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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Avery Bailey Clark

    Full detailed profile on Avery Bailey Clark Played by Jessica Collins on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Collins (CBS)
    Avery Bailey Clark

    Actor: Jessica Collins

    Who played Avery Bailey Clark over the years

    Jessica Collins (July 27 2011 to present)

    Useful information on Avery Bailey Clark

    * Hired by Victor to defend Sharon.
    * Is Phyllis's younger sister.


    Current: Defense Attorney/Victor's attorney
    Past: College student


    Avery was first seen in Genoa City when Victor hired her to try to get Sharon out of prison. At the same time Avery succeeded in getting Sharon a re-trial, it came to light that she is Phyllis's younger sister and that they were estranged.

    Avery had an affair with Nick, and helped Daisy get released from jail, which didn't help her relationship with her sister. Later, after their father passed away, and some truths came to light, the sisters began to reconcile. Avery has become her sister's attorney, promising to help her discredit Tim Reid in the case of Phyllis's old hit-and-run.


    Unknown husband in college.


    Nick Newman


    Phyllis Summers Abbott Newman




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    Wednesday, October 01 2014: Y&R Recap: Swoon-Worthy.

    At the station, Avery argues with Paul about bringing Dylan in. Paul says Chris is charging Dylan with first degree murder. Avery can't believe Paul will allow this. Paul tells Harding to get it done. He calls Chris to give her a heads up. In the interrogation room, Harding questions Dylan. Avery says their witness, Jeff Bardwell, is notoriously unreliable and had probably been drinking. A cop brings Harding a file that says the mud on Dylan's shoes matches the quarry mud. Avery summons Paul, who says he never wanted this and exits. Harding tells Avery that Paul held out testing as long as he could. He urges Dylan to confess to spare Paul. Paul overhears Dylan say he doesn't want to see Paul suffer. Avery hisses that this case will never go to trial. Dylan insists he's innocent. Later, Paul tells Harding he had no choice but to do this. Dylan tells Avery they're in this together. They kiss. Later, Paul watches as Harding puts Dylan in a cell.

    At home, Avery opens her door to the swoon-worthy man in a suit. She gasps, "Joe!" He says she looks more beautiful than on the day he married her.

    Friday, September 26 2014: Y&R Recap: The End Of The Line.

    At the park, Noah and Nick discuss the upcoming wedding. Nick talks about finally getting Sharon to agree to remarry. He worries that she's been all over the map lately - perhaps it's too much too soon. Nick says Noah shouldn't worry. Noah warns Nick they don't have to do this right away. Nearby, Avery runs into Mariah and tells her that legally her marriage to Ian is void, but she needs to do an annulment. Since Ian is missing they have to publish a notice in three newspapers. Mariah tells her to do it - she feels so stuck in this city; so restless.

    At the station, Chris and Paul bicker about him keeping things from her. She tells him to stop thinking like a father and start thinking like a cop. Paul says she's trying to build a case that's circumstantial at best. They keep debating. Chris theorizes that Dylan went into a rage and doesn't remember anything. She tells Paul he's making things worse and compromising himself. Paul says he'll handle it. Later, Avery arrives and hears Chris say there's been movement in the case. Avery is relieved this may be coming to an end. After, Chris makes a call and says this has to be handled delicately - the Chief of Police bringing in his own son.

    At Crimson Lights, Avery tells Summer she can't get a hold of Dylan. They talk about Austin. Avery thinks Phyllis would be glad to see her happy. Summer says she postponed her visit - Sharon asked her to be in the wedding. Summer complains about Mariah - she can't ruin this wedding. They laugh over the idea that Phyllis wouldn't like Sharon remarrying Nick.

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