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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Noah Newman (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Newman (PAST) Played by Luke Kleintank on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Luke Kleintank (CBS)

    Birthday: May 18 1990
    Birthplace: Ohio
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Luke Kleintank
    Height: 6'1"


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    No Turning Back.

    Friday, April 29 2011

    At the ranch, Devon expresses his condolences to Noah, Nick, and Victor before leaving. Victor and Nick tell Noah that Adam has letters from Sharon and wants him to drop the charges in return for them. Victor calls Michael to come over. Nick doesn't want to give in to Adam, but Noah thinks Faith should have her letter. Nick leaves for the jail and Michael arrives. Victor asks that Sharon's will be expedited before Adam gets out. As Michael exits, the D.A. arrives. Victor tells him Noah wants to drop the charges against Adam.

    Devon and Noah talk at the coffee house. Noah hopes the letters from Sharon don't make things worse. Devon says he would have loved to have a letter from Dru. Devon spots Lily and they get to talking about adoption. Devon thinks being adopted into a loving family is great. Lily's skeptical.

    At the ranch, Noah reads his letter from his mother and cries on the stairs. Nick sits with Faith on the sofa and reads her letter. Faith says. "See mommy?" Noah joins them and they embrace. Victor looks on. Noah tells Nick it was worth letting Adam go to have the letter. Victor leaves and the D.A. shows up. He tells Nick the phrasing in Sharon's letters suggests she may have killed herself. Nick is angry.

    The Winning Ticket.

    Monday, April 25 2011

    Victor lunges toward Adam in the church, but the priest intervenes, asking them to respect each other's right to mourn. Adam speaks. He tells them no matter what they think about him, he loved Sharon. He says the best part of him went with his mother when she died, and he took his anger out on everyone, until Sharon. He says they can blame him for what happened to her, but they ostracized her and isolated her - and in the end, they all killed her. Adam attacks Nikki and Phyllis for how they've treated Sharon. Nikki storms out. He calls Billy out for hurting Sharon with Restless Style, and Jack for lying to her. Adam points the finger at Nick for cheating on Sharon, and last but not least, Victor for doing nothing when Sharon needed him most. Victor bellows at him to get out now! The cops drag Adam out. Noah wants him locked up. Diane asks Nick if he's alright. He tells her to worry about her husband. Billy and Daniel send Abby and Vikki on without them. Daniel tells Billy he deserves to know the truth - Lucy is his daughter. He assures Billy that he wants them to keep her. Billy thanks him. Daniel warns Billy about Kevin. Billy says no one is going to take away their daughter - he'll make sure of that.

    At the reception at the Club, Victor tells Nikki he'll see that Adam gets punished. Just then, Adam calls him and says he has something he needs to see. Victor goes without Diane. Nearby, Jack makes cryptic comments to Phyllis. She asks if he wants to talk. He does. She steps into the ladies room, and Diane approaches Jack. She says, "Phyllis and Nick? I'm sorry." He asks, "For whom?" In another part of the room Noah tells Nick that he's going back to New York right away. Diane approaches Nick and hugs him. Noah says goodbye to Nikki who then spikes her tea.

    A Good Soul.

    Friday, April 22 2011

    Nikki adjusts Noah's clothing at the tackhouse as Nick tells them he asked the press to give them privacy. Nikki hopes Adam won't disrupt the service, and says she'll stay with Faith until the nanny comes. Once alone, Nikki goes for the open bottle of wine, taking a big drink.

    At the church, Noah and Nick are with Doris, who complains about Sharon losing her way and not listening to them. A breathtaking flower arrangement is by Sharon's photo - they're from Adam. Victor arrives and comforts Doris, who tells him he was the father she never had. Diane tells Noah she's sorry about his mom, but it's Jack who embraces him. Phyllis speaks to Nick, and they agree to talk after. Jack and Diane see her comfort him. Jack muses about Adam stranding them far away from where Sharon was, and Diane asks Victor's permission to speak to Nick. She offers her condolences. Nikki arrives, putting gum in her mouth before joining Doris. Abby and Daniel come in. They greet Noah. Billy and Vikki follow, and Daniel tries to get a moment with Billy, but can't. As the service gets underway, the D.A. stops Adam from going in by serving him with a restraining order. Everyone turns to look as the cops drag Adam away. Outside, Adam finds his flowers and card tossed on the ground. He looks at the upper window of the church. As Nick talks about how Sharon was the first true love of his life inside, Adam scales the wall. As the service concludes, Adam drops in from the bell tower saying he's not leaving until he has his say.

    Nobody From Nowhere.

    Thursday, April 21 2011

    Noah and Nick discuss funeral arrangements at the tackhouse. Noah is still concerned about the way he treated his mother in jail. Nick says you always love your kids no matter what. Noah says Victor told him the same thing on the jet. Victor arrives and asks if there's anything he can do. They contact everyone on their list and ask them to keep the details private.

    Adam walks into the church and asks Sharon to forgive him - she wouldn't have died if he hadn't talked her into running. He says he'd give anything to have her back. Adam then talks to Hope, saying he knows he's done things she wouldn't approve of, but he wants her to watch over Sharon. He also wonders how to go on without her. The priest appears. Adam asks why God took his mother and Sharon from him. The priest sits, and lets Adam know the funeral is tomorrow. The priest goes as Victor, Noah, and Nick arrive. They argue about who is to blame for Sharon's death. Victor asks Adam to leave and let them mourn in peace. The priest reappears to break it up and Adam exits out the back. Noah worries that he'll crash the funeral.

    He Loved Her To Death.

    Tuesday, April 19 2011

    Nick arrives at the tack house and tells Noah he's sorry he wasn't there when this went down. They embrace. Noah talks about how sad this is for Faith. Nick says he never wanted Faith to lose her mother. Noah feels bad about the things he said to her. Nick reassures him.

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