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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Genevieve Atkinson

    Full detailed profile on Genevieve Atkinson Played by Genie Francis on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Genie Francis (CBS)
    Genevieve Atkinson

    Actor: Genie Francis

    Who played Genevieve Atkinson over the years

    Genie Francis (May 26 2011 - November 2, 2012)

    Useful information on Genevieve Atkinson

    * Is Cane Ashby's mother.
    * Was married to Colin Atkinson.
    * Came from Australia.
    * Was engaged to Jack Abbott.


    Current: Unemployed.
    Past: Consultant at Jabot Cosmetics.


    Genevieve is the mother of Cane Ashby and former wife of Colin Atkinson. She came to Genoa City from Australia to avenge the death of her daughter, Samantha. She made an attempt on Colin's life, whom she blamed for the death. After, it was revealed that she and Colin had a love/hate relationship. Genevieve eventually ended up with Jack Abbott, but let him down by buying Beauty of Nature out from under him. The wedding was called off and she wasn't able to get back into his heart even by offering him the company.

    Genevieve confessed to illegal business tactics to keep Cane from being deported, and had all her assets frozen. Tucker, who was a childhood love, paid her bills at the Club. A secret account she had in Switzerland she had was drained by someone, and strange occurrences linked to her dead daughter have begun. Genevieve was forced to defend herself when Cane thought she was behind it. Genevieve told Tucker she wanted him when she was with Colin.


    Colin Atkinson (divorced)


    Jack Abbott
    Tucker McCall


    Cane Ashby (son with Colin Atkinson, deceased)
    Samantha Atkinson (daughter with Colin Atkinson, deceased)


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    Friday, November 02 2012: Look Who's Back.

    Christine tells Paul at the Club that she believes the video of Ricky murdering Rachel exists and she'll find it. Heather arrives and tells Paul and Christine that she's going with her. Michael and Lauren arrive and endorse the plan - Heather's job will be waiting. Nearby, Genevieve asks Tucker to help her find Colin. Ronan appears. Gen tells Ronan to find Colin and he'll find the answers to his case. He says there was a body found. Gen insists she's being framed. Ronan warns her not to leave the Club. Gen reconvenes with Tucker who says he can't afford to rumble with the law right now - or her psycho ex. Gen pleads. He refuses, but returns later with a big wad of cash and tells her to go and not look back. They share a heartfelt goodbye. In the dining room, Paul admits to Lauren that he's falling for Chris again.

    Tuesday, October 30 2012: Things Still Aren't Right.

    Genevieve and Ronan enter the trashed suite at the Club. Gen recounts how she came to find the room in disarray. Ronan shows her a paperweight with her fingerprints on it that may be the murder weapon, and angers her by trying to establish that the woman was tormenting her family. Gen hollers that he doesn't even know there was a murder. He says if they had a body, she'd be under arrest.

    At Jabot, Neil tells Cane and Lily his plans for her to head up a guerrilla marketing team. Lily is stunned to hear that her first meeting is in 15 minutes. She exits, and Cane tells Neil that it's good - she was ready to return to work. They set boundaries for working together. Neil tells Cane he has a sketchy background, but he knows he'd do anything for his wife and kids. Later, Lily tells Cane her meeting went well, but she's worried about them working together. He assures her they'll be fine. Gen bursts in asking for help. She insists she's being framed. Cane tells her she's on her own.

    Neil returns to Jabot to find Gen crying and begging Cane. Cane tells her it's taken her years to gain Neil and Lily's trust back - he won't jeopardize it again. "Please leave."

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