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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Phillip Chancellor III

    Full detailed profile on Phillip Chancellor III Played by Thom Bierdz on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Thom Bierdz (CBS)
    Phillip Chancellor III

    Actor: Thom Bierdz

    Who played Phillip Chancellor III over the years

    Thom Bierdz (1986 - 1989; 2004; June 2009 - May 30, 2011)
    Jimmy Keegan (December 1983)
    Chris Hebert (1981-1982)
    Dick Billingsley (1981)

    Useful information on Phillip Chancellor III

    * Was once the subject of a custody battle between Katherine and Jill
    * Was drawn to Christine as a teenager
    * Was an alcoholic
    * Got Nina pregnant when drinking
    * Married Nina against his mother's objections
    * After an automobile accident, Phillip faked his own death and moved to Australia, going by the name Langley, and running a bar
    * Sent Cane to Genoa City to take his place in the family
    * Returned to Genoa City and announced that he is gay
    * Lives in Australia.


    Current: Bar owner in Australia
    Past: Chancellor Executive


    Phillip III was the subject of a horrible custody battle between his mother, Jill, and his father's former wife, Katherine Chancellor. He became a shy teenager who was interested in Cricket Blair. He began drinking to up his confidence at parties, and became good friends with Cricket even though she was dating Danny Romalotti.

    Cricket's friend, Nina Webster, wanted Phillip for herself, and he was successfully seduced by her while drinking one night - she wound up pregnant. Jill and Katherine did everything they could to discredit Nina and prove the baby wasn't Phillip's, but a paternity test confirmed that he was, indeed, the father.

    Although Phillip was torn between wanting Cricket, and doing right by Nina, he ultimately decided to marry her against the wishes of his mother. One night, after a drunken office party, Phillip was involved in a car accident and died.

    However, it turns out the accident was actually a suicide attempt, and Phillip faked his death and moved away. He returned to Genoa City to explain that he's been living in Australia as Langley, from where, out of guilt, he sent Cane to take his place in his family member's hearts. He reconnected with his family, and announced that he is gay, and always has been gay. Phillip reunited with the son he left behind, Chance, and began to build a relationship with him. After Chance went into witness protection, Phillip returned to Australia where he is trying to help Cane with the cattle rustler situation.


    Nina Webster


    Cricket Blair


    Phillip Chancellor II (father)
    Jill Foster Abbott (mother)
    Billy Abbott (half-brother)


    Phillip Chancellor IV


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    Tuesday, May 26 2015: Y&R Recap: Man Oh Man.

    On the rooftop of the club, Summer, Kyle and Mariah discuss knowing who the killer is. Summer still needs to know why Tobias killed Austin. Kevin joins them. He's not convinced that Tobias was the killer. It seems more like he's been framed. The others insist that the case is closed. The bickering continues. Downstairs, Yack and Phyllis stroll into the club and bump into Victor. They discuss the police stumbling on evidence revealing the killer. Phyllis talks about how much better Yack has been sleeping and then heads for the table. The two men discuss the case. Victor accuses Yack of killing Tobias to cover things up. "If I was guilty of all the things you accuse me of, I'd be a very dangerous man," Yack says. Victor threatens him and wanders off. He runs into Neil and Nikki by the door. The mustache asks her about getting drunk last night. Neil won't lie for her and repeats that she needs help. She tells them both to go to hell and storms off. "Man oh man oh man of man," Victor grumbles. He decides that he needs to take 'harsh measures'. In the dining room, Yack and Phyllis have breakfast. They rehash how he wasn't being himself before. She reminds him of their wedding. Later, Kyle and Summer come in. Phyllis and Summer discuss being in a good place with the Abbott men in their lives. Kyle tells Yack that Kevin is having a hard time dropping the murder investigation. "This case is closed," Yack says. On the rooftop of the club, Neil finds Nikki getting drunk. She claims she can stop drinking when she's ready. When he stops the bartender from serving her, she stumbles away. He makes a call to get help. Back downstairs, Victor gets a call from his contact informing him that Jack might have escaped on a boat carrying illegal cargo.

    Monday, May 30 2011: Off The Charts!

    Nina and Phillip look at her flag on the Chancellor patio. Chance approaches and Nina runs off in tears. Jill wonders if they should have planned a get together, but Katherine insists they try to have fun. Nina passes Chloe on her way through the house and out the front door. Chance follows. Chloe tells him it's not easy for Nina to say goodbye to him. They explain to Delia that Chance is going away, and he gives her some storybooks. Delia goes with Esther and Chloe comments that Chance didn't tell Delia he'd be back. He doesn't want to make promises he can't keep. They discuss Heather. He says Heather's not more important to him than she was - they were unstoppable; off the charts! Chloe's glad they're finally friends. They hug. Phillip finds Chance alone and they discuss Nina and Paul. Chance wishes he could make it easier. Nina returns and says she hasn't been giving him enough credit - he's very skilled. Nina tells him through tears that she's proud. They embrace.

    On the Chancellor patio, Jill cuddles up to Colin, who is supportive of her feelings about Chance leaving. Murphy approaches Katherine, who admits she was thinking about a guy she had a crush on as a girl - he died in the war. Murphy says they are heroes, and remembers shipping off to Korea. Phillip watches as Katherine shoots down Colin's offer to get her a drink. Chloe jokes to give it time. Jill snipes at Chloe about trying to take Delia from Billy. Nina joins Phillip on a lounger. Chance talks to Jill about Chloe. He asks her to keep an eye on his mom for him. Jill goes to give Phillip a hug. Paul and Heather arrive and Nina tells them they're not welcome there. Chance steps forward and says he invited Heather. Paul tells Nina to let them talk it out. Nina says she's losing Chance because of Heather. Chance and Heather step inside - he says his mother has no reason to be angry with her. Chance tells her this is what he should be doing - he's a soldier. They hug. Katherine finds Paul and tells him Nina will come around. He asks about Tucker, and asks if she has anymore information on his son. She says she'll get him Tucker's private files. Heather tells Chloe she has to pass her custody case to another lawyer. Chloe snarks that she gets people to trust her and then leaves them in the lurch. Paul appears. Heather says she's ready to go. Jill catches up with Nina on the patio and gets her laughing. Everyone waits while Chance gets his gear. He reappears in his uniform and each of them bid him farewell. Chloe gives him a tender kiss. They all watch Murphy raise the flag.

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