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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Colleen Carlton (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Colleen Carlton (Past) Played by Adrianne Leon on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrianne Leon (CBS)

    Birthday: 1986-03-15
    Birthplace: San Diego, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrianne Leon
    Web site:


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    A Newman Asks For A Loan!

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    In the warehouse, after Kevin convinces Jana he has half a million dollars, she claims she needs time to think about running away with him then signs off. When Lily calls Daniel, she overhears a conversation in the background. However, Daniel covers, says he’s in a meeting, then promises to be home soon. After he hangs up, Daniel looks at Colleen and says, “I had to lie to her. You can’t tell her.” Although Colleen warns Daniel to never lie to her best friend in front of her again, her gaze is directed back to Kevin’s laptop as Jana logs back on! “I’m sorry, Kevin,” Jana says. “I can’t do it. Take care.” While Amber, Colleen and Daniel are trying to convince Kevin to go back to the hospital, Cane calls Amber who says, “I’m on my way.” After she hangs up, Kevin demands, “I’m not going! The money will stay here because Jana will call back!” Despite everyone's pleas for Kevin to give it up, Kevin allows them to take the money, but asks that they leave the bag in case Jana comes back online, "So she can see it" With the money in hand, Daniel and Amber leave Colleen with Kevin… Outside, Amber puts all the money in her trunk and assures Daniel she’ll bury it once Cane is asleep.

    Alone with Colleen, Kevin says, “I have to make it up to you. I want to take Jana down for you – for all the stupid things I’ve done to you.” Although Colleen knows Kevin has changed, she begs him to go back to the hospital. However, Kevin asks, “Do you still think about what I did to you?” In tears, Colleen replies, “Yes, all the time. But you’ve changed… you don’t scare me anymore and you have nothing to prove to me.” With a nod, Kevin replies, “Okay. Then I’ll do this for myself.” Suddenly, Jana logs back on and tells Kevin, “I changed my mind. I want to get together. I need to be with you.” Despite Colleen’s pleas for Kevin not to go, Kevin warns for her to stay behind but insists on meeting Jana!

    Turn Back The Hands Of Time...

    Monday, July 09 2007

    At the apartment, Daniel gets a call from Kevin saying, “I need to dig up the cash. Meet Amber and me at the Chancellor Estate.” Although Daniel warns Kevin against his plan to trap Jana, he agrees. After Daniel hangs up, Colleen questions who was on the phone and offers to go with Daniel to look for Kevin. However, Daniel refuses and asks her to stay behind in case Kevin calls.

    As Daniel finishes digging up the money, Colleen arrives and wants to know what’s going on and demands, “You have five seconds to tell me or I’m calling your brother – or the police. It’s up to you!” Suddenly, Colleen sees the bag and Kevin has no choice but to show Colleen the money and says, “It’s Amber’s cousin’s. He left it behind.” Hearing that Kevin plans to lure Jana back with the money, although upset, Colleen is reminded that Kevin and she are a team. When Kevin goes to leave, Amber says, “We’re not letting you leave with that money alone.”

    Back at the warehouse, with Colleen, Amber and Daniel secretly hiding in the background, after Kevin shows Jana the money, he asks her to runaway with him!


    Friday, July 06 2007

    When Colleen arrives at Daniel’s, she tells him Kevin left the hospital to find Jana. Frantically, Colleen and Daniel try to contact Kevin through instant messaging. Suddenly, Daniel is able to connect with Kevin and he begs him not to go after Jana! In pain, Kevin recants what Jana did to him then insists on going through with his plan! While talking to Colleen through a webcam, Kevin says, “It’s best that you stay out of it. I don’t want you to get hurt anymore.”

    Cane Calls B&B's Brooke!

    Thursday, July 05 2007

    At The Club, when Colleen tells Lily about how Adrian turned Kevin and her in, Lily agrees he did the right thing and warns to stay away from the Jana situation. Colleen gets angry at Lily’s lack of support and walks away to help a customer. When Colleen returns, she tries to explain to Lily how important it is for her to help Kevin trap Jana so she doesn’t have to live in fear anymore. Changing the subject, when Colleen asks how things are going with Daniel, Lily expresses how hard it is to trust him again.

    Adrian arrives at the coffeehouse to meet Maggie. However, he cannot persuade her to do anything about Kevin and Colleen faking the accident. “It’s your word against his,” Maggie says leaving Adrian feeling helpless. Later, Adrian sees Colleen and apologizes for talking to Maggie but says he can’t help being worried. Colleen admits that she’s scared too.

    Michael goes to the hospital, shows Kevin the gun in his waistband and scolds him for asking Gloria to bring it to him! When Kevin won’t reveal what he plans to do with the gun, Michael paces outside Kevin’s room. Just then, Jana calls and says, “I’m coming to Genoa City.” After Kevin tells Jana about the hospital surveillance, he says, “You can’t come here… I’m coming to you.” Michael briefly storms into the room again to check on Kevin then leaves... Later, after Michael returns to Kevin’s room, he finds him gone! When Colleen arrives, Michael expresses how stupid he was to leave the gun in Kevin’s room!

    Stay Out Of It!

    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    Outside Kevin’s room, Adrian says to Colleen, “I heard what you said to Lily!” After Colleen admits that Kevin plans to lure Jana back, Adrian demands that Colleen stay out of it – and away from Kevin! Suddenly, Gloria calls Colleen into Kevin’s room!

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