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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Avery Bailey Clark

    Full detailed profile on Avery Bailey Clark Played by Jessica Collins on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Collins (CBS)
    Avery Bailey Clark

    Actor: Jessica Collins

    Who played Avery Bailey Clark over the years

    Jessica Collins (July 27 2011 to present)

    Useful information on Avery Bailey Clark

    * Hired by Victor to defend Sharon.
    * Is Phyllis's younger sister.


    Current: Defense Attorney/Victor's attorney
    Past: College student


    Avery was first seen in Genoa City when Victor hired her to try to get Sharon out of prison. At the same time Avery succeeded in getting Sharon a re-trial, it came to light that she was Phyllis's estranged younger sister.

    Avery had an affair with Nick, and helped Daisy get released from jail, which didn't help her relationship with her Phyllis. Later, after their father passed away, and some truths came to light, the sisters began to reconcile. Avery became her sister's attorney, and promised to help her discredit Tim Reid in the case of Phyllis's old hit-and-run. When Avery learned that Phyllis had been paying Tim off, she refused to represent her any longer. Phyllis had an affair with Ronan Malloy, so Avery once again took up with Nick. She began bonding with Summer and soon revealed to Nick some of her past. She had had an affair on her husband, Joe, with Dylan McAvoy, who was presumed dead while fighting in Afghanistan. When Avery began working for the Innocence Foundation, Dylan, who was very much alive, made his way to Genoa City to reconnect with Avery. Avery told Dylan she was in love with Nick, but they kissed, and he decided to stay in town. Avery became engaged to Nick, but there were challenges. His daughter Faith never warmed up to Avery, and Dylan, although involved with Chelsea, was still in her orbit. Avery and Nick found Phyllis at the bottom of a stairwell and Avery, along with Jack, Daniel, and Summer, decided to set her up in a facility in Georgia as she was in a coma and showed no signs of coming out. Avery continued to have issues with Faith as her wedding day approached, and when the time came, Avery chose to help Dylan, who came to her distraught over Connor not being his son, and was late to her wedding ceremony. Nick broke up with her.

    Avery and Dylan rekindled their romance and dealt with him finding out that Nikki Newman was his birth mother. They also dealt with the conniving Ian Ward, when for a time it was believed he was Dylan's biological father. Later, Paul Williams was revealed to be Dylan's real dad. Avery was stunned when Phyllis showed up in Genoa City under her own steam having woken up from the coma in Georgia. Avery and Dylan began fighting to save his business, Crimson Lights, and the warehouse district from developers, including her ex-husband, Joe Clark, who came to town to head up the project for Victor Newman. Joe wants Avery back and has kissed her and pleaded for another chance. Avery accepted Dylan's proposal and after Joe made another play for her, she told Dylan she wanted to get married right away.


    Joe Clark (divorced)


    Dylan "Mac" MacAvoy (engaged)
    Nicholas Newman (broken engagement)


    Phyllis Summers Abbott Newman




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    Friday, March 27 2015: Y&R Recap: One-Time Thing.

    At Crimson Lights, Nick greets Adam, who wonders if he's going to pretend he didn't have sex with his wife. He clarifies that he wants his wife to be discreet so they don't get caught and lose the money. Adam brings up Sharon and Nick wonders why he's hostile. Avery appears and Nick introduces her to 'Gabriel'. She mentions the charity and he says he'll make a donation. Stunned, Avery says it's his charity. Adam tries to cover and signs her papers. After, Avery and Nick marvel that he trusted Avery and doesn't even know her.

    On the coffee house patio, Dylan tells Noah he doesn't think Sharon's off her meds, but someone is messing with her. He tells Noah about the mirror message. Noah stops him from calling the police and says Abby got messages too. Dylan joins Nick and Avery and says he has something to take care of.

    At her office, Avery calls Joe about the charity. She notices something and hangs up. She compares two 'Gabriel Bingham' signatures.

    Thursday, March 12 2015: Y&R Recap: Modify His Behavior.

    At home, Avery sleeps fitfully on the sofa. Dylan is startled when she awakens suddenly and screams, "I can't do it!" Avery admits it was about Phyllis being in prison. She decides she's going to get rid of the wedding dress.

    At the Abbott house, Avery learns that Kelly confessed and was arrested. Phyllis says Christine's head almost popped off. Avery is thrilled. She gives Phyllis their grandmother's wedding dress. Phyllis warns if she doesn't hear what she wants to from Jack there may not be a wedding. She asks about Avery wearing it to marry Dylan. Avery says she wore it to marry Joe. Phyllis thinks it's a cursed dress. They agree to look forward not back. Phyllis enthuses about their men. Avery looks unsettled as they embrace. Later, Phyllis burns the wedding dress. "To the future."

    Dylan joins Nick and Sharon at the coffee house. Nick and Dylan discuss Nikki's alcoholism. Dylan shares about tension with Avery. Joe's name comes up and Nick says Dylan should modify his behavior. Nick gets a call and Dylan confesses to Sharon that he's concerned Avery is afraid of him. Sharon reassures him that if there is something Avery wants to know, she'll tell him. He thanks her for the talk. Avery arrives and snarks at Sharon. Avery tells Dylan her nightmare was actually about him going over a cliff and her not being able to hang on. He assures her they're on solid ground.

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