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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Noah Newman (PAST)

    Full detailed profile on Noah Newman (PAST) Played by Luke Kleintank on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Luke Kleintank (CBS)
    Noah Newman (PAST)

    Actor: Luke Kleintank

    Who played Noah Newman (PAST) over the years

    Luke Kleintank (September 21, 2010 - April 2011)
    Kevin Schmidt (August 2008 - present)
    Hunter Allen (Sept. 2005 - June 2008)
    Chase Ellison (2005)
    Blake Woodruff (2004-2005)
    McKay Giller (2001-2004)

    Useful information on Noah Newman (PAST)

    * Lost his sister, Cassie, in a car accident.
    * Comforted Sharon after Cassie's death when Nick took off after Daniel.
    * Became rebellious during his parent's divorce.
    * Loved the idea of having a new baby sister, Summer.
    * Resides with mother Sharon.
    * Went away for summer camp and came back 'older'.
    * His first relationship was with Eden Baldwin.
    * Went away to school in Paris to be with Eden.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Student


    Born in 1997, Noah Newman started the third generation of the Newman family. Being a premature baby, there were times when some thought, even his parents, that Noah wouldn't make it. However, with the love and prayers of his family, Noah pulled through a healthy child.

    During his early years, Noah spent much time with playgroups and at school. Since then, he has grown up rather quickly and has had his share of childhood heartaches in the last couple of years. First came the loss of his older sister Cassie after she died from complications sustained in an automobile accident.

    Noah has had to learn to deal with his parent's divorce and the remarriage of his father to Phyllis Abbott, and his mother to Jack Abbott. He has managed to adjust and happily welcomed a new baby sister to the fold, Summer!

    In 2008, Noah went to summer camp and came back 'older'. He began attending parties and met newcomer, Eden, who turned out to be Michael Baldwin's sister. Their relationship became serious, and when she went to Paris to go to school, Noah followed.

    Noah recently returned from Paris and announced to his family that he and Eden broke up.




    Eden Baldwin


    Nick Newman (father)
    Sharon Newman (mother)
    Cassie Newman (sister - deceased)
    Summer Newman (sister)
    Victor Newman (grandfather)
    Nikki Newman (grandmother)
    Doris Collins (grandmother)
    Victoria Newman (aunt)
    J.T. Hellstrom (uncle by marriage)
    Abby Carlton (half-aunt)
    Albert Miller (great-grandfather)
    Victor Newman Jr. (half-uncle)
    Cora Miller (great-grandmother - deceased)
    Nick Reed (great-grandfather - deceased)
    Matt Miller (uncle)
    Dr. Casey Reed (aunt)
    Eve Howard (cousin - deceased)
    Summer Anne Newman (half sister)
    Reed Hellstrom (cousin)
    Jack Abbott (stepfather)
    Phyllis Summers Abbott Newman (stepmother)




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    Friday, April 29 2011: No Turning Back.

    At the ranch, Devon expresses his condolences to Noah, Nick, and Victor before leaving. Victor and Nick tell Noah that Adam has letters from Sharon and wants him to drop the charges in return for them. Victor calls Michael to come over. Nick doesn't want to give in to Adam, but Noah thinks Faith should have her letter. Nick leaves for the jail and Michael arrives. Victor asks that Sharon's will be expedited before Adam gets out. As Michael exits, the D.A. arrives. Victor tells him Noah wants to drop the charges against Adam.

    Devon and Noah talk at the coffee house. Noah hopes the letters from Sharon don't make things worse. Devon says he would have loved to have a letter from Dru. Devon spots Lily and they get to talking about adoption. Devon thinks being adopted into a loving family is great. Lily's skeptical.

    At the ranch, Noah reads his letter from his mother and cries on the stairs. Nick sits with Faith on the sofa and reads her letter. Faith says. "See mommy?" Noah joins them and they embrace. Victor looks on. Noah tells Nick it was worth letting Adam go to have the letter. Victor leaves and the D.A. shows up. He tells Nick the phrasing in Sharon's letters suggests she may have killed herself. Nick is angry.

    Monday, April 25 2011: The Winning Ticket.

    Victor lunges toward Adam in the church, but the priest intervenes, asking them to respect each other's right to mourn. Adam speaks. He tells them no matter what they think about him, he loved Sharon. He says the best part of him went with his mother when she died, and he took his anger out on everyone, until Sharon. He says they can blame him for what happened to her, but they ostracized her and isolated her - and in the end, they all killed her. Adam attacks Nikki and Phyllis for how they've treated Sharon. Nikki storms out. He calls Billy out for hurting Sharon with Restless Style, and Jack for lying to her. Adam points the finger at Nick for cheating on Sharon, and last but not least, Victor for doing nothing when Sharon needed him most. Victor bellows at him to get out now! The cops drag Adam out. Noah wants him locked up. Diane asks Nick if he's alright. He tells her to worry about her husband. Billy and Daniel send Abby and Vikki on without them. Daniel tells Billy he deserves to know the truth - Lucy is his daughter. He assures Billy that he wants them to keep her. Billy thanks him. Daniel warns Billy about Kevin. Billy says no one is going to take away their daughter - he'll make sure of that.

    At the reception at the Club, Victor tells Nikki he'll see that Adam gets punished. Just then, Adam calls him and says he has something he needs to see. Victor goes without Diane. Nearby, Jack makes cryptic comments to Phyllis. She asks if he wants to talk. He does. She steps into the ladies room, and Diane approaches Jack. She says, "Phyllis and Nick? I'm sorry." He asks, "For whom?" In another part of the room Noah tells Nick that he's going back to New York right away. Diane approaches Nick and hugs him. Noah says goodbye to Nikki who then spikes her tea.

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