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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Patty Williams

    Full detailed profile on Patty Williams Played by Stacy Haiduk on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stacy Haiduk (CBS)
    Patty Williams

    Actor: Stacy Haiduk

    Who played Patty Williams over the years

    Stacy Haiduk (March 18 2009 - September 28, 2012)
    Andrea Evans (1983 - 1984)
    Lilibet Stern (1980 - 1983)
    Tammy Taylor (1980)

    Useful information on Patty Williams

    * Patty, as Mary Jane Benson, was brought to town by Victor Newman.
    * 'Mary Jane' knew Jack Abbott in the past and agreed to help Victor get revenge on Jack.
    * Victor paid for her to have plastic surgery, so she no longer looks the same as she once did.
    * 'Mary Jane Benson' worked at Jabot to get close to Jack.
    * 'Mary Jane' lived at the GCAC.
    * 'Mary Jane' has revealed herself to be Patty Williams - Paul's sister and Jack's ex-wife.
    * 'Mary Jane' poisoned Summer Newman.
    * Patty was kidnapped by Gloria and Jeffrey Bardwell and held for ransom.
    * After escaping, Patty kidnapped Colleen Carlton.
    * Patty shot Victor Newman in a confrontation iwth him and Jack.
    * Patty allowed Paul to help her turn herself in, she then went to a mental facility.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: PR at Jabot Cosmetics
    Past: Unknown


    When Patty came to town as Mary Jane, not much was known about her. Victor brought her to town and had paid for her to have plastic surgery. She got a job at Jabot to get close to Jack Abbott, and was conspiring with Victor to exact revenge on Jack. Mary Jane became increasingly mentally disturbed and eventually it was revealed that she is Patty Williams.

    Patty Williams is Paul's sister, and once was married to Jack Abbott. She lost their baby after catching him 'in the act' with Diane Jenkins in his office! Later, she heard him confess that he had only married her to get in his father's good graces and become CEO of Jabot. She confronted him and threatened to kill herself, but he convinced her to shoot him instead - she did, three times, and wound up leaving town to go to a mental facility. She briefly dated Danny Romalotti as well, but never came back to Genoa City until Victor brought her back as Mary Jane.

    Patty hid out after she poisoned Summer Newman when she thought Phyllis was getting too close to Jack. She revealed her true identity to her brother Paul, and told him why she came back - to win back Jack Abbott. Patty was kidnapped by Gloria and Jeffrey from under Paul's nose, and held for ransom in the Abbott cabin. When Colleen showed up there Patty took her hostage. In an ensuing confrontation with Jack and Victor, Patty shot Victor. She turned herself in, and is currently in a mental facility.


    Jack Abbott (divorced)


    Danny Romalotti


    Mary Williams (mother)
    Carl Williams (father - deceased)
    Father Todd Williams (brother)
    Paul Williams (brother)
    Heather Stevens (niece)
    Ricky Williams (nephew)




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    Friday, September 28 2012: What's Next For Us?

    At Fairview, Paul and Lauren arrive to ask Dr. Laurents about the woman who picked up Daisy. He can't ID the pictures of Sheila or Phyllis. Michael and Kev arrive with an order for the security footage. Lauren repeats to herself that it can't have been Sheila. The footage arrives and they watch it as Paul goes down the hall to talk to Patty. She asks her stuffed cat who helped Daisy leave. That doesn't pan out. Patty tells the cat that everyone will see she's not crazy. When Paul returns to the others, Lauren is freaking out, sure that it is Sheila in the video.

    Thursday, September 20 2012: Let's Draw Kitties.

    At Fairview, Paul visits Patty, who throws herself into his arms. Paul talks to a doctor about adjusting her protocol at the prison. Paul tells Patty that Ricky died and it's his fault. He explains that Daisy can help him, but they won't let him in her room. Patty suggests they draw pictures of kitties. Paul is about to give up, but Patty causes a disturbance which allows him to sneak off to Daisy's room. Paul wakes Daisy up. She says, "Paul? Thank god you're here." Daisy tells him Ricky tried to kill her the night of the art gala an she was afraid so she hitched a ride to a rest stop and cut her hair. Then she saw Fairview and made up a name and story. She says Ricky wanted her dead because she saw the video of him killing his girlfriend.

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