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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Heather Stevens (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Heather Stevens (PAST) Played by Eden Riegel on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eden Riegel (ABC)

    Birthday: 1980-01-01
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Eden Riegel


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    Keep Your Enemies Closer.

    Friday, November 04 2011

    Adam visits Avery's suite. They bicker about the memory card. She says he's just upset because he didn't get to be Sharon's hero. Downstairs, Avery meets Ricky and encourages him to pursue charges against Phyllis. Ricky doesn't want everyone to know he took the photos. Heather appears and confronts him. Ricky promises to make it better. She tells him to get away from her. Heather sits down and Adam appears. She thanks him for ruining her life again. Adam says it was never about her. Heather says someday everything will catch up with him.

    Nick enters the Club. Heather yells at him for publishing the photos, and then leaves. Ricky goes to Avery's suite and tells her he wants to teach Phyllis a lesson she'll never forget.

    At Heather's place, she tells Paul she's leaving town and is not coming back. Paul asks about spending the holidays with Ricky. Heather says she never wants to see him again - he took the pictures. Paul is stunned. She says she'll stay with her mom for a while. Paul cries as they say goodbye. Later, Chance arrives asking if she could use a friend. She says she's leaving. He offers her a ride to the airport.

    My Bad.

    Thursday, November 03 2011

    Heather greets Paul at the Club. She complains about the reporters bothering her. Ricky arrives and Heather tells Paul she invited him to join them. She says family is important and thanks them for their support. They talk about the case. Heather says she learned to be a better person - from now on she's all about integrity. A reporter approaches and asks for Heather's reaction on the photos on Restless Style's website. They all check their phones. Paul gets rid of the reporter. Heather explains that the kiss happened while she was drunk, and Adam warned her they existed. Ricky takes off. Walsh comes to the table and tells Heather he has no recourse but to fire her. Paul sees Adam come downstairs and threatens to kick his ass. He says he destroyed Heather's career. Adam feels bad, but urges Paul to blame the person who took the pictures.

    Free To Go.

    Wednesday, November 02 2011

    In the courtroom, Adam tells Heather there are photos of them kissing. She accuses him of arranging the whole thing to help Sharon's case. He says they'll probably surface today. Ricky arrives and eyeballs Adam. Sharon and Avery sit down. Avery reassures her. Noah enters, followed by Victor, who questions Adam's presence. Paul arrives, and Ricky warns it may be a hard day for Heather. Heather takes Avery aside and tells her she knows about the photos. She wants to explain, but court is called into session. Avery tells the judge there's a matter that requires his attention. As she approaches the bench, Ronan and Phyllis enter. Ronan says he has evidence which speaks to the innocence of the accused. At the bench, Ronan explains about the memory card and plays it. Sharon cries with relief. The judge asks Avery what else she was going to present. Avery declines. They go to chambers, leaving Sharon to tell Phyllis she never thought this moment would come - or that she'd have anything to do with it. Phyllis gives her a tissue and explains how she found it on Ronan's desk with the contents of the creek. Sharon thanks her. Phyllis makes note that she saved her - not Avery.

    Outside the courtroom, Paul, Noah, and Victor speculate about what's going on inside. They notice Adam is talking to Ricky. Paul asks what's going on. Adam tells him to ask his son. Paul advises Ricky to avoid Adam, but Ricky snaps at him. Nick arrives as Phyllis exits the courtroom. He asks what's happening. Court is called into session. She says he'll find out, and leaves. Everyone enters as Heather proposes to drop the murder charges, but says Sharon still has to answer for her escape. The judge sentences her to time served and says she's free to go. Everyone hugs and celebrates. Avery notices the photos are gone.

    A Disgrace To Her Office.

    Tuesday, November 01 2011

    Heather arrives at Adam's suite, worried about anyone finding out they were together the previous night. Adam says no one will hear about it from him. She realizes he's done something to sabotage the case. Downstairs, she runs into Ricky. He sees her distress and offers to call Paul. Heather says he's got the wrong idea about her and Paul. She tells him about her upbringing without Paul. As she tells him April killed her stepfather, Paul arrives. Ricky rushes away. Paul reassures an antsy Heather.

    At the courthouse, Chance catches up with Heather and tells her she's a wonderful person and a great lawyer. Heather wishes she saw herself that way. Later, Adam appears and tells Heather he's giving her a heads up.

    More Zombie Juice For Everyone!

    Monday, October 31 2011

    On the patio at Crimson Lights, Phyllis is impressed with Ricky's photos of Adam and Heather. He snatches them back, and asks what she's going to give him for them. Phyllis offers him a job, byline, and bonus. She steps away and Heather arrives. He hides the photos. Heather invites him to join her at a party. Ricky agrees to meet her there. She goes, and Phyllis returns. Ricky asks for some time to weigh out his options since his sister is in the pictures.

    Mr. Nice Guy.

    Friday, October 28 2011

    At the Club bar, Adam asks Heather why she's drinking. She says she's miserable. Adam orders them another drink and they joke as Heather gets drunk. He advises her to sleep it off in his suite so as not to risk her reputation. When she goes to the ladies room, Adam calls someone to come to the Club. As Adam takes Heather into his room while kissing her, Ricky arrives and snaps photos. Heather puts the brakes on, and then passes out, telling Adam he's being really nice. He grimly says, "That's me, Mr. Nice Guy."

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