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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Sam Gibson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sam Gibson Played by Sean Patrick Flanery on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sean Patrick Flanery (CBS)

    Birthday: October 11 1965
    Birthplace: Lake Charles, Louisiana
    Real Name: Sean Patrick Flanery
    Height: 5' 11"
    Web site:


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    Keep Your Enemies Closer.

    Friday, November 04 2011

    In New Mexico, Sam opens the door to find Sharon standing there with Faith. He invites them in. Piper arrives and is thrilled to see Sharon. Sam understands why Sharon came back - her soul was there.

    My Bad.

    Thursday, November 03 2011

    Outside his house, Noah asks Sharon to wait outside while he tidies up a bit. She asks how bad it can be. They go inside and it's a disaster. She says it's the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. They clean up and talk about her being free. Nick and Faith arrive. Sharon takes Faith in her arms and promises never to leave her again. Nick's phone is going off - he says he better find out what's going on. After Faith's asleep, Nick tells Sharon that Phyllis posted pictures of Adam and Heather. Sharon admits she knew about them. Nick has to go, but tells Sharon he's concerned she'll abandon the kids again. Sharon insists her kids are all that matter to her. Nick leaves. Sharon calls Sam at home and tells him she's home. They talk about their time together and he says they'll talk again soon.

    Mr. Nice Guy.

    Friday, October 28 2011

    At prison, Sam urges Sharon not to give up. She's worried that if Victor testifies, he'll risk his own freedom. Sam vows not to give up.

    Sam arrives at Vikki's and invites her to come walk the dog with him. He gets a call that the man covering his practice can't continue. Vikki urges him to go home for a few days, but he won't leave Sharon.

    Vikki visits Sharon at prison and fills her in on Sam's situation. Sharon says they're just friends. Vikki says he's upended his entire life to be there for her - he's in love with her. Vikki goes and Sharon summons Sam. She tells him to go home and deal with things - otherwise she'll feel guilty. Sam resists - he's exactly where he wants to be. Sharon assures him she won't fall apart if he goes. He agrees to go for a short while, but says next time he goes, he's taking her with him. Later, Avery and Victor visit. Victor tells Sharon he's going to testify. Sharon argues that it could backfire and get him in serious trouble. Victor insists he will testify as Sharon protests.

    At Vikki's, Sam says goodbye to her, promising to be back before long. He says she's one of the strongest women he's met. They hug, and he goes. After, Vikki finds her bracelet under the couch.

    Won't You Marry Me, Bill.

    Thursday, October 27 2011

    Nick and Sam discuss Sharon's case at the Club bar. Adam appears and insults them. Sam leaves. Nick tells Adam when he kept trying to prove Sharon's innocence, he was the man no one thought he could be - Sharon needs him to be that man again. Nick goes. Adam gets a call from Avery, who comes to meet him. She asks him to waive his right to confidentiality so she can petition the authorities to drag the creek for the memory card. When Adam doesn't respond to her appeals, she leaves.

    Nick arrives at the prison, where Sharon tells him about the denied motion. Nick says she'll have to accept the fact that this could be her home for the next thirty years. They bicker. Nick says he can't be her savior anymore. Sam appears, and Nick goes. Sam and Sharon discuss Adam. She says he's a combination of a wounded little boy and vindictive man. Right now he feels like the world is against him. Sam thinks that's dangerous.

    The Dog Ate My Divorce Papers.

    Tuesday, October 18 2011

    At home, Victoria and Sam look for her divorce papers - she thinks the dog ate them. Sam asks if she's sure she wants a divorce. Vikki says it's not - she wants Billy to be there with her, but she thinks he's not coming back, so she has no choice.

    In court, Nick and Victor step aside to discuss the court order. Avery grabs Ricky and tells him to call a certain reporter and tell him to have his camera ready. Nick and Victor bicker about bringing Faith to court. Victor tells him to do it, or he'll bring her himself. Nick angrily accuses Victor of not putting Faith first. Heather arrives and greets Avery and Ricky. Sam enters, and Sharon is brought in. She tells Avery about Adam's visit. Heather steps out to take a call and Adam appears to wish her luck. Victor notices and tells him he has no business there. Adam says he's presumptuous as always. Nick brings Faith in and sits behind Sharon. Court gets underway, and then there's a recess. Avery's reporter snaps a photo of Faith and Sharon. Nick is angry when she says she planned it to sway public sympathy in Sharon's favor. They reluctantly agree to go along. Sharon keeps one eye on Adam, and then is lead out. Nick tells Avery what she did today was not cool. Adam asks Heather to get a drink. She's intrigued.

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