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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Tucker McCall (PAST)

    Full detailed profile on Tucker McCall (PAST) Played by William Russ on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    William Russ (John Paschal/JPI)
    Tucker McCall (PAST)

    Actor: William Russ

    Who played Tucker McCall (PAST) over the years

    William Russ (December 2, 2009 - present)

    Useful information on Tucker McCall (PAST)

    * Is a billionaire businessman
    * Is the boss of JT Hellstrom, who is married to Victoria Newman.
    * Is interested in buying into Chancellor Industries.


    Current: Businessman


    Tucker is a businessman who was introduced to Genoa City as the boss of JT Hellstrom. He is based in New York, and set up new offices in GC.










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    Tuesday, January 26 2010: Chip Off the Old Block?

    Tucker is on the phone in his office when he receives a visitor - it's Adam. He introduces himself as Victor's son and says he thinks they should talk! They bond over finding their parent later in life, and not being wanted by said parent right from the beginning. Adam tells Tucker he wants to work for him. Tucker admits he's suspicious. Adam anticipated that, and gives him inside information from Newman Enterprises to prove where his loyalties lay! Tucker welcomes him to McCall Unlimited!

    Tucker arrives at the Club, where he encounters Victor. He mentions that he heard Newman is interested in acquiring a company called Castle. Victor wants to know how he heard that - Tucker says, "Through the grapevine." He then thanks Victor for making it possible for him to hire his new star employee - his son Adam! He muses that he hopes Adam turns out to be a chip off the old block! Tucker sits down alone at the bar and muses that he doesn't trust any of the Newmans!

    Monday, January 25 2010: Going Down?

    At Tucker's office, Jill replays the scene in her mind when Katherine found her in bed with Tucker. She tells Tucker that she has to leave, but he wants to show her the results of the DNA test. Jill reads them, and snorts that he is her son. She feels the Katherine is never going to forgive her - she has to find a way to make her understand! Tucker doesn't understand the upset - they've done nothing wrong! Jill frets that Katherine must be feeling horribly betrayed. She walks out.

    Brock arrives at Tucker's office. They spar for a few moments. Tucker remarks that he conquered Katherine. Brock informs him that now it's time for him to get to know his mother!

    Brock comes back into the Chancellor Estate and softly tells Katherine there is someone there who she needs to see. Katherine agrees, as long as it's not Jill. Tucker steps into the room and quietly says, "It's me." Katherine asks if he has something to say to her. Tucker asks her the same question. She doesn't. Tucker remarks that his time is valuable, and they've wasted it. Brock muses that he had to try. Tucker leaves, and Katherine weeps in Brock's arms.

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