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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Malcolm Winters

    Full detailed profile on Malcolm Winters Played by Darius McCrary on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darius McCrary (CBS)
    Malcolm Winters

    Actor: Darius McCrary

    Who played Malcolm Winters over the years

    Darius McCrary (December 29 2009 - October 17, 2011)
    Shemar Moore (1997 - 2005)

    Useful information on Malcolm Winters

    * Is the half-brother of Neil Winters.
    * Fathered Lily Winters with Neil's wife Drucilla, when she was on cold medicine.
    * Worked as a photographer at Jabot.
    * Disappeared previously and was presumed dead.
    * Has been out of town since learning that he is Lily's biological father.


    Current: Unknown
    Past: Photographer at Jabot
    Past: Manager of Crimson Lights
    Past: Photographer of Brash and Sassy


    Malcolm originally came to Genoa City looking to reconcile with his older half-brother Neil. They hadn't gotten along in the past as Neil was very studious, and Malcolm was an athlete, who turned to a life of partying after an injury.

    Drucilla and Olivia took Malcolm under their wings and Dru introduced Mal to Blade, a photographer, who taught him the profession.

    Malcolm was interested in Drucilla, but she married his brother. They did have sex one night when Dru was under the influence of cold medication, however, and Lily was conceived. They kept this interlude a secret, and Dru decided that Neil must be the father of her baby.

    Malcolm became involved with Stephanie, and then Keesha, who turned out to be HIV positive. He married her right before she died.

    When Olivia's husband died, Malcolm stepped in to help her with her son Nate, and they formed a family and married. They later divorced when an old flame of Malcolm's came to town and caused strife.

    Malcolm had a brief fling with the divorced Drucilla, before becoming involved with Alex. Neil also had feelings for Alex, and when they all went on a location shoot in Kenya, Malcolm was left for dead after an accident when his body couldn't be found. Neil and Alex returned without him.

    Malcolm came back to Genoa City very much alive several years later. He worked at Crimson Lights and Jabot, before leaving again after learning that he was, indeed, Lily's biological father.

    Malcolm returned to Genoa City secretly working for Tucker McCall. He was engaged to Tucker's right hand woman, Sofia Dupres. Malcolm struggled to make peace with Neil and forge a relationship with Lily. After Sofia lied on Cane's behalf, Malcolm dumped her, but quickly saw the error of his ways. He married her, not knowing that she slept with his brother, Neil, and that the baby she is now carrying could be his child.


    Keesha Monroe (deceased)
    Olivia Barber Winters (divorced)


    Sofia Dupres Winters (wife)
    Stephanie Simmons
    Callie Rogers
    Drucilla Winters
    Alex Perez


    Neil_Winters (brother)


    Lily Winters (daughter with Dru)


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    Monday, October 17 2011: The Wizard Didn't Give Me A Heart.

    Neil is proud when Sofia refers to Moses as his son in the hospital room. As Neil talks about Malcolm running off, he enters the room. The nurse comes with the birth certificate to sign and asks which of the men is the father. Malcolm takes off. Neil and Sofia sign. She urges Neil to go talk to Malcolm.

    Phyllis finds Malcolm at Restless Style. He talks about the baby not being his - he feels like he's lost a brother, son, and wife at the same time. Phyllis gently suggests that maybe he could raise Moses with Sofia - he loves her. She talks about how much she loves Lucy, even though she didn't create her. Malcolm says it's different. Phyllis says love is more important than holding a grudge. Avery appears as Malcolm is leaving. Avery says she's looking for Nick. Phyllis acts catty so Avery says she'll leave him a note. The video game falls from her purse. Phyllis learns Nick gave it to her. Nick walks in. Avery asks him to bring Faith to court. Nick tells her it's not happening. She says they'll see about that, and goes. Phyllis asks Nick what's going on between him and Avery. She holds up the video game. Nick smirks, "You're jealous." Phyllis counters that she's being pre-emptive. He says video games used to be her thing with Avery, and they have major unfinished business.

    Back at the hospital, Neil talks to Sofia about what's happening when she leaves the hospital. Sofia says he can visit Moses whenever he likes. Visiting isn't what he had in mind. Sofia insists she's going to work things out with Malcolm. When Malcolm arrives, Sofia asks Neil to step out. Malcolm tells her he wants a divorce - he has papers from a courthouse in Guam; the divorce will be final in a week. Sofia protests, but he says he's spent his life playing uncle to Lily and he won't do it again. Sofia tells him Neil said he would run away. She signs. Neil returns. Sofia tells Neil to let him go - he's got a flight to catch. Malcolm leaves, and she sobs. Neil talks about the stunt Malcolm just pulled, and tells Sofia that she and the baby should move in with him. Sofia agrees to it.

    Malcolm returns to Restless Style and Phyllis asks if he made a decision. He says he did the best thing he could - he had to make Sofia cut him off. Malcolm says this way, Sofia and Neil have a chance to start a real family. Phyllis says he's a good man. They hug goodbye.

    Friday, October 14 2011: Take Your Cash And Shove It.

    At Crimson Lights, Phyllis apologizes to Malcolm, who then confides in her that he's anxious about the paternity results. Phyllis is stunned to learn that Neil is the other candidate. She marvels at Malcolm putting the tension with Neil aside. He admits it's going to be very hard if the baby's Neil's, and says he still loves Sofia.

    Phyllis coos over Moses in the hospital. Malcolm gives Sofia a photo of the baby he took. Phyllis goes for coffee. Sofia tells him she's glad he has someone to talk to. He assures her the baby will get all he has to give. Neil arrives in time to watch Malcolm make a heartfelt speech to Moses. The doctor enters and announces that the baby's father is Neil. Malcolm hands Moses to Neil and exits. Outside the room, Phyllis comforts Malcolm as they watch Neil with Sofia and the baby.

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