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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Sara Smythe

    Full detailed profile on Sara Smythe Played by Tracey Bregman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tracey Bregman (CBS)
    Sara Smythe

    Actor: Tracey Bregman

    Who played Sara Smythe over the years

    Tracey Bregman (April 9 2010 - present)

    Useful information on Sara Smythe

    * Sister of Sheila Carter.
    * Aunt to Ryder and Daisy.
    * Had plastic surgery to look like Lauren Fenmore.
    * Was arrested and acquitted of killing elderly patients in her care.
    * Came to Genoa City to avenge her sister's death.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Caregiver for elderly


    Sara Smythe came to Genoa City with her niece and nephew to avenge her sister Sheila's death. She had plastic surgery to make her look exactly like Lauren Fenmore, who she blames for killing her sister and orphaning her kids, Ryder and Daisy.

    Sara locked up Jana and Lauren and will impersonate Lauren in a bid to destroy her life.






    Ryder Callahan (nephew)
    Daisy Callahan (niece)
    Sheila Carter (sister, deceased)




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    Wednesday, May 05 2010: In For Quite a Surprise!

    Still in the house of mirrors, Michael speaks gently to the version of Lauren holding a gun. She starts shooting and he hits the floor! Phyllis is also in there and does the same. Michael checks her out and she says she lost her gun. Michael tells her to sit tight while he looks for Lauren. Phyllis gets up on her crutches and finds herself looking at Sara. She aims, and more shooting occurs. Phyllis realizes from the cut on her wrist that Sara has been shot. Michael runs to Lauren. They all watch as Sara takes her last breath. Lauren asks about Fenmore, and then Jana.

    Tuesday, May 04 2010: Which One Am I?

    Murphy, Katherine, and Kevin land in the helicopter at the abandoned amusement park. Lauren and Jana are sitting on a carousel ride at the amusement park. Sara is on the ride as well. Daisy is alongside and calls out to Sara that Ryder let them go, not her. Lauren calls out to Sara to let Jana go, and she will surrender to her. Sara answers back that she'll just kill them both. Jana and Lauren leap off the carousel, just as Kevin hops on it. Sara aims her gun at him. Jana screams out that she's not Lauren. Sara tells Kevin it's time to see Daddy, and shoots!

    Katherine and Murphy are searching the grounds when they hear the gunshot. Michael and Phyllis have arrived and he tells her to stay in the car. On the carousel, Kevin struggles with Sara and the gun goes off again. He gets it away from her and knocks her out. Daisy goes to her rescue and Sara tells her to get the gun and kill them. Kevin finds Jana and embraces her. She is hysterical with relief. Lauren takes off to stop Sara, saying she didn't survive Sheila to be taken down by her sister! Daisy appears and trains the gun on Kevin and Jana. Sara and Lauren are both running around in a house of mirrors as a demented clown voice repeats, "Which one am I?"

    Phyllis thinks back to the scene in her house earlier and realizes that the woman was not Lauren. She goes to warn Michael, who is approaching the house of mirrors, where Sara brandishes a gun and shoots at one of the reflections of Lauren. Michael enters and tiptoes through the broken glass. Sara appears in front of him. Outside, Ryder appears and convinces Daisy not to shoot Kevin. Daisy gives up the gun, but tells Ryder he's stupid. As she walks away, Kevin grabs the gun, saying someone has to pay for what happened. Ryder urges him to let Daisy go. Jana lets Kevin know that the headaches are back, and that Ryder helped her, but Kevin is livid that Ryder didn't grow a backbone sooner. Ryder tries to explain how it was with Sara. Kevin urges him to run, and never to come back. Ryder wants to be a family, but Kevin can never offer that. Ryder leaves, and Jana tells Kevin they made her write him a letter. Phyllis appears, and they all panic about Michael. Jana tells Phyllis and Kevin there is a way to know which one is Lauren.

    In the house of mirrors, Michael pleads with Sara, who pretends she's Lauren, to come home with him. He says he won't let her hurt herself. Sara laughs, and muses that in a way, he's right, she is going to kill herself. Lauren appears, and Michael is flabbergasted! Lauren tells him the other one is Sheila's sister and she wants to kill them! He has no idea which one is really Lauren. They both say things to him. Phyllis appears and hollers that one is an impostor! Michael shouts at her to leave, saying he can tell which one is Lauren. He moves closer to her, and she starts shooting!

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