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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Skye Lockhart Newman

    Full detailed profile on Skye Lockhart Newman Played by Laura Stone on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Laura Stone (CBS)
    Skye Lockhart Newman

    Actor: Laura Stone

    Who played Skye Lockhart Newman over the years

    Laura Stone (April 28, 2008 - December 29, 2010 )

    Useful information on Skye Lockhart Newman

    * Is a gambler.
    * Came to town as a friend of Adam's from Harvard.
    * Was presumed to have been killed by David Chow.
    * Helped Adam escape to Brazil when presumed dead.
    * Paid for Adam's lawyer when he had to face trial.
    * Bribed Adam to marry her for the Newman name.


    Current: Manager of Newman Hedge Fund
    Past: Student


    Skye showed up in Genoa City to see Harvard friend, Adam Wilson. She loved to gamble and spent time playing poker with David Chow and Brad Carlton. After winning a large amount of money, she disappeared. Later, a body found buried under the floorboards of the Newman stables was presumed to be Skye's.

    Skye reappeared in Brazil with Adam when he was on the run. Adam was found and brought back to Genoa City to face a trial. Skye showed up at the trial and offered to pay for a top lawyer if he, in return, married her to give her the Newman name.

    Skye masterminded the Newman Hedge Fund, which Adam reluctantly partnered on. Their marriage is a farce, and Skye has been sleeping with Jack Abbott.




    Jack Abbott
    Victor Newman Jr./Adam Wilson (husband)






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    Wednesday, December 29 2010: Collateral Damage.

    In Hawaii on the volcano, Sharon asks Skye how she could let Adam hang for her murder. They argue about whether or not Skye will return to Genoa City with Sharon. Victor approaches and hears them. Sharon decides to take a photo of Skye to prove she's alive. Skye lunges for the camera and slips. Sharon grabs Skye's hand as she hangs on for her life above the hot lava, but she can't save her. Skye falls into the volcano, and Sharon screams. Nearby, Victor seems stunned. Sharon pleads for someone to help, but Victor stays hidden. When Sharon goes for help, he looks down into the fiery volcano.

    Tuesday, December 28 2010: In the Hot Zone!

    On the volcano hiking trail, Sharon follows the group as they go into the hot zone. Sharon hears something and hangs back. A rumble causes Sharon to drop her flashlight and another person appears - it's Skye!

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