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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Noah Newman (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Noah Newman (Past) Played by Hunter Allan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Allan (Rachel Worth/
    Noah Newman (Past)

    Actor: Hunter Allan

    Who played Noah Newman (Past) over the years

    Hunter Allen (Sept. 2005 - present)
    Chase Ellison (2005)
    Blake Woodruff (2004-2005)
    McKay Giller (2001-2004)

    Useful information on Noah Newman (Past)

    * Resides at the Newman Ranch.
    * Lost his sister, Cassie, in a car accident.
    * Comforted Sharon after Cassie's death when Nick took off after Daniel.
    * Became rebellious during his parent's divorce.
    * Loves the idea of having a new baby sister.
    * Resides with mother Sharon and Jack Abbott at the Abbott Mansion.


    Current: Student


    Born in 1997, Noah Newman started the third generation of the Newman family. Being a premature baby, there were times when some thought, even his parents, that Noah wouldn't make it. However, with the love and prayers of his family, Noah pulled through a healthy child.

    During his early years, Noah spent much time with playgroups and at school. Since then, he has grown up rather quickly and has had his share of childhood heartaches in the last couple of years. First came the loss of his older sister Cassie after she died from complications sustained in an automobile accident. And most recently, he had to learn to deal with his parent's divorce and the remarriage of his father to Phyllis Abbott. Although he hit a rebellious streak, Noah has proven to be as strong as any of the elder Newman's! He has managed to adjust and is currently happy to welcome a new baby sister to the fold!






    Nick Newman (father)
    Sharon Newman (mother)
    Cassie Newman (sister - deceased)
    Summer Newman (sister)
    Victor Newman (gradfather)
    Nikki Newman (grandmother)
    Doris Collins (grandmother)
    Abby Carlton (half-aunt)
    Albert Miller (great-grandfather)
    Victor Adam Newman Jr. (half-uncle)
    Cora Miller (great-grandmother - deceased)
    Nick Reed (great-grandfather - deceased)
    Matt Miller (uncle)
    Dr. Casey Reed (aunt)
    Eve Howard (cousin - deceased)
    Summer Anne Newman (half sister)
    Reed Hellstrom (cousin)




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    Monday, June 09 2008: Dodging Bullets!

    At Restless Style, Sharon and Nick visit with Noah. When Noah goes off to play on a computer, Sharon tells Nick that Victor called and asked if Noah could come to his wedding. Nick says Noah is better off canoeing. Nick tells Sharon that Sabrina asked Vikki to be her Matron of Honor. Sharon is taken aback. She asks Nick if he is in the wedding. Nick says Victor hasn't mentioned it - he's not very dialed-in about what it means to be a father! As Sharon prepares to take Noah off to camp, Nick reminds him that he wants two letters everyday! They embrace. As Noah and Sharon leave, Sabrina comes in. She asks Nick if they could mend things before the wedding. Nick says it isn't going to happen. She presses him to be part of the wedding, but Nick says he assumes Adam is Best Man. "You see, my father didn't even give me a chance to say no!" Sabrina leaves and Sharon returns. She and Nick discuss their son growing up so fast, which naturally leads them to remember when Cassie started wearing make-up. Nick says kids think they're immortal. "But we know better than that."

    Friday, June 06 2008: The Reluctant Hostess!

    At the Abbott Mansion, Sharon and Jack share breakfast with Noah and discuss his preparations for camp. When Gloria's name comes up, Jack tells Sharon she is being a good sport about all of this. They discuss the hot sauce incident. Jack and Noah head out the door. Soon, Gloria comes into the room and tells Sharon that Jill told her Jeff is dead! She begs Sharon to call over there and find out if it's really true! Sharon tells Gloria she is just a reluctant hostess, but is soon swayed by Gloria's pleading. Sharon calls, and speaks to Jill, who puts Jeffrey on the phone. Sharon hands the phone to Gloria. She speaks to Jeffrey and tells him that Jill wouldn't let her see him and then said he was dead. Jeff turns to look at Jill with the evil eye, then tells Gloria she'll need to apologize in person!

    At Crimson Lights, Noah tells Jack that he is worried about Gloria being around Fisher - and his mom! Jack says he understands, then tells Noah he wouldn't have let her back in if he thought she would hurt anyone. Jack says he's following his instincts like his father, John, taught him to. He promises to look out for Sharon and Fisher, and Noah says he trusts him to do so.

    Jack and Noah arrive home. Jack and Sharon discuss how quiet the house will be - except for Gloria! Sharon fills Jack in on the drama from earlier and admits she felt sorry for Gloria. Jack embraces her. As Noah finishes his packing, Jack and Sharon help out. Suddenly, Gloria storms through the front door talking on her cell phone. "I need to talk to you now!" Jack raises his eyebrows! He and Sharon worry about what kind of madness is going on now!

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