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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Colleen Carlton (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Colleen Carlton (Past) Played by Adrianne Leon on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Adrianne Leon (CBS)

    Birthday: 1986-03-15
    Birthplace: San Diego, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Adrianne Leon
    Web site:


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    Daniel is Thrown Out of Court!

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    J.T. arrives at Crimson Lights and Colleen spots him. She asks about Victoria and he tells her the blood pressure medicine still hasn't kicked in. He also tells her the baby is younger than they thought, only 22 weeks, so it could be his. Meanwhile, Brad is at the hospital discussing Victoria's condition with Nikki who breaks down in his arms. The doctor is in Victoria's room with Nick and Victor. He tells them different people respond differently to meds. Victor says she'll respond to this medicine - she has to!

    Colleen and J.T. have arrived at the hospital. They go into Victoria's room and are pleased to hear that her blood pressure hasn't risen. Outside, Brad encourages Sharon to go see Nikki and Victor. He tells her again how hard this is - she says she's here to support him! He continues the doomsday talk about preparing for someone to die. Sharon talks up the specialist and counters with some optimism. They hold hands across the table. She tells him to pick up the phone and call whenever he needs her.


    Tuesday, November 13 2007

    Brad, at work, is thrilled to see Abby come running into the office! Colleen says they have had some serious 'sister time' since she picked her up at the airport. Abby brings up Victoria's name and Brad is visibly discomfited about how to tell his daughter what has happened.

    Abby and Colleen are having lunch and Adrian's name comes up. Abby teases her big sister about having a boyfriend. They sit and discuss the mall and school. Abby asks Colleen again about seeing Victoria. Colleen asks her to be patient - Dad's checking whether she can or not.

    Abby stands at Victoria's bedside and talks to her, telling her how much she loves her, and offers her a drawing she made of a dreamcatcher to stop her and the baby from having any bad dreams.

    Victor to blame for collapse???

    Monday, November 05 2007

    Next on The Young and The Restless

    Victor sets up a press conference with Karen and Neil

    Brad and Colleen stop by to see Victoria, J.T. doesn’t like Brad there.

    Jack announces to Heather and Maggie that he may be able to crack their case. Heather asks which one.

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    Wednesday, September 12 2007

    After Lily explains to Colleen and Adrian about what happen at Kevin’s, Colleen assures her, “You’ll find someone else. I was a wreck when JT and I broke up,” to which Adrian clears his throat! Colleen briefly gives Adrian a sideward glance then promises Lily, “It’ll get better.” To cheer Lily up, they play a game until Kevin arrives with Colleen’s computer – all fixed! As Kevin jokes about some of the new girly things in Adrian’s apartment, Colleen manages to wrangle Adrian into having a housewarming party! As Kevin is showing Colleen and Adrian how he fixed her computer, Colleen changes her mind about the party – but wants to throw a part in Lily’s honor. A divorce party!

    Cease Research!

    Monday, July 16 2007

    At Memorial, while Jana screams her accusations to Maggie, Kevin and Colleen deny them with Michael by their side. After Jana is wheeled away, when Maggie asks why Jana would make up a suitcase full of money, Kevin and Colleen act oblivious and say, “There wasn’t any money.” When Brad arrives, Colleen claims she’s fine then promises to talk about what happened later.

    Back at the hospital, seated on the couch, Michael questions Kevin about the money Jana is speaking of. Although Kevin tries to hide it, he finally admits, “Fine. There’s a suitcase full of cash.” However, Kevin lies and says he was only trying to make Jana believe he had a half million dollars when he really had stacks of ones with hundreds on the ends! Michael still doesn’t appear convinced. After Brad leaves, Colleen joins Kevin and Michael to which Michael warns that the authorities may believe Jana. Suddenly, Adrian arrives and is furious to see Kevin with Colleen!

    Back at the Abbott’s, although Colleen tries to justify why she didn’t tell Adrian about being with Kevin and Jana, Adrian accuses Colleen of lying to him – again! Suddenly, Adrian reveals that during research for his book he found out that Brad’s mother is dead then asks, “Who is the woman who I met?” Colleen tries to explain that Rebecca had to hide her identity then says, “I love you, but there are just some things I can’t talk to you about. Please respect my privacy on this.” Furious, Adrian calls Colleen immature then says, “I’m beginning to see why your dad didn’t want us together.”

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