonder if we could do it again. Could we get it right?" Avery says they can't right now. She's not ready and she's not sure it will ever happen.

    The Other Shoe's Going To Drop.

    Thursday, October 03 2013

    Avery finds Dylan's St. Christopher medal behind her sofa cushion at home.

    At his place, Dylan reads Chelsea's letter. She regrets causing him pain and wants him back. Avery calls and wants to bring over his necklace. He tells her to come by, scrunches up Chelsea's letter, and throws it away.

    Avery spots Nick in the park. She sees his black eye and asks if he fought with Dylan. She feels sick about everything falling apart. Nick says it was her choice. Avery says he could have fought harder. Avery says she'll take half the blame, but his track record isn't great. Nick wonders if she's looking for his blessing to be with Dylan. She says Dylan's leaving town.

    Avery returns Dylan's necklace. He tells her he's not leaving town - he's tired of running. Avery wonders if he'll get back with Chelsea. He nixes that idea. He thanks her again for his necklace. They hold each other's gaze until she leaves.

    You're Sick!

    Tuesday, October 01 2013

    Avery and Leslie briefly discuss Nick at Crimson Lights before turning to business. Leslie says their biggest case is the Connor MacAvoy custody suit. Avery's reluctant to take it. Leslie thinks she's concerned about Dylan. Avery explains that she's hurt him enough. "He'd never have been with Chelsea if I'd been honest." Leslie says, "It's true. You are still in love with Dylan!" Dylan enters and looks over. Leslie leaves. Dylan and Avery talk briefly and she goes.

    You're Losing It.

    Monday, September 30 2013

    Avery visits Phyllis in Georgia and tells her about being late to her own wedding and how it all turned out. "You would have loved it, so why weren't you there?" She pleads with her to wake up and tell her she got what she deserved. Avery talks about their history. "You left me again." She says Summer needs her and no one can take her place. She shouts, trying to goad Phyllis into waking up. She says Sharon's trying to get back into Nick's life, and she hurt him so much, Sharon just might win. "I love you, Phyllis."

    Capable Hands.

    Friday, September 27 2013

    At the tackhouse, Sharon and Avery are arguing as Nick enters. "What's going on?" Avery says she came by to get her things. They look at each other for a moment and then she leaves. Nick asks Sharon what she's doing there. Sharon says she brought Faith over to cook him a meal. He says she needs to stop. Sharon accuses him of pulling away from her because of what Avery said. He asks why she'd think that. Sharon says she can't understand him rejecting her. Nick says he has a lot to work through - alone. Sharon promises not to hover if he agrees to call if he needs to talk. Nick says they can eat - he has to leave. Once alone, Sharon cries that it was all for nothing.

    Avery finds Summer waiting at her apartment. Summer wants to clean up the loose ends before she leaves for Los Angeles. She tells Avery about the modeling job, and then asks Avery how she could break her dad's heart. Avery is apologetic. Summer is angry. "I thought you were the one person I could trust." She says she lied and told Nick she loved him when she was actually in love with someone else. Avery says she does love Nick, and she thought she'd moved on from the past. Summer cries that she was supposed to be the strong one. She calls Avery a fake and says Phyllis would be glad. Summer worries about helping Nick. Avery's happy she cares. They embrace.

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