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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Tucker McCall - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tucker McCall Played by Stephen Nichols on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephen Nichols (CBS)

    Birthday: February 19 1951
    Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
    Marital Status: Married (Lisa- 3 children, Vanessa, Aaron, Dylan.)
    Real Name: Stephen Nichols
    Height: 5 '11"


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    Sad And Droopy.

    Tuesday, January 29 2013

    Cane arrives at Katherine's house and realizes she forgot he was coming. Kay says Jill will be sorry to have missed him. He asks about what they discussed on the phone. She asks him to remind her. Cane talks about how he fits in at Jabot. Tucker enters. She also forgot he was coming. Tucker and Cane butt heads. Tucker tells Katherine that he's offered Devon a job. Cane and Tucker bicker until Katherine snaps. Cane goes. Tucker admits he ran Cane off intentionally. He tells Katherine if Devon takes the job, he'll need her help. "I'm leaving Genoa City." Tucker explains he's going to Hong Kong for business. Katherine thinks it's personal, and admits she doesn't want him to leave. Tucker says he forgives her and extracts a promise that she'll take care of herself. After an emotional embrace, he leaves and Katherine cries.

    Drunk And Drunker.

    Thursday, January 24 2013

    At Newman, Adam tells Tucker that Jack stepped down and he and Billy are in charge. Tucker grunts, "Drunk and Drunker." He doesn't think either of them will last. Adam suggests they work together to oust Billy and stop Victor from taking over. Tucker's intrigued, but says he has to think about Katherine and Devon. Adam talks about people trying to make a person into someone he's not. "You want no part of that love. I know."

    On the coffee house patio, Devon tells Tucker that after they spoke last week, he got advice. Tucker chuckles, and asks what Katherine told him to do. Devon says she advised him to give Tucker another chance. Tucker mentions the job offer. Devon admits he's intrigued. Tucker explains why he'd be a great fit. Devon says he'll kick it around and thanks him.

    Truth And Justice.

    Friday, January 18 2013

    At the Club, Tucker fawns over Katherine - he knows she's still shook up over Murphy choking. They sit. Tucker is amazed to hear that Murphy used to live in a trailer and saved her life once. Katherine admits she was scared of losing him earlier. She says Murphy is angry at Tucker because he wanted to punish her for giving him up as a baby. Tucker things to work between them. Kay's open to it. Victor appears. Tucker says this might be his way of proving he's sincere. He tells Victor he'll give him a sizeable portion of his Newman shares. Victor wants details. Tucker says he'll give him half his shares, explaining that he threw in with Jack and Adam because he was bothered by how much Katherine respected Victor. Victor accepts Tucker's offer, but warns him not to double-cross him and disappoint Katherine. Victor leaves. Tucker tells Katherine he's tired of feeling alone. He talks about losing Ashley, and says he wants to know his birth mother, and his son. He vows to keep trying with Devon. Kay agrees, "Never stop trying." Once alone, Tucker leaves Jack a message to call him about Newman.

    Keeping This Secret Will Kill Me.

    Thursday, January 17 2013

    Murphy and Katherine chat over dinner at the Club. Tucker approaches. Murphy tells him to go away and then starts choking. Tucker uses the Heimlich Maneuver and saves him. Murphy thinks he's still a dirtwheel but Kay hugs him. Later, Katherine returns for her phone and thanks Tucker again. He's offended - anyone would have done it - but forgives her. "That was easy. You should try it." She smiles.

    Lights Out.

    Monday, January 14 2013

    Devon calls Roxy from Jabot and says he'll meet her at The Underground. Tucker appears to 'check in'. He chats about the corporate world and Jabot. Tucker wonders if Jabot is the best fit for Devon. Devon gets his back up. Tucker says he has a high-profile opening in his music division. Devon doesn't want his flashy job. Tucker says he's his son, and if things change, he knows where to find him.

    Devon meets Katherine at the Club to discuss Tucker. She understands him questioning Tucker's motives. Devon asks why she keeps giving Tucker chances. Katherine wants to believe he's capable of change. Devon thinks he hurt Tucker. Katherine says he's family - you always back up your family. Later, Katherine spots Tucker. They discuss Devon. She tells him to do something instead of brooding. Katherine adds that he hasn't hurt her or Devon half as much as he's hurt himself.

    Loaded Gun.

    Monday, December 31 2012

    At the Chancellor mansion, Kay tells Tucker she's only going to dinner to get him off her back. He fusses over her. Katherine doesn't want to hear about how she should take it easy.

    At the Club, Tucker agrees to stick to neutral topics as Katherine demands. Katherine spots Victor and challenges Tucker to allow him to join them. Once seated, Victor grills Tucker about Jack popping pills. Tucker tries to change the subject but Victor keeps talking. Tucker admits he's concerned about Jack. Victor offers to buy his shares. Katherine thinks Tucker should sell them back. Tucker says the meal wasn't about business. Victor excuses himself. Tucker tells him he understands his position. After, Tucker tells Katherine he might sell to Victor and asks her what he can do to repair things between them.

    Tucker takes Katherine home. She admits it wasn't a complete disaster. He kisses her. She tells him he can make things better by finding a way to make Devon believe he loves him.

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