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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Noah Newman (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Newman (Past) Played by Hunter Allan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Allan (Rachel Worth/

    Birthday: 1995-12-22
    Birthplace: Ft Myers Florida USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Hunter Allan


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    Dodging Bullets!

    Monday, June 09 2008

    At Restless Style, Sharon and Nick visit with Noah. When Noah goes off to play on a computer, Sharon tells Nick that Victor called and asked if Noah could come to his wedding. Nick says Noah is better off canoeing. Nick tells Sharon that Sabrina asked Vikki to be her Matron of Honor. Sharon is taken aback. She asks Nick if he is in the wedding. Nick says Victor hasn't mentioned it - he's not very dialed-in about what it means to be a father! As Sharon prepares to take Noah off to camp, Nick reminds him that he wants two letters everyday! They embrace. As Noah and Sharon leave, Sabrina comes in. She asks Nick if they could mend things before the wedding. Nick says it isn't going to happen. She presses him to be part of the wedding, but Nick says he assumes Adam is Best Man. "You see, my father didn't even give me a chance to say no!" Sabrina leaves and Sharon returns. She and Nick discuss their son growing up so fast, which naturally leads them to remember when Cassie started wearing make-up. Nick says kids think they're immortal. "But we know better than that."

    The Reluctant Hostess!

    Friday, June 06 2008

    At the Abbott Mansion, Sharon and Jack share breakfast with Noah and discuss his preparations for camp. When Gloria's name comes up, Jack tells Sharon she is being a good sport about all of this. They discuss the hot sauce incident. Jack and Noah head out the door. Soon, Gloria comes into the room and tells Sharon that Jill told her Jeff is dead! She begs Sharon to call over there and find out if it's really true! Sharon tells Gloria she is just a reluctant hostess, but is soon swayed by Gloria's pleading. Sharon calls, and speaks to Jill, who puts Jeffrey on the phone. Sharon hands the phone to Gloria. She speaks to Jeffrey and tells him that Jill wouldn't let her see him and then said he was dead. Jeff turns to look at Jill with the evil eye, then tells Gloria she'll need to apologize in person!

    At Crimson Lights, Noah tells Jack that he is worried about Gloria being around Fisher - and his mom! Jack says he understands, then tells Noah he wouldn't have let her back in if he thought she would hurt anyone. Jack says he's following his instincts like his father, John, taught him to. He promises to look out for Sharon and Fisher, and Noah says he trusts him to do so.

    Jack and Noah arrive home. Jack and Sharon discuss how quiet the house will be - except for Gloria! Sharon fills Jack in on the drama from earlier and admits she felt sorry for Gloria. Jack embraces her. As Noah finishes his packing, Jack and Sharon help out. Suddenly, Gloria storms through the front door talking on her cell phone. "I need to talk to you now!" Jack raises his eyebrows! He and Sharon worry about what kind of madness is going on now!

    Hot Stuff!

    Wednesday, June 04 2008

    At the Abbott Mansion, Jack apologizes to Sharon for asking Gloria to move in without discussing it with her first. Sharon laments that now they have to tell Noah! He comes into the room, and they break the news to him. Noah asks if Gloria will be gone by the time he returns from camp. Sharon says she hopes so! Just then, Gloria comes in with fruit from the Farmer's Market asking when breakfast will be! She remembers how John used to sit and have his coffee every morning. Jack and Sharon both hint at her taking her food to the pool house. Gloria smiles tightly.

    Memories Come Flooding Back!

    Monday, May 26 2008

    At the Club, Nikki and David discuss what type of home they will buy to live in together. David says all the right things and Nikki beams. Just then, Phyllis happens by, and David invites her to join them. She says she is too busy and suddenly her phone rings. She listens with growing horror, then tells Nikki, "Nick's been in an accident!"

    Daniel and Amber arrive at Restless Style for work, and Amber takes an opportunity to tell Daniel how cool she thinks it is that his dad asked him to do the photography for the tour. As he expresses that he is on the fence about whether to go or not, they make a pact to always be faithful and he promises to always tell Amber the truth. Daniel then calls his father, who is sitting down to a meal with his sister Gina. Danny tells Daniel he'll come right over to Restless Style. Daniel hangs up and gets into a discussion with Sharon about Noah. She asks Daniel if he used to hide his feelings at that age. When Noah comes over to where they are sitting, Daniel expresses to him that he misses Cassie, allowing Noah to open up and say the same thing. Sharon tells Noah she has left a message for his dad that he is too tired to shoot hoops. Noah sidles over and talks to Jack a little bit about missing Cassie. Just then, Danny arrives and Daniel gets up and introduces him to Noah. Noah and Sharon leave the room and Jack comes over and tells Danny how great his son has been at Restless Style. Daniel smiles. Amber says goodbye to leave Daniel with his dad. Danny then tells Daniel that he no longer wants him to be Assistant Photographer - he wants him to be the Head Photographer for the tour! Daniel says he doesn't think he can do it. Danny assures him Amber will be fine, but Daniel says that's not the problem. Danny promises not to let him down again.

    At Memorial Hospital, everyone arrives and searches frantically for Nick. He suddenly comes up behind them and says, "No surgery necessary, but they did give me an MRI." As Nikki says he gave them a real scare, Nick assures them all that he is fine. As Nick sits in his chair, a memory suddenly comes back to him of sitting by Cassie's bedside with Sharon. Nick's eyes go round with upset! He begins to remember more, including the night of the party, and the discovery that Cassie had been in an accident. He remembers the confrontations with Daniel, the funeral, and the arguing with Sharon. Nikki and Phyllis approach him to tell him he can leave the hospital. He pretends that everything is fine. Just then, Phyllis takes a call from Daniel, and Nick encourages her to go see him. He asks Victor for a ride out to the Ranch and kisses Phyllis goodbye. Once alone, he calls Sharon's cell phone and asks to see her. He explains about the car accident and wonders if she can meet him out at his place. Sharon is puzzled, but leaves Noah with Jack, telling them she will see them soon. As she leaves, Noah confides in Jack that he would like him to take him to see his sister at the cemetery.

    At the coffee house later, Jack asks Noah why he had him take him to Cassie's grave, rather than his mom or dad. Noah explains that it's too hard with his mom, and his dad doesn't want to go because he can't remember what happened. At that very moment, at Cassie's grave, Sharon and Nick arrive and marvel at the many flowers and remembrances laid there. Nick begins to tear up as he realizes that next month they would have been going to Cassie's high school graduation. He blames himself for letting her go out on the night of the party. Sharon says they had no way of knowing what would happen that night. Sharon explains that she believes Cassie is looking out for all of them now. Nick cries and kneels at Cassie's tombstone. Sharon cries as well and they grieve together.

    Coffee Ain't a Great Anesthetic!

    Friday, May 23 2008

    Elsewhere at Restless Style, Phyllis and Nick go over website design and discuss why Nick didn't go to Cassie's grave. He doesn't remember the day she died. Phyllis reminds him that pieces of his life are returning. Noah reads nearby while Jack goes off for a coffee run and Nick says he's feeling antsy and may go to the gym. He tells Noah that he should be studying; not reading but Noah has already done so. Since his last test was a C-, Nick makes Noah study.

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