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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Will Bardwell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Bardwell Played by Ted Shackleford on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ted Shackleford (CBS)

    Birthday: 1946-06-23
    Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Marital Status: Married Annette Wolfe (October 5,1991 - present)
    Real Name: Ted Shackleford


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    What is Jeffrey Bardwell really up to?

    Tuesday, October 16 2007

    Gloria runs into Jeffrey at the Club and they decide to swap information about each other. They sit down and later she discusses how meeting John and his brother changed her life. She described John as being the “perfect man” and the first man who allowed her to hold her head up high even though he did leave her out of his will. She thinks his son Jack was responsible but there is no proof. Jeffrey understands how she feels, he doesn’t know if William really meant to leave him out of his will or was manipulated into doing it. Gloria questions this, John was sick, but William wasn’t. She wonders how he alienated both William and his uncle. She admits with William it was Miranda. He explains with his uncle he made his own fortune and feels his uncle thought he didn’t really need the money, but admits to Gloria that although he made a fortune, it was all lost eventually.

    Jeffrey admits to Gloria he is looking into real estate and franchise opportunities. She wonders if he wants her to invest, but he tells her no. He invites her out again, wanting to know more about her.

    Back at the Club, Jeffrey walks up to Jill who is still startled by his resemblance to Will. She invites him to sit with her. He asks if Will and her were close and she admits they were good friends who actually dated for a while, but he married someone else “Gloria Fisher Abbott Kennedy Presley Bardwell” and wonders if he knows her. He admits he knows her and informs Jill that his brother made the wrong choice.

    Phyllis awaits news of her appeal…

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    At the Baldwins, Kevin wants to speak to Michael about a website for Jana. Gloria is still worried about Jeffrey and whether he believes her about the cream.

    At the Club, Maggie meets Jeffrey for the first time. Jeffrey brings up the Jabot case William was working on and Maggie is surprised he knows about it. He recalls his discussion with Jill and asks her for more details about the case. Maggie discusses the Jabot lawsuit. He finds out that Gloria was injured with a burn on her forehead. She wonders why he is so interested in the case. He explains that when William sent him a box, it was a sign he wanted help from him and he’s been trying to figure out what it was about. He adds when he heard the details of the case he thought the case might be it. Maggie admits she’s almost positive William knew who did it, but wasn’t able to communicate with him due to the stroke. She wants to solve this case for William

    Gloria is given the tainted jar of cream...

    Thursday, October 04 2007

    At the Baldwins, Gloria admits to Kevin she is upset about everyone talking about Jack’s difficulties. They acknowledge it reminds people about the scandal with the cream. She confesses to Kevin that before William died he sent his brother a jar of the face cream. Kevin questions, “Tell me it was not from Jabot Cosmetics?” Gloria glumly advises, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it.” Kevin questions why William would do it. Gloria ponders it might have been his sense of justice in wanting the crime solved. She admits she was guilty and never paid for her crime. Kevin declares, “No, No, Mom, William loved you, he wouldn’t want you to suffer.” She shares, not the William that loved her but the William who loved the law and justice. Its been keeping her awake at night. She consoles herself by admitting Jeffrey doesn’t know why he was sent the cream. She tells Kevin they both have to get the jar of face cream. Kevin exclaims, “Okay, wait, if you are going to put this stuff out of your mind, then there is no need to get it away from Jeffrey.” He wonders why she used the word we instead of just her. She previews, “Honey, yes, we, because I need you to steal the cream for me.” He exclaims once more, “Holy hell, no.” She tells him he has to do it for her sake.

    Still at the Baldwins, Kevin declares to Gloria, “You know, Mom when a son hears his mother say I need you to steal something for me, he has what they call in the psychiatric field, issues, okay. You don’t want me to have issues, do you.” Gloria explains, “Don’t be so sarcastic, okay. It’s one little favor. I have a drink with Jeffrey at the bar, you go to his room, you find the cream.” He tells her firmly, “I’m not stealing anything for you, okay. I’m not even going to consider stealing for you.” Kevin reminds her Jeffrey and William were strangers their whole lives and that Jeffrey has no idea why William sent him the cream. She needs to get it away from him before he puts it together if he hasn’t already. Kevin wishes her the best with it and leaves.

    At the Club, Jeffrey runs into Jill who is startled by his resemblance to his brother. Jeffrey asks Jill to confirm what William was investigating with her company when he died. She tells him it wasn’t the company, but a crime against the company, a product contamination incident. He tells her he wants to know about it and anything else William was working on. Jill is curious about why and Jeffrey asks her to have coffee with him.

    Later, Jill discusses the contaminated cream scandal at Jabot with Jeffrey. She tells him Jack was forced to resign. Jeffrey then discusses the agreement Jack signed not to have anything to do with the company. She explains Jabot Cosmetics nearly went under because of the incident. Jeffrey questions, “Was it a quality control problem?” Jill replies, “It was deliberate contamination.” He mentions sabotage; she answers, “Yes.” He inquires about the product and admits it was face cream. Jill notes, “I think your brother came very close to finding out whoever it was before his stroke.”

    Jeffrey gets up to leave hoping he can spend more time with Jill on other topics more pleasant than a homicide incident. She agrees and hopes he learned what he needed. He mentions its all just “idle curiosity”. She doubts it and he tries flirting with her. Jill quips jokingly, “Two lies in one night Jeff, shame on you.”

    At the Club bar, Jeffrey plays with two jars of cream. He places both in each pocket as he hears Gloria enter. They exchange hellos, but he receives a call and excuses himself.

    Jeffrey speaks to the person on the phone, “You mean I have no legal standing at all even though I’m his brother. So Gloria gets every dime.” He tells the person he’s sorry too and walks back to Gloria.

    Gloria muses, “Bad news, you look like you just got bad news.” She offers to cheer him up with a toast to his brother, her “beloved William, a good man, a kind heart and a generous spirit.” Jeffrey calmly mentions “maybe too generous” and toasts with her.

    Later, she gives him a book on Shakespeare, shares quotes and tells him William loved the sonnets. She mentions the cream again and how much it would mean for her to have the jar of cream he sent him. He presents one of the jars as she has flashbacks to the contamination, then William finding out the truth and her confession. She thanks him and tells him she will cherish it.

    Phyllis Has a New Cellmate!!!

    Thursday, September 27 2007

    Back at the Baldwin home, Gloria opens the door to Jeffrey who brought the items his brother sent to him. They talk about family photos, William’s childhood letters to his parents. He doesn’t want her to touch them with her bare hands in order to preserve them, but then offers her a pair of latex gloves so she can read them. This brings back memories for Gloria and the contaminated cream. Gloria is going through William’s childhood letters with Jeffrey. The baby starts to cry and she excuses herself. Jeffrey leaves.

    The walls start to close in on Gloria!

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    At the Club, Kevin and Gloria are enjoying a meal as Jeffrey walks up. Jeffrey tells them he was in Bangkok to pick up a box of personal items his brother William sent to him. Gloria is curious to know what was in the package. Jeffrey tells Gloria he believes his brother had a “premonition” about his death and is convinced he knew he was dying. Gloria tells him “You’re giving me the chills.” Jeffrey replies, “I’m sorry, I thought you would want to know, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

    Gloria asks Jeffrey what was in the box that left Jeffrey with the impression that he thought William knew he was going to die. Jeffrey tells her about a game they played as kids. When one was in trouble, they would send out special signals so the other would help out. Gloria asks what he sent. Jeffrey tells her “pictures of our parents, a nice photo of you, William’s ID as D.A., some keys, oh yeah, the weirdest item, the cream.” Gloria makes up a story and asks him if she can have the cream. He tells her he will look for it and also tells her “By the way, I didn’t want to tell you this before because I didn’t want to embarrass your son, but I love the perfume you are wearing tonight.”

    William Dies!

    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    At the apartment, when William appears to be convulsing, Michael calls 911! Through shallow breaths, a lone tear slips down William’s cheek, as he struggles for air! Michael quickly makes a call asking Gloria to meet him at Memorial.

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