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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Blake

    Full detailed profile on Blake Played by Paul Leyden on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Paul Leyden (CBS)

    Actor: Paul Leyden

    Who played Blake over the years

    Paul Leyden (October 6, 2010 - present)

    Useful information on Blake

    * Came to Genoa City from Australia.
    * Is a henchman for the organization Cane ratted out in Australia.
    * Is blackmailing Cane for money and posing as James Collier, a consultant, as part of the scam.


    Current: Henchman


    Blake came to town from Australia and was watching Cane's family. He disguised himself as a police officer when Cane took Lily to the cottage to hide out. Blake told Cane the organization back in Australia wanted five million dollars from him in payback. When Cane devised a plan to extort the money from McCall Unlimited, Blake began posing as a consultant named James Collier to enable the scam. He has tried to insinuate himself into Lily's good graces.










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    Wednesday, February 02 2011: Nothing Good Will Come Of This Marriage.

    In his room, Blake leaves a message for Colin asking for another chance, saying he'll find a way to restore his faith in him. Blake then books a one way plane ticket to Australia. As he packs, he gets a text from Rippley in Australia, which tells him not to come back because Colin is setting him up.

    Colin walks into Blake's room and says he has one more job for him. He tells him Cane knows about his wedding and is worked up about it. He wants Blake to keep him away. Blake agrees, and offers to get rid of Cane permanently. Colin orders him to keep Cane from getting into the church only, adding that if he does anything stupid, he'll pay.

    Blake is on the church steps when Cane appears and tells him, "Move aside, I'm going in." The struggle, as inside, Jill and Colin's ceremony begins. Lily heads toward the door. As she steps outside, Blake aims at her with his gun. Cane jumps in the way. As Jill and Colin are pronounced husband and wife, they hear a shot. Outside, Cane falls to the ground, as does Blake who is out cold. Lily screams and the stroller bounces down the steps. Neil arrives and stops the stroller as Colin and Jill emerge and watch Cane dying.

    Tuesday, February 01 2011: Tomorrow.

    Blake, who is sitting at the Club bar with his skull helmet, hangs up from Colin and spots Lily coming in. He approaches, but she hollers at him to stay away from her and her children!

    Colin meets Blake at Jimmy's and tells him his loyalty is commendable, but his methods suck - he wants him back in Australia tonight! After Colin leaves, Blake looks at his footage of Cane and Lily's house on his phone and broods.

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