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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Genevieve Atkinson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Genevieve Atkinson Played by Genie Francis on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Genie Francis (CBS)

    Birthday: 1962-05-26
    Birthplace: Englewood, NJ USA
    Marital Status: Married to actor/director/producer Jonathan Frakes, (two kids)
    Real Name: Genie Francis
    Height: 5'5


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    Look Who's Back.

    Friday, November 02 2012

    Christine tells Paul at the Club that she believes the video of Ricky murdering Rachel exists and she'll find it. Heather arrives and tells Paul and Christine that she's going with her. Michael and Lauren arrive and endorse the plan - Heather's job will be waiting. Nearby, Genevieve asks Tucker to help her find Colin. Ronan appears. Gen tells Ronan to find Colin and he'll find the answers to his case. He says there was a body found. Gen insists she's being framed. Ronan warns her not to leave the Club. Gen reconvenes with Tucker who says he can't afford to rumble with the law right now - or her psycho ex. Gen pleads. He refuses, but returns later with a big wad of cash and tells her to go and not look back. They share a heartfelt goodbye. In the dining room, Paul admits to Lauren that he's falling for Chris again.

    Things Still Aren't Right.

    Tuesday, October 30 2012

    Genevieve and Ronan enter the trashed suite at the Club. Gen recounts how she came to find the room in disarray. Ronan shows her a paperweight with her fingerprints on it that may be the murder weapon, and angers her by trying to establish that the woman was tormenting her family. Gen hollers that he doesn't even know there was a murder. He says if they had a body, she'd be under arrest.

    At Jabot, Neil tells Cane and Lily his plans for her to head up a guerrilla marketing team. Lily is stunned to hear that her first meeting is in 15 minutes. She exits, and Cane tells Neil that it's good - she was ready to return to work. They set boundaries for working together. Neil tells Cane he has a sketchy background, but he knows he'd do anything for his wife and kids. Later, Lily tells Cane her meeting went well, but she's worried about them working together. He assures her they'll be fine. Gen bursts in asking for help. She insists she's being framed. Cane tells her she's on her own.

    Neil returns to Jabot to find Gen crying and begging Cane. Cane tells her it's taken her years to gain Neil and Lily's trust back - he won't jeopardize it again. "Please leave."

    Out Of Business.

    Monday, October 29 2012

    Cane brushes off his mom at Crimson Lights. Tucker asks Gen how much more rejection she can take. He drifts off. Some woman calls her and asks if her offer of cash for information is still on. Gen says 'yes' and rushes off.

    Gen goes to the club to see the woman. She finds her room has been trashed and there's blood on the floor. She gasps and runs.

    Gen bursts into her son's office and tells him what just happened. He orders her to go to the cops.

    Gen, Cane and Ronan go to the room at the club. The cop looks around and finds Gen's hankie in the blood. She doesn't know how that got there.


    Monday, October 22 2012

    Genevieve finds the mystery woman at the Club and offers to pay her $100,000 cash for the name of the person behind this. The woman reacts when she says, "Colin Atkinson," but denies she's heard of him.

    Lily and Cane discuss Genevieve at Crimson Lights. They agree it's possible someone is setting her up. Talk turns to the Newman takeover. Cane thinks Jack might choose him to take the reins at Jabot. Lily urges him to go make a pitch. Later, Kay joins Lily, who tells her what Cane is hoping will happen. Katherine's skeptical, and tells Lily she just hopes Cane won't be caught in the crossfire. After, Genevieve finds Lily and tells her she knows who set her up because of how the woman reacted to Colin's name.

    Cane returns to Crimson Lights and tells Lily Jack has other plans for Jabot - he blames his mother. Gen appears. He refuses to listen to her and says she's ruined his life for the last time. Cane explains about Jack and says he's done with her.

    Proceeding As Planned.

    Thursday, October 18 2012

    At the Club, Lily urges Cane discuss his hope that Jack will promote him. Genevieve appears, insisting she didn't hire the mystery woman. Lily gets the woman, who greets Gen with familiarity. Gen's says she's never seen her before. The woman insists Gen hired her and spouts off things that only Genevieve, Cane, or Samantha would know. The woman orders a drink while Gen pleads with Lily and Cane to believe her. They go. Gen confronts the woman, who taunts her, saying maybe she blocked out the fact that she hired her. Gen leaves angrily. The woman calls someone to say everything is proceeding as planned.

    The Pariah Club.

    Tuesday, October 16 2012

    Genevieve spots Cane at the Club. Tucker appears. He and Gen bicker. She wants to be friends, but Tucker says goodbye. Cane tells her Tucker was right - she never takes responsibility for her actions. Later, Cane receives a note with a rhyme on it. He asks the bartender to get security.

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