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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ryder Callahan

    Full detailed profile on Ryder Callahan Played by Wilson Bethel on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wilson Bethel (CBS)
    Ryder Callahan

    Actor: Wilson Bethel

    Who played Ryder Callahan over the years

    Wilson Bethel (July 2009 - March 3, 2011 )

    Useful information on Ryder Callahan

    * Came to town with Deacon Sharpe
    * His mother is giving Deacon and Ryder assignments
    * He told Kevin Fisher that they have the same father
    * A DNA test proved he is Kevin's brother
    * Confessed to killing the man in the alley during the Terroni fiasco
    * Is out on bail and living with Jana and Kevin


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Unknown


    Ryder came to town with Deacon Sharpe to get the Terroni painting. His mother is running the operation. Ryder told Kevin Fisher he is his brother and a DNA test appears to have confirmed his claim. Kevin bailed Ryder out of jail, after he confessed to killing a man that Daniel Romalotti was accused of killing, and he is now moving in with Jana and Kevin.






    Kevin_Fisher (brother)
    Tom Callahan, aka, Tom Fisher (father)




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    Thursday, March 03 2011: I'll Leave When I Know She's Safe.

    Jana is grabbed from behind out front of Billy and Victoria's house - it's Ryder! She gives him a shove and half-laughs from relief and fear. Ryder apologizes for scaring her. She tells him to go. He explains that he came because Daisy told him she left the baby in a church called St. Joseph's - he needs to find her. He wants Jana to help him, or he'll tell the police she helped Daisy escape. She says he's mad, but he tells her to imagine giving the baby to Kevin. Gloria comes to the door and Ryder hides in the closet. Gloria asks what she's up to and tries to look in the closet, but Jana stops her. After she leaves, Ryder emerges. He says he'll leave once he knows Daisy's baby is safe. Jana tells him he needs to go.

    Tuesday, August 03 2010: One Step At A Time!

    Jana and Ryder are hitchhiking back to Genoa City, but Ryder says he wants to keep going - he can't go through with this. Jana assures him she'll be there every step of the way and tells him not to back out now. They bicker. Jana tells him that she sees the good in him, and the jurors will too. Ryder loves her - he's happy for the first time ever. She says they won't be happy living on the run. Jana challenges him to prove how he feels for her, but he won't be locked up. Jana tells Ryder she made Kevin a promise and she can't leave him hanging.

    Ryder is still hitchhiking. He phones Daisy, says Jana left him and he's on his way.

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