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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Stephanie Douglas Forrester (Deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stephanie Douglas Forrester (Deceased) Played by Susan Flannery on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Susan Flannery (CBS)

    Birthday: 1943-07-31
    Birthplace: Jersey City, New Jersey
    Real Name: Susan Flannery
    Web site:


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    Stephanie Names Donna!

    Monday, November 26 2007

    At the hospital Ridge arrives and he and his siblings try to get Stephanie to tell them who shot her. As the nurse protests that she needs to be taken to surgery, Stephanie says, "Logan". Ridge urgently replies, "Logan?! What Logan?!" Stephanie lapses into unconciousness again.

    Back at the hospital, Felicia says she knew it was a Logan. She figures it was Donna! She remarks that Eric isn't with Donna right now - he's where he should be! They discuss whether it could be Brooke or Katie, and suddenly Ridge takes off, leaving the hospital. Meanwhile, Eric busts into the O.R. to stay with Stephanie! The beleaguered staff tell him to scrub up!

    In surgery, Stephanie pulls through as Eric wonders aloud who could've done this to her! Felicia and Thorne are in the waiting area discussing how they should be celebrating the success of the show and there they are in the hospital. Just then a nurse comes out and tells them their mother made it and is in recovery. They are thrilled. In the recovery room, Stephanie comes to, and asks Eric if she is in surgery - he tells her she's fine. He says she'll see the kids tomorrow, right now she needs to rest. He jokes that maybe he'll get the last word for once, she replies, "Maybe not." He smiles fondly.

    At the hospital, the Bakers ask the staff about the bullet - they find out it's been sent to the lab, and that it was a 22 calibre. Lt.Baker asks if Stephanie could save them some time and just tell them who shot her! In the recovery room, Eric assures Stephanie he will stay there with her - no matter what happens, their lives are intertwined forever. As Eric leans over to give her a kiss on the forehead, Donna watches through the window in the door. Eric asks Stephanie if she remembers who shot her. She groggily asks, "The shooting?" He replies, "Yes. Which Logan was it - I have to know!" Very sleepily she answers, "Donna!"

    Who Shot "Mother"?!

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    The show begins with the last clip from Tuesday's show, Stephanie looking for Eric on the runway as she is shot... In another room, Storm is placing a complaint with Detective Charlie Baker on the phone. He tells him Donna was placed in the steam room and he wishes to file a formal complaint! In another room Eric encounters Katie. Eric asks her if she heard a scream, she answers 'no' in a strange voice and runs off. Back at the runway, shot Stephanie is face down on the floor as Donna comes in and discovers her. Donna turns her over and becomes hysterical when she sees blood. Eric comes in and takes in the scene - he immediately calls 911!

    Eric frantically asks Donna what happened at the runway. Donna protests to him that she didn't shoot her! Eric tells security not to let anyone leave the building. As the guard tries to secure the premises, Jackie slips out! Eric, meanwhile leans over to reassure Stephanie, "You're going to be okay! I'm not going to let anything happen to you!"

    In one of the offices, Thorne and Felicia continue to debate their father being angry with them. Jake comes in and tells them to come to the runway immediately - their mother's been shot! Brooke and Storm come in and Eric tells them right away that Donna's not to blame! Nick runs in asking why he can't leave the building. They all appear shocked to see Stephanie on the ground!

    By now everyone has gathered by Stephanie and Stephen is defending his daughters. When Felicia notices blood on Donna's hands she goes after her physically! Katie is the only one not there. When asked, Stephen says he wasn't with Katie. Lt.Baker is on the scene and starts pointing fingers, first at Nick, then Stephen, who he accuses of protecting his daughters - particularly the one with the victim's blood all over her hands!

    Stephanie has arrived at the hospital and Bridget is there running interference. She tells the Forresters to stay back while the doctors do their work. Felicia cries, "We can't lose her!" as Thorne comforts her. They watch through the window as the doctors work on "Mother".

    At the hospital, Bridget reassures Eric, Felicia and Thorne. They slowly go into the room and approach Stephanie on the stretcher. Felicia cries and they tell her she's not going anywhere - they need her! Eric, who has stood back until now, gives his kids a hug, and leans over Stephanie to tell her to hang in there. Stephanie opens her eyes and they tell her where she is and what happened to her. She is trying to speak. They are convinced she is trying to give the name of the person who shot her! As they wait expectantly, her eyes close again...

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