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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Will Bardwell

    Full detailed profile on Will Bardwell Played by Ted Shackleford on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ted Shackleford (CBS)
    Will Bardwell

    Actor: Ted Shackleford

    Who played Will Bardwell over the years

    Ted Shackleford (2006 - July 18, 2007)

    Useful information on Will Bardwell

    * Deaceased.
    * Was married to Gloria.
    * Put John Abbott in prison for killing Tom Fisher.
    * Briefly dated Ashley Abbott.
    * Has an interest in Jill Abbott and Gloria Fisher.
    * Helped Carmen Mesta obtain a restraining order against Drucilla Winters.
    * Jill Abbott was the first woman Will slept with since the death of his wife.
    * The prosecuting DA in the Carmen Mesta murder.


    Past: District Attorney


    District Attorney William Bardwell showed up in Genoa City in 2006 to investigate the case surrounding the murder of Thomas Fisher. During the time in which John Abbott had been suffering from memory loss, Will was forced to arrest John's daughter Ashley after she admitted to killing Tom as a way to protect her father. Soon the truth came out when John regained his memory and summons the DA with a full confession. Although William sympathized with the circumstances of the case, he had no choice but to prosecute and send John Abbott to prison for murder.

    William would then go on to investigate the case involving Ashley Abbott and the tainted Jabot Cream. Although there were many scenarios surrounding the case, no one was ever tried for contaminating the cream. William grew fond of and briefly dated Ashley Abbott, but work and other distractions soon won over�

    For months, Gloria Abbott and Jill Abbott fought for William's affection. Although William had a connection with Gloria, seeing as they were both the widows of lost loves, Jill ultimately broke down Will's walls and snagged a one night stand with the dapper DA!

    These days William is faced to head up Genoa City's latest crime with the murder of Carmen Mesta! Although always considered a fair man, William's keen sense of reading suspects has led him to target Devon Hamilton as the key suspect in the case. With suspicion lingering over the heads of many of the residents of Genoa City, the district attorney is sure to have his hands full in the solving of this high profile case!


    Miranda Bardwell (widowed)
    Gloria Fisher Abbott




    Jeffery Bardwell (twin brother)




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    Tuesday, October 16 2007: What is Jeffrey Bardwell really up to?

    Gloria runs into Jeffrey at the Club and they decide to swap information about each other. They sit down and later she discusses how meeting John and his brother changed her life. She described John as being the “perfect man” and the first man who allowed her to hold her head up high even though he did leave her out of his will. She thinks his son Jack was responsible but there is no proof. Jeffrey understands how she feels, he doesn’t know if William really meant to leave him out of his will or was manipulated into doing it. Gloria questions this, John was sick, but William wasn’t. She wonders how he alienated both William and his uncle. She admits with William it was Miranda. He explains with his uncle he made his own fortune and feels his uncle thought he didn’t really need the money, but admits to Gloria that although he made a fortune, it was all lost eventually.

    Jeffrey admits to Gloria he is looking into real estate and franchise opportunities. She wonders if he wants her to invest, but he tells her no. He invites her out again, wanting to know more about her.

    Back at the Club, Jeffrey walks up to Jill who is still startled by his resemblance to Will. She invites him to sit with her. He asks if Will and her were close and she admits they were good friends who actually dated for a while, but he married someone else “Gloria Fisher Abbott Kennedy Presley Bardwell” and wonders if he knows her. He admits he knows her and informs Jill that his brother made the wrong choice.

    Thursday, October 11 2007: Phyllis awaits news of her appeal…

    At the Baldwins, Kevin wants to speak to Michael about a website for Jana. Gloria is still worried about Jeffrey and whether he believes her about the cream.

    At the Club, Maggie meets Jeffrey for the first time. Jeffrey brings up the Jabot case William was working on and Maggie is surprised he knows about it. He recalls his discussion with Jill and asks her for more details about the case. Maggie discusses the Jabot lawsuit. He finds out that Gloria was injured with a burn on her forehead. She wonders why he is so interested in the case. He explains that when William sent him a box, it was a sign he wanted help from him and he’s been trying to figure out what it was about. He adds when he heard the details of the case he thought the case might be it. Maggie admits she’s almost positive William knew who did it, but wasn’t able to communicate with him due to the stroke. She wants to solve this case for William

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