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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Colin Atkinson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Colin Atkinson Played by Tristan Rogers on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tristan Rogers (CBS)

    Birthday: June 3, 1946
    Birthplace: Melbourne Victoria, Australia
    Marital Status: Married, Teresa Parkerson May 1995 - Present
    Real Name: Tristan Rogers
    Height: 6'1"
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: The Town Pariah.

    Thursday, April 24 2014

    At the park, Jill and Colin discuss him getting invited to Cane and Lily's for lunch. Colin's excited to see the grandkids. Jill says it's up to him not to blow it. Later, Victoria and Stitch pass through. He says their first date is right there, right now. Stitch yanks some flowers from the garden for her. She apologizes for the run-in with Billy last night. Ben reassures her. Orchestra music strikes up and he remarks that it's almost like he planned it. They eat hot dogs and chat. Victoria asks Stitch about his marriage. He says it's over. She wonders if they drifted apart, but he says it was more abrupt. Suddenly she has to throw up in the bushes.

    At home, Lily lets Cane know that she still doesn't trust Colin. Cane assures her if he tries anything, he's out of there. Colin and Jill arrive and act graciously. The twins rush into the room and hug Jill. Colin gapes at them. Lily and Cane explain that Colin is their grandfather. Colin tells them he's happy to see them. The twins get up to speed on why he's not been around. Colin gives them koala bears and takes a picture of them. They all get to talking and Cane's offer from Victor comes up. Cane explains that the offer came with conditions related to Bonaventure. Jill warns Cane that Victor would make him jump through hoops as CEO. They bicker. Cane says right now he just wants to find out if someone set him up. When Colin runs out to the car, Jill wants Lily and Cane to admit it's going good. Jill says she was skeptical of him too, knowing he wanted money, but says she now knows there's love. Outside, Colin phones someone with a change of plans - they need to meet right away.

    Y&R Recap: Knickers!

    Wednesday, April 16 2014

    At the Chancellor Estate, Jill appears as Colin tells someone on the phone that his wife will lead them to the old girl's money. She questions him, but the doorbell rings. He jumps. "Knickers!" It's Billy and Johnny. Jill tells him Colin is dodging her questions. Colin makes a speech about his lovely wife. Colin takes Johnny so Jill can ask Billy about Victoria. Billy says she won't even see him - she's using the nanny as a buffer. He tells her he's back at Jabot. She's proud and thinks Victoria will be too. Billy warns her to be careful with Colin and leaves. After, Jill demands Colin answer her about the phone call. She didn't hear what he said, but knows he's putting a lot of effort into evading. The doorbell rings - it's Lily and Cane. Lily asks Colin, "What is it going to take to keep him out of their lives." Cane tells Jill that Colin sent Lily flowers. Colin turns to Jill and says the phone call was about the delivery. "No good deed goes unpunished," he laments. Lily says they'll never forgive him for trying to kidnap their kids. Colin thought they were on civil terms now. Jill thought so too. Colin sighs about the time he's missed out on with the grandkids and how he's getting older. Jill thinks the twins deserve to know their grandfather, though she's no fool - there will always be grey areas where her husband is concerned. Cane suggests to Lily that they be honest with the kids. Colin appreciates whatever they can do. Jill tells Colin he is changing, but next time send her flowers too - it makes a better cover story.

    Y&R Recap: A Hell Of A Ride.

    Tuesday, April 15 2014

    Jill and Colin flirt, joke, and kiss in the Chancellor living room. He says he'll love her to the end of time and she calls him a romantic cliche. Jill invites him to move back into her bedroom. He grins about being her sex toy. Jill gets a call from Chance who may have news about Rachel Berenson. She learns that the Rachel in the journal is actually Rachel Carlyle. They've been chasing the wrong Rachel. Colin thinks it's a red herring. He studies the music box. Jill muses that his priority has suddenly changed from going up to her room. Colin insists he's just a sucker for a good mystery. She wants to go upstairs but he wants more. Colin proposes again. Jill tells him he gets under her skin. They express their love and talk about it will be a hell of a ride. They kiss. Jill heads upstairs. Colin gets on the phone. Jill returns in time to hear him say he's convinced his wife will lead them to the old girl's money.

    Y&R Recap: Playing Doctor.

    Wednesday, April 09 2014

    At the Chancellor estate, Esther stumbles upon Jill and Colin making out on the sofa and screams. Jill chases her out, and then tells Colin she'll give Esther a raise - she just saved her from making a huge mistake. Colin is appalled - they had something beautiful going. Jill says the only thing she wants to do with him is solve the mystery. Colin apologizes. He didn't realize he'd hurt her so deeply. Jill threatens to show him deep and painful with her stiletto. Colin intends to prove that Katherine's secret doesn't mean as much to him as she does. Jill finally believes him. She admits she loves him. They kiss and go upstairs. Later, Jill wants to keep going with the search. Esther coughs before entering the parlor. Colin exits. Jill tells Esther she was wrong about Colin. In the hallway, Colin tells someone on the phone that he'll get the money. He looks at a Bonaventure business card.

    Y&R Recap: Back To The Stone Age.

    Tuesday, April 08 2014

    Nikki arrives at the Chancellor estate and tells Jill that Victoria and Billy have separated - they need to act fast. They bicker about whether or not they can work together. Jill says she's been warned off by Billy, Jack, and Lauren. Nikki says it doesn't matter. Jill sighs; they need a way in. Nikki will come up with a plan. Colin enters and asks when they became chummy. Jill says their children need them. Later, Jill and Colin go through more old records. Colin finds a photo of the Mediterranean coast. He wants to take her there and tries to tempt her. Jill just wants to solve this puzzle. Colin says he's got his treasure. "You." They continue the back and forth until Jill bangs her shin. He massages it. "That's really good." Soon, they're kissing. Colin starts clearing the desk, but she pulls him over to the sofa.

    Y&R Recap: Holding The Bag.

    Tuesday, March 25 2014

    At the Club, Lily asks Abby if she and Tyler are getting married. Abby complains about the online rumors and says she couldn't marry Tyler until he gets to know her family better. Abby wants Victor to see him as a good, decent man. Nearby, Cane finds Colin reading old documents. Colin starts in about business and speculates on Cane's plans where Bonaventure and Victor are concerned. Cane says he won't suck up to Victor for a job or return to Chancellor. Colin warns him that Victor might be setting him up to be left holding the bag. Victor arrives and greets Abby and Lily, who remarks that Cane will solve the Bonaventure mystery and get back to focusing on the Club. Victor mutters about him perhaps doing something more challenging. He asks Abby about the marriage rumors and warns her not embark on something she's not ready for. After, Abby tells Lily she won't admit to Victor that she and Tyler are serious. "Have you seen what he's done to Billy?" Victor sits down and Colin approaches. He introduces himself and Victor says Katherine told him all about Colin. They spar, and Colin asks if he expects his son to take the fall for Bonaventure. Victor tries to brush him off. Cane joins them. Victor says Cane can be trusted - it must have skipped a generation. Colin goes, and Victor asks Cane to sit. Lily looks over and tells Abby she's afraid that Victor already approves of Cane - she's concerned he'll lure him back to Chancellor. Abby tries to reassure her. Cane tells Victor he's found proof that Bonaventure was brought to his attention deliberately. He says Colin thinks it was Victor, who set him up. Victor asks if he agrees. Cane says he thinks someone set them both up. Victor says if his proof pans out, Chancellor is his for the running. Later, Colin brings Lily and Cane champagne as a peace offering. He apologizes for assuming Cane would rather be a high roller than work there. Abby, meanwhile, invites Victor to have dinner with her and Tyler.

    Y&R Recap: Those Eyes.

    Wednesday, March 19 2014

    At the Chancellor estate, Jill tells Katherine's portrait if the music box is junk she'll cross over to the other world and ring her neck. Colin appears, coughing and hacking. Jill wants to take him to Memorial. Colin acts even sicker but refuses medical care. Jill hollers, "I won't lose you!" Colin leaps up triumphantly. "You do care about me. I knew it!" Jill gapes. She recovers and says he's deranged. Colin wants her to admit they had great times and fantastic sex - if she just says the word they can have that again. Jill thinks he's just trying to get her guard down. Colin hollers at the top of his lungs about them being in love. Jill won't fall for him again. They talk about Jill's feelings about Katherine's death. Colin says he loves her. Jill won't admit her feelings - she's scared. The doorbell rings. Jill runs to get it. She tells Colin it's his true heart's desire - more boxes to go through. He tells her not to be afraid of him. She tells him to get digging.

    Y&R Recap: Treasure Hunt.

    Monday, March 17 2014

    At the Chancellor estate, Jill is on the phone seeking information about Rachel Berenson. Colin arrives. They debate about the 'treasure hunt'. Jill expects it will prove to be a diversion, nothing more. They race to Jill's computer when an email comes in. It confirms Rachel was a translator during the war. Colin wants to talk about how romantic it all must have been. As he moves in close, Esther arrives with Michael and Lauren. Jill gets up to speed. Esther says she has high hopes for Chloe's marriage...unlike some. She goes upstairs and Lauren and Jill talk alone. Lauren asks for the real reason she married Colin. Jill says it was blackmail. They discuss it. Jill says she's choosing to stay married to him because she needs him to unravel the mystery, but won't share her inheritance. She whispers about how she'll double-cross him. Lauren accuses her of having deeper feelings than she'll admit. Jill protests. She says in the right light he can be very attractive, but he's her temporary husband. In the hall, Colin and Michael share cognac. Michael questions if he plans to double-cross Jill. Colin insists he'd never swindle Jill. Michael chuckles and issues a warning as a brother-in-law and a former District Attorney with friends. Colin says he's looking forward to a lifetime of wedded bliss. They clink glasses and drink. As they leave, Michael laughs with Lauren about being the only happily married couple there. Colin complains to Jill that his ears were burning. Jill says Lauren's worried they care for each other on some sick level. He moves in close again as Esther appears complaining about an ingrown toenail.

    Y&R Recap: Love Doesn't Conquer All.

    Thursday, March 13 2014

    Lily is surprised to find Cane working on Bonaventure at the Club. He says Victor thinks someone set him up. Colin listens, unseen. Lily is taken aback that Cane wants to help Victor. Cane says Bonaventure's research impressed him during her cancer scare. Lily loves his big heart, but points out that he doesn't want his Chancellor job back. Cane agrees - he doesn't. Lily goes. Colin approaches Cane. "Why are you lying to your wife?" Cane insists he's not. He's just following up on Bonaventure because he convinced Victor to keep it and thinks Victor's innocent. Cane says he and Lily are fulfilling a dream. Colin is skeptical that Cane's dream is to work in the Athletic Club. Later, Neil complains to Devon about his split with Leslie. Esmerelda appears and kisses Devon. Elsewhere, Lauren talks to Lily about Kevin marrying Chloe to save her. Lauren says it works when love is there. Colin appears with Cane and crows about true love, like he and Jill share. Neil overhears and pipes up bitterly that sometimes love doesn't conquer all. Esmerelda whispers to Devon about Neil. Later, Neil apologizes. He tells everyone Esmerelda's the featured model for Chelsea's line. Esmerelda hangs all over Devon. Neil warns Devon, after, to be careful. Lauren questions Colin at a table about why he's in Genoa City. He says Jill wants him there. Lauren insists Jill doesn't, and she doesn't want her hurt. Colin says Jill isn't in need of protecting - she's a lioness. He talks about how she lights up when they work together.

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