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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Avery Bailey Clark - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Avery Bailey Clark Played by Jessica Collins on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Collins (CBS)

    Birthday: April 1 1971
    Birthplace: Schenectady. NY
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jessica Collins
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: Emergency Cocktail.

    Monday, September 22 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Summer asks Avery to come with her to Georgia. Avery needs a couple days. Summer will go ahead. After, Avery admits to Dylan she's concerned Sharon will hurt Nick. Dylan wonders if she's bothered by Nick's marriage. Avery denies it. Dylan says she's been resistant to the idea of marrying him. Avery reassures him. Dylan wants to be sure he's the man she deserves.

    Y&R Recap: What's-His-Abs.

    Wednesday, September 17 2014

    At Avery's place, Paul asks about the mud on Dylan's boots. Avery's tense. Dylan arrives. Avery complains that Paul's holding that boot like it's evidence. She snaps at Dylan not to answer questions. Dylan says everything that happened, Paul already knows. Paul says they found something of Ian's covered in quarry mud. Avery accuses him of searching her place without a warrant. Dylan asks if Paul thinks he killed Ian and dumped his body. Dylan recounts his PTSD episode. Paul asks about the mud on his boots. Dylan says he hasn't worn them in weeks. Avery rants at Paul until he leaves. Avery asks Dylan why he's trying to get arrested. Dylan asks, "For what?" He tells her he lied to her because he didn't want her to think he was losing control again. She worries about the mud on his boots. He can't explain that. Avery says Paul cares about Dylan, but she doesn't think he's going to let this go.

    Y&R Recap: Touch Of Doom.

    Tuesday, September 16 2014

    At Avery's apartment, she wants Dylan to see a doctor - he tossed and turned all night. She thinks he's bothered by Ian still being out there. They bicker about Dylan talking to Paul without her yesterday. Avery wonders why Dylan knows Ian's not coming back. "This stays between us." Michael arrives and Dylan makes a hasty exit. Michael talks about growing Devon's foundation. Avery thought he was looking to decrease his workload. He has plans for offices and expansion. Avery tells him to be honest - what happened to creating the perfect balance? Michael admits he and Lauren are facing challenges. He changes the subject to Dylan being questioned. Avery says it was routine. Michael mentions Jeff saying Dylan being seen at the track. "Dylan didn't tell you." They wrap up work and realize they have identical briefcases. Avery moves some muddy boots. Michael goes. Paul arrives and chats with Avery about Dylan. She wonders if he's there as a father or a cop. Paul says he came to thank Dylan for the gift. As he's leaving he notices the muddy boots. Avery wants to know why he's so captivated by them.

    Y&R Recap: Winner Of The DNA Lottery.

    Monday, September 15 2014

    At the Club, Maureen greets Nikki as 'Sherry'. Victor asks why she's calling her that. Nikki says she doesn't know. Maureen apologizes. "I thought you were my friend Sherry." Nearby, Chris starts a toast to Paul, who is whispering to Dylan about having to question him at the station. Paul thanks everyone for coming, but says he needs to get back to work - there's a development in the Ian Ward case. Chris is peeved. When Avery learns Paul is taking Dylan, she wants to go too, but Dylan convinces her to stay. When Victor takes a call, Nikki thanks Maureen for not letting on to her husband and apologizes for misleading her to believe her name was Sherry. Maureen says they have something else in common - her son may be the father of her next grandchild. Nikki gets her mind around her being Stitch and Kelly's mother. Maureen wants to celebrate with a drink. Nikki says she doesn't drink. Nick and Sharon arrive. Victor spots Sharon admiring her ring. "Are you two getting married, or what?" Nikki joins them and offers congratulations. Victor grunts at Nick saying he's keeping his family together. In the dining room, Avery leaves quickly when she hears Chris and Michael saying Paul found blood at the ranch. Later, Victoria arrives. Nikki and Victor tell her Nick and Sharon are engaged. Nikki has a go at Victor about using Mariah to terrorize Sharon. Victor gets a call from Cutler that Phyllis has talked. Upstairs, Nick makes love to Sharon in a suite. He says nothing will break them up this time.

    At the station, Paul tells Dylan they found Ian's car at the racetrack and his wallet in a dumpster. Dylan was seen by an eyewitness there, but said he was at the coffee house. Dylan says he went for a walk to clear his head. Paul says it's not much of an alibi. He mentions the blood in the driveway and the cut on Dylan's hand. Dylan can't help him. Paul asks him again about his hand. In the corridor, Chris tells Avery to let Paul do his job. Avery flashes to Dylan's bloodied shirt. Inside, Dylan tells Paul he punched out a window in a warehouse by the track. He lied so Avery wouldn't know he lost control. Paul says he can go. Dylan leaves his gift. Paul is moved by the homemade fishing lures. Chris joins him, while Dylan fills in Avery in the hall. Paul tells Chris he wants to believe Dylan didn't do anything to Ian.

    Y&R Recap: It Makes Sense.

    Friday, September 12 2014

    On the Crimson Lights patio, Avery and Dylan discuss giving Paul a gift for his award party. Dylan made him fishing lures. She says he's very talented with his hands. Avery asks him about his feelings about Paul. Dylan is ready to be his friend. He ushers Avery out, saying something important is happening in the other room and he promised not to be here. Inside, Nick brings a blindfolded Sharon into the coffee house which is decorated to recreate their college Polynesian dance. Nick says he loves her and always will. They reminisce about when they were younger and Nick proposed. Nick says it made sense then and it makes sense now. He kneels and proposes. She accepts.

    At the Club, Christine tells Lauren they need to keep Paul's gathering low-key. Chris feels it will be a nice surprise for Paul. They discuss Paul's recovery. Chris admits they haven't moved ahead with their pregnancy plans yet. She asks about Lauren and Michael. Lauren says they're fine. Upstairs in Maureen's suite, she and Ben discuss Kelly. Maureen complains she was always daddy's girl. Ben tells his mother not to feel obligated to stay, but she says she was given the advice to face her demons. Maureen presses Ben to get a paternity test and learns that the mother-to-be is Victoria Newman. Maureen says she's sorry about Jenna and Max too. Kelly arrives with Jack, who gushes about Kelly. Ben mentions he'll be working for Ashley. Jack warns that he'll actually be his boss. Maureen thinks Kelly is fortunate to have a man like Jack. Jack says he is the fortunate one. Downstairs, Nikki and Victor greet Lauren and Chris. Dylan and Avery arrive next. Victor thanks Dylan for protecting Nikki from Ian. Nikki tells Dylan she's proud of him. They start to wonder where Paul is. Lauren is surprised to hear Avery say she and Michael have lightened their caseloads - he worked late the other night. Paul appears. Chris says, "Surprise." He looks disapproving, but accepts everyone's congratulations on being chosen for the distinguished citizen award. Michael arrives and pulls Paul away to tell him Dylan was spotted at the racetrack. Paul lets Dylan know he will have to question him at the station. Meanwhile, Maureen spots Nikki and calls her 'Sherry'. Victor hears.

    Y&R Recap: Something To Unload.

    Wednesday, September 10 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Avery forbids Dylan to read about Ian in the paper, but they end up discussing him. Avery hopes he's brought to justice. Dylan says Paul may call with news, but he's not going to keep bugging him about it. She remarks on Dylan's injured hand. He won't let it stop him from getting things done. Chris arrives and talks with Avery about Leslie before discussing Ian with Dylan. Chris tells them she's planning a surprise party for Paul, who is getting an award. They agree to attend. Chris assures Dylan that even though she has a few issues with Nikki, she doesn't with him. She hopes they are friends, if not family yet. After, Avery is excited - the party will be a glimpse of how their life will be when everything settles down.

    Y&R Recap: Liquid Courage.

    Monday, September 08 2014

    Avery and Dylan arrive at the station where Paul tells them Ian may have been sighted near the Canadian border. Paul vows to Dylan that he'll keep Nikki safe. Dylan says he, Paul, and Victor all promised that but Ian still got to her. Paul insists they'll put him away this time. Paul notices Dylan's injured hand. He says he hurt it fixing something at the coffee house.

    At Crimson Lights, Avery wants to call Stitch or go to the ER for Dylan's hand. She grills him about how he cut it and the amount of blood on his shirt. Avery's worried. He assures her he won't go off half-cocked and will leave finding Ian to Paul. However, he has a feeling they will never see Ian again.

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