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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Avery Bailey Clark - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Avery Bailey Clark Played by Jessica Collins on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Collins (CBS)

    Birthday: April 1 1971
    Birthplace: Schenectady. NY
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jessica Collins
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: A Nice Kid.

    Thursday, March 27 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Victoria introduces Stitch to Reed, who is visiting for Spring Break. Billy appears and asks, "Were you even going to tell me you were back in town?" Reed hugs Billy and is upset to learn something is wrong at home. Stitch excuses them once he makes it clear they ran into each other by chance. Vikki tells Billy she brought Reed to spend time with her parents. He muses that it had nothing to do with her missing him. Reed wants to spend time with Billy. Vikki says he can come to the house. Stitch watches them go. Dylan tells Stitch, "I know what you're thinking. It's a bad idea." Stitch insists he was just wishing his ex would give him another chance. "He's a lucky guy." Dylan asks what went down with Jenna. Stitch says he wasn't completely honest about something and she couldn't forgive him. Dylan advocates honesty. Avery arrives and asks if he's kept something from her. He insists he hasn't, but she tells him she won a recipe contest she didn't enter. They all laugh. Dylan and Avery head to her place for whipped cream.

    At Avery's place, she thanks Dylan for submitting her recipe - the website asked her to do a video. He gets his phone and videotapes them kissing.

    Y&R Recap: Misspent Youth.

    Monday, March 24 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Avery and Dylan discuss Ian's ex-wife, Willa's visit. Dylan's afraid she might go looking for someone else who will pay for her information - like Nikki. Avery muses that he's grown to care about his mother. Avery leaves and Dylan leaves Nikki a message.

    At the Club, Neil tells Leslie he's headed to the airport. She asks if he's going away with a woman because of the flowered luggage beside him. He says it's not what she thinks, but Leslie sniffs that he's free to do as he likes and walks off. Hilary joins Neil and they go. After, Avery arrives to discuss Ian Ward's ex-wife with Leslie. She warns they could be working together and asks Leslie to keep Ian in check. Avery looks at Leslie's computer and is surprised to see she's using an online dating site. Leslie says Neil couldn't wait to move on. Avery reassures her; she'll find love again.

    Y&R Recap: Those Eyes.

    Wednesday, March 19 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Avery something is going on with Stitch - maybe he could bribe him to open up with some of her pie. He asks her about a recipe contest. Avery's doubting herself and rips up her recipe. After, Dylan puts the pieces in his pocket. Ian's Ward ex-wife, Willa, enters looking for Dylan. She asks if he found Ian. Dylan and Avery tell her he's in jail. She says if they really want answers, there's more they need to know. Dylan says he's done with it. Willa has an important piece of information, but needs to know what's in it for her. They warn her about blackmail. Avery threatens to press charges - she and the phony secret can rot behind bars. The woman takes off, saying they've got her number. Dylan wonders what she's really after.

    Y&R Recap: One Strange Bird.

    Wednesday, March 12 2014

    Avery and Dylan kiss at Crimson Lights. They discuss Billy and Victoria's situation. Avery hopes they work it out. She says Leslie and Neil broke up. Dylan wants to bring some positivity back in the room. Avery says she has something to share with him. Soon she's feeding him pies. She decides to go with the Key Lime when Nick arrives. They talk about Summer recovering from her run-in with Ian. Nikki watches Nick and Dylan interact from the doorway. She approaches Nick alone and wonders if she regrets dumping Avery. Nikki asks Dylan to speak to her on the patio about Ian. Dylan and Nikki are glad Ian's been dealt with. Dylan suggests they get breakfast sometime. Nikki's thrilled. Inside, Avery tells Nick she's happy he and Dylan are being civil. She says she and Sharon also had a non-abrasive moment. He asks how Sharon seemed. Avery realizes they're back together. She wants him to be happy. Dylan joins them. Nick thanks Dylan for being kind to their mother. Later, Dylan tells Avery he can't stop thinking about Ian's secret.

    Y&R Recap: No Free Lunch.

    Tuesday, March 11 2014

    Avery arrives at Victoria's house. Victoria wants her to help cut Billy out of her life the way she did Nick. "I want a divorce." Avery cautions her about rushing into decisions she'll regret. Victoria already has regrets. She has to do something and wants divorce papers. She tells Avery that Billy saw Kelly and gave her hope after saying he was through with her. "He still put her first." Avery says she loved Nick, but Dylan is her soul. "That's how Billy loves you." Later, Victoria opens her door to Stitch. He talks about his run-in with Billy and how he was making it out like she'd made the mistake. Victoria wishes she hadn't antagonized Billy. Stitch says he won't do it again, he just wanted to give her a heads up. She invites him in and tells him that Billy went to Kelly again. Stitch holds her.

    Leslie and Neil meet by chance in Crimson Lights. They chat about Moses until she gets a message from work. Neil comments on her priorities. Leslie tries again to be friendly. Neil sighs that they're not friends. They begin debating about the marriage situation. Leslie says love should be enough. Neil reiterates that they can't be friends. Leslie says that hurts her. He wonders if it hurts her enough to reconsider marriage. She says it's not him... He leaves. Avery appears. "How do you convince someone not to give up on love?" Leslie wishes she knew. She confides in Avery that she and Neil split up over the idea of marriage and they are back to being strangers.

    Y&R Recap: A Brief Seance.

    Monday, March 03 2014

    Sharon opens her house door to Avery, who is holding Faith. "What are you doing with my daughter?" She's amazed to hear about Dylan and Nick working together. They discuss Faith, and how Avery is with her uncle now, so they will still be in each others' orbit. Faith appears and says Avery was kind of nice - she told her not to be afraid.

    Nick arrives at Sharon's as Avery leaves. He apologizes to Sharon for not giving her a heads-up. Sharon tells him to relax. He notices the Ouija board and wonders if she's trying to contact Cassie. She insists she's not delusional although she did hold a brief seance with no results. He says she can always come to him. Nick tells her about Ian Ward and how scared he was for Summer. She says Summer's his daughter - the test doesn't matter. He says it does matter.

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