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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Patty Williams - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Patty Williams Played by Stacy Haiduk on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stacy Haiduk (CBS)

    Birthday: April 24 1968
    Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Marital Status: Married Bradford Tatum
    Real Name: Stacy Haiduk


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    What's Next For Us?

    Friday, September 28 2012

    At Fairview, Paul and Lauren arrive to ask Dr. Laurents about the woman who picked up Daisy. He can't ID the pictures of Sheila or Phyllis. Michael and Kev arrive with an order for the security footage. Lauren repeats to herself that it can't have been Sheila. The footage arrives and they watch it as Paul goes down the hall to talk to Patty. She asks her stuffed cat who helped Daisy leave. That doesn't pan out. Patty tells the cat that everyone will see she's not crazy. When Paul returns to the others, Lauren is freaking out, sure that it is Sheila in the video.

    Let's Draw Kitties.

    Thursday, September 20 2012

    At Fairview, Paul visits Patty, who throws herself into his arms. Paul talks to a doctor about adjusting her protocol at the prison. Paul tells Patty that Ricky died and it's his fault. He explains that Daisy can help him, but they won't let him in her room. Patty suggests they draw pictures of kitties. Paul is about to give up, but Patty causes a disturbance which allows him to sneak off to Daisy's room. Paul wakes Daisy up. She says, "Paul? Thank god you're here." Daisy tells him Ricky tried to kill her the night of the art gala an she was afraid so she hitched a ride to a rest stop and cut her hair. Then she saw Fairview and made up a name and story. She says Ricky wanted her dead because she saw the video of him killing his girlfriend.

    Fear And Desperation.

    Monday, March 05 2012

    Paul visits Patty, who says she had a terrible dream. Paul realizes she's remembering the shooting. Paul tells her it was just a dream.

    Rock Bottom.

    Friday, March 02 2012

    In her cell, Patty purrs and Paul asks her how Adam helped her escape. She describes how they went down the vent and Adam gave her a nun habit to wear so she could redeem herself. Paul steams.

    100% Commitment.

    Thursday, March 01 2012

    Paul visits Patty in her cell and asks if she remembers Ricky. Patty says he wasn't very nice, but admits she told him how that man helped her out of the hospital - Adam.

    Building Walls.

    Tuesday, February 07 2012

    In the padded cell, Paul tells Patty she's not going home - they can't let her hurt anyone again. Patty laughs that she'd never hurt Jack. She's cuffed to be taken to the prison hospital. Paul promises to visit. They both cry as she goes.

    Locked into her cell, Patty calls for her kitty and cries.

    The Best Idea.

    Friday, February 03 2012

    Genevieve enters Patty's padded room and speaks to her. Patty hums and ignores her. Gen says she cared about her. Paul enters. Patty asks him if Gen is her first grade teacher. Paul promises Patty he'll look for her kitty, and then takes Gen out. She apologizes. She's stunned that the women she knew is not even there. Paul tells her it's the hardest thing in the world when someone you love needs your help and you can't do a thing. He returns to Patty and tells her he loves her. Ricky appears, saying he's checking on Aunt Patty. Paul forbids him to see her and tells him to get the hell out of there.

    Get Out.

    Thursday, February 02 2012

    Up in the church storage area, Patty threatens to jump from the window, but Paul tells her it's okay and asks the others to leave. She tells him that liar man said he was his son. Paul sings their song. Father Todd joins in and enters the room. Patty laughs. Once she's calm, Ronan and Ricky re-enter. Paul says she has to come with them because she hurt some people. Ronan notices the needlepoint kitty in her purse.

    Todd and Paul bring Patty into the station. Ricky follows and Ronan calls off the press and then shows Patty the pillows. She says she worked very hard on those - one for everyone at the park! Ronan tells Paul that Deacon told the truth. Ricky joins the conversation. Ronan remarks on him saying he heard everything on the police scanner. Emily appears and Patty sizes her up. Ronan takes Patty to be photographed. Todd goes with Emily, and Paul asks Ricky why he lied - nothing went out over the police scanner. Ricky doesn't think it matters. Paul walks away and rejoins Patty and Todd.

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