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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Colleen Carlton (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Colleen Carlton (Past) Played by Adrianne Leon on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrianne Leon (CBS)

    Birthday: 1986-03-15
    Birthplace: San Diego, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrianne Leon
    Web site:


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    Wreckage From The Newman Jet!

    Wednesday, June 06 2007

    At The Club, when Brad tells Colleen that Vikki and he are getting a divorce, Colleen isn't surprised and says, "Don't beat yourself up. You cheated on her, but she slept with JT while you guys were practically engaged. She's not a saint."

    At The Club, as Colleen talks to JT about Abby coming home, Brad calls and Colleen agrees to meet with him and Abby after work. After Colleen hangs up, she warns JT, for Abby's sake, to not be 'that someone else' for Victoria!

    When Brad brings Abby home, Colleen is waiting for her. Although Abby asks about Vikki, Brad has yet to tell her about the divorce.

    Mr. & Mrs. William Bardwell!

    Friday, June 01 2007

    At The Club, while Devon, Colleen and Adrian talk about Lily's problems, Colleen says, "We have to do something."

    Lily arrives home to find Neil awaiting her. Seeing the birthday flowers from Sharon, Lily is touched and thinks of Dru. Making a joke of her problems, Lily and Neil briefly talk about what Dru would do to Daniel then Neil informs Lily of his run-in with her husband. When Neil questions if Daniel is cheating, Lily says, "I don't know what I believe anymore." After Colleen, Adrian and Devon arrive, Lily gets a call from Michael saying her dirty laundry will not be aired on national TV! As Lily is opening gifts from everyone, she's clearly missing her husband's presence.

    Nick... Is That You?

    Thursday, May 31 2007

    At the apartment, while packing up Daniel's clothes Lily expresses her disgust to Colleen that her fight with Amber will be aired all over national TV then says, "It's all because of Daniel!" Looking through his things, Lily finds the sand from when they ran away.

    When Lily and Colleen briefly stop at The Club, Colleen briefly joins her dad at the bar, but Brad wants to be alone.

    Later, Lily returns to her empty apartment and sees that Daniel's things are gone. She picks up a picture of Dru and says, "What do I do, Mom, I need your help." Just then, Colleen comes through the door with a bag and says, "I thought we could have a slumber party."

    A Carlton Split?

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    When Lily joins Colleen, she expresses wanting to confront Daniel. Suddenly, Adrian arrives and tells Colleen, "Your father has been charged with perjury."

    Colleen goes to Newman and expresses her worry to Vikki for Brad. Although Vikki asks Colleen to just support her father, Colleen heads out to find Brad. When Adrian comes in to meet with Vikki on work, she tries to cancel, but Adrian convinces her that work is just what she needs.

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