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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Meggie McLaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Meggie McLaine Played by Sean Young on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sean Young (CBS)

    Birthday: November 20 1959
    Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Sean Young
    Height: 5' 10"
    Web site:


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    Meggie Rocks Nikki's World.

    Friday, March 11 2011

    At the jail, Meggie slips into a storage room and starts taking off her orange jumpsuit. She has the pink scrubs underneath and dons a hair net. As she tries to make her way out of the prison, she is arrested and cuffed. The guard says she has a one way ticket to the state pen. She hisses that Deacon Sharpe has messed with the wrong woman this time.

    In their suite at the Club, Deacon tries to talk Nikki into going to the Bahamas for a week. He says he wants to be like a normal couple with no one glaring at them. Nikki says he's right, and agrees to go. They pack up, and Deacon goes to load the car. Nikki turns on her phone and it rings. Meggie blurts that someone close to her helped set her up. She tells Nikki to come see her now. Deacon comes back upstairs to find Nikki gone. He looks at Nikki's phone and says, "Meggie."

    Nikki arrives at the jail and asks Meggie who this person is that helped her. Meggie says what she has to tell her will rock her world. Nikki says to give her a name. Just then, Deacon walks in. Meggie lets Nikki know that Deacon is the one who helped her. Meggie tells the whole sordid tale, and Nikki asks Deacon if it's true. He says, "I swear, Nikki, my feelings for you are real." Meggie is led away as Nikki goes hysterical on Deacon and runs out. In the corridor, Nikki calls Nick, saying she's made a mistake and needs to reach Victor. Nick tells her he eloped in Vegas with Diane.

    That's Just Gross.

    Thursday, March 10 2011

    Deacon arrives at the jail and tells Meggie it's their lucky day - they're going to have a conjugal visit. They get behind closed doors, and Deacon strips down to reveal pink hospital scrubs under his clothes - she'll use them to walk out of there. She puts them on under her orange suit and he tells her never to contact him again. Deacon whispers to the guard on his way out, "Tell the warden she took the bait."

    Victoria Versus Jack.

    Wednesday, March 09 2011

    Deacon shows up at the jail and snidely suggests Meggie start digging with a spoon. She smirks and calls Nikki's phone. He stops her part way through leaving a message.

    Scary Poppins.

    Wednesday, March 02 2011

    Victor pays Meggie a visit in jail. He informs her that he will make sure she's consigned to a dark and lonely hole for the rest of her miserable existence.

    I Love My Children.

    Tuesday, March 01 2011

    Murphy arrives at Meggie's jail cell. They trade barbs. She tells him she'll be out before he knows it. Katherine appears and says she'll make sure Meggie spends the rest of her life in jail. Murphy says he is finally getting justice for his son, knowing she'll spend the rest of her life behind bars.

    Deacon goes to the jail and tells Meggie to back off in response to her latest threat. He claims he and Nikki have both moved on, but she shows him a picture of them together in the paper and asks if he wants to be prison pen pals. Meggie lets him know she expects him to bust her out of jail, and if he doesn't come through for her, Nikki will find out all!

    Are You Still Hitting That?

    Wednesday, February 16 2011

    Meggie is led into a jail cell in Genoa City. Rafe is there and reads the charges and evidence against her. He warns Victor will put her away, and suggests a plea bargain. Meggie says it's not her style. Rafe leaves and Deacon appears. Meggie asks how their aging princess is, quipping, "Are you still hitting that?" Deacon tells her to shut up and threatens to tell all in court if she utters his name. Meggie smirks, "Everything we did." Deacon leaves and Nikki shows up. She confronts Meggie about all of the things she did. Meggie casually says there's no evidence she was spiking her drinks. Nikki vows to see justice served. Meggie coyly asks if she's still going to AA meetings with Deacon. After Nikki's gone, Meggie reads a gossip column about Nikki dancing with Deacon at the charity event.


    Monday, November 08 2010

    Victor grabs Meggie's head at the Ranch and tells her that he found the drugs she had intended to use on him and switched them out for fake ones. He says she's in a whole lot of trouble. Ronan, Heather, and an officer stride into the room, and Murphy is wheeled in by another officer from the other doorway! Ronan fills Meggie in on Murphy communicating with Morse code. Heather tells her they know about her murdering Murphy's son and her other crimes. They mock her for making the mistake of going for one last score. Meggie pleads her innocence. Victor realizes that Meggie is the one who put Nikki off the wagon. Victor tells the others to get that trash out of there, and says he's going to see Nikki now.

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