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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Daisy Callahan - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Daisy Callahan Played by Yvonne Zima on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Yvonne Zima (CBS)

    Birthday: January 16 1989
    Birthplace: Phillipsburg, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Yvonne Zima
    Height: 5'7"


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    A Big Screw You.

    Friday, September 21 2012

    At Fairview, Daisy describes the video of Ricky killing Rachel to Paul. Paul tears up. She tells him it was on Ricky's laptop. Daisy says if he can get her out, she'll testify.

    Let's Draw Kitties.

    Thursday, September 20 2012

    At Fairview, Paul visits Patty, who throws herself into his arms. Paul talks to a doctor about adjusting her protocol at the prison. Paul tells Patty that Ricky died and it's his fault. He explains that Daisy can help him, but they won't let him in her room. Patty suggests they draw pictures of kitties. Paul is about to give up, but Patty causes a disturbance which allows him to sneak off to Daisy's room. Paul wakes Daisy up. She says, "Paul? Thank god you're here." Daisy tells him Ricky tried to kill her the night of the art gala an she was afraid so she hitched a ride to a rest stop and cut her hair. Then she saw Fairview and made up a name and story. She says Ricky wanted her dead because she saw the video of him killing his girlfriend.

    Not Tipping His Hand.

    Wednesday, September 19 2012

    Kevin visits Daisy in Fairview and says he's glad to see her and hates that she's in there. He says there are questions about Ricky and why she ran, but it doesn't matter right now. He wants them to be brother and sister when she wakes up - he won't walk away. Daisy starts waking up.

    Beyond Grounded.

    Friday, September 14 2012

    At the mental hospital, the doctor tells Sharon he's not ready to let her go. Daisy runs in and demands that Sharon confirm her identity. Sharon does but the doctor leaves anyway. He comes back a few minutes later, sends Daisy away and begins questioning Sharon about her husband. The shrink goes down the hall to chat to Daisy. He admits it might take two weeks before they can let her out. She heads to Sharon's room. Sharon is chewing her fingers and says her 72 hours will be up soon. Daisy asks her to tell Daniel she's there. Sharon shrugs and kicks her out. In the hall, she overhears how a patient escaped when sent to Genoa City memorial. Daisy goes to her room and downs all of the pills she's been saving.

    Smashing The Snow Dome.

    Monday, September 10 2012

    Sharon is shocked to run into Daisy at the institution. They talk about how sane they are and Sharon fills her in about Ricky's demise. They discuss how they never know anything about themselves unless they've see it on TV. A doctor eventually interrupts and Daisy begs him to let her out. Sharon won't confirm her true identity. The doctor shows Sharon to her room. Tucker shows up and asks to see her. The doctor says he'll have to wait until she's released. He returns to Sharon and explains all of the testing she has to undergo. She tells him about how Victor's kids put a target on her back. She's been bullied all her life and has been set up. They recap the last few years of her life. There's only so much he can take in during one day so he leaves. She dreams about giving birth and losing her baby.

    The doctor talks to Daisy in her room down the hall. She tells him about Ricky and her baby and how she tried going to the police. The blond insists that everything she is saying is true. "Let me go home," she begs. He has to check out her story first.

    Every Move He Makes...

    Thursday, September 06 2012

    Sharon is admitted to Fairview and someone calls her by name. She is stunned to see Daisy!

    No Fairytale Ending.

    Friday, June 22 2012

    At the Club, Daisy tells Daniel by phone that she'll bring home food for Lucy, and then knocks on Ricky's door to ask what his plan is to help her and Lucy disappear. She threatens to tell that he bugged his sister's apartment if he won't help. Ricky has to go down to the dining room. Daisy opens his laptop and finds a video of his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, in a bubble bath. Daisy watches, horrified, as he gives her wine and then drowns her in a rage! When Ricky returns, Daisy makes an excuse and leaves. After, Ricky realizes what Daisy saw, and says, "Bad move, Daisy." He deletes the video and leaves.

    In an alley, Daisy wishes for Michael to hurry. She turns and says to someone, "What are you doing here?"

    Bite Me.

    Thursday, June 21 2012

    Eden arrives at Crimson Lights and asks Kevin what Daisy is doing there. Kevin says he's giving her a chance like Michael did for him. Daniel appears and confers with Eden. Later, Eden tells Kevin she was just trying to protect him. He says Daisy won't poison the coffee. Eden asks if he's sure. Kevin assures her he's keeping an eye on her. Eden rejoins Daniel on the patio. Daniel says it's unbelievable what Kevin's doing. He tells her he's trapped in this marriage and there's no way out. Daisy interrupts and chastises Daniel for hanging out with her. She threatens to expose Phyllis' secret. Daniel takes off. Phyllis arrives and tells Daisy she's going to jail - she'll lose Daniel and Lucy. Daisy reminds her about the hit-and-run. Phyllis tells her she'll press charges unless she walks away from Daniel and Lucy. Daisy replies, "Bite me." They spar when Daisy says she's bluffing. Kevin breaks up the argument. Phyllis goes, and Daisy whines to Kevin.

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