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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Abby Carlton (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abby Carlton (Past) Played by Hayley Erin on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hayley Erin (CBS)

    Birthday: July 13 1994
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Hayley Erin
    Height: 5' 51/2"


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    The Naked Heiress!

    Tuesday, May 18 2010

    Ashley is with Tucker at Jabot when a call comes from security that someone is protesting in the lobby. He hangs up and tells Ashley, who heads downstairs. It's Abby, and she is talking to the press about testing on animals, declaring that she'd rather be naked than hurt animals. Abby doffs her clothes and smiles! Ashley storms into the lobby, angry because she has never tested on animals. She sees Ashley and drags her off. Tucker placates the press, saying Abby is young and had her wires crossed! Back upstairs, Ashley informs her daughter that she is the new CEO of Jabot! Abby apologizes, then worries about the footage of her naked ending up on the internet. Ashley tells her she'll put legal on it, then sends her out the back door. Once outside the office, Abby calls someone and asks if they got it all, then says she'll meet them at Crimson Lights to meet her adoring public!

    Abby arrives at Crimson Lights and watches the footage with her male friend. She laughs at how witchy her mother sounds, and promises the guy money tomorrow to pay the cameraman. As she is celebrating, Abby turns to see Victor in the doorway. He tells her to come to the patio. Abby goes out and says she didn't want to embarrass them, she just wanted him to be proud. Victor says she has to take responsibility for her actions. She tearfully thanks him before going back in to talk to her male friend again. He has a photo of an advertisement for 'The Naked Heiress'. She giggles that by this time tomorrow they'll have all they need to make their reality show pitch happen! Out on the patio, Victor receives a call from Ashley telling him he is right that Abby can't handle what they had planned for tomorrow. She asks him to undo the arrangements they made and hopes Abby's not too upset when she finds out!


    Wednesday, April 14 2010

    Abby is waiting for Ryder at the abandoned park, but hides when Amber and Kevin appear. She listens as Kevin and Amber discuss Jana. They hear her, and Abby says she's meeting friends to have a picnic. They are skeptical, and Abby admits she's meeting a guy. Amber and Kevin tell her they are there looking for Jana, adding that Daisy and Ryder are a team, who they believe are involved. They go, and Ryder appears. Abby asks, "Did you have something to do with Jana's disappearance?" He gets defensive, says he thought she understood him, and adds that he's homeless. Abby feels bad. He thanks her for the food and she leaves.

    In a Dead Man's Throat!

    Friday, April 09 2010

    Abby goes out to the old abandoned zoo to do some drinking. She talks to a friend on her cell phone then hangs up and is shocked to see Ryder! He smashes her bottle so she won't drink. She confides in him about her brother Adam being killed, and her baby sister not being her baby sister, saying her family is so weird. He says his is worse. Ryder then tells her he's glad he saw her, maybe they could meet up again, but she can't tell anyone she saw him. Abby eagerly agrees. She gives him her number, and her kisses her. Daisy lurks. Once Abby leaves, Daisy berates Ryder, but he says they can use Abby!

    Mama Bear!

    Thursday, February 18 2010

    Victor shows up at the Ranch, where Ashley is thanking Neil for his support earlier. Victor says he's come to see Adam since it's the anniversary of Hope's death. Ashley tells him Adam moved out. Neil says he's heading out, and Victor questions Ashley about Adam moving. She gives him no reason. Abby comes in and says it's a relief Adam is gone - now it will just be them! Ashley sighs and tells her that they are moving off the Ranch as well. Abby isn't thrilled, and rants at her parents. Victor says she can stay there with him if she wants. Abby storms out, and Ashley and Victor have a tense exchange before he leaves. Ashley calls Jack back and asks why he's worrying about business on his honeymoon? She says they'll worry about the sale of Jabot when he gets back.

    Neil runs into Abby at Crimson Lights. She tells him that Victor is taking back the Ranch, and she and her mother are moving again. Neil recounts how Lily once moved around a lot with Drucilla - she handled it by remembering that home isn't about the place you're in - it's about the people you're with.

    Neil and Abby return to the Ranch and bring Ashley a treat. Abby also apologizes to Ashley, and then suggests that they move into Colleen's house when the construction is done - she still owns it after all! Ashley thinks it's a great idea. Abby thanks Neil and goes upstairs. Ashley asks Neil what he said - she hasn't been that nice in ages! Neil grins and they embrace.


    Tuesday, February 02 2010

    At the tack house, Phyllis tells Nick that Summer's doctor will be in Boston. Nick encourages her to take their daughter to meet him - he says he can take them to the airport when he takes Noah to go to Paris. Nick mentions that Sharon convinced him to let Noah go. Phyllis says Sharon went off on her. They discuss Adam, and Nick thinks she should let it go. Abby comes to the door and tells Nick that her mother is totally freaking out! Abby explains what it was like when Ashley was pregnant, and that Adam was the only one who could talk her down. Phyllis wonders if Abby thinks that was because Adam had something to do with it. Abby says she's going to go look for Noah, and Phyllis says she'll go up to the Ranch to check on Ashley.

    Noah comes into the bookstore, where Ryder is just putting up his hood and turning away. Noah sits with Adam, and Sharon comes in with Faith. Sharon mentions that Ashley is frantically looking for some piece of cloth from an accident. Adam calls his car and immediately hightails it out of there! Sharon informs Noah that he is allowed to go to Paris - he's thrilled! Just then, Eden phones. Before he can tell her he's coming, she rants about what Michael accused her of doing! Noah gets off the phone and tells Sharon that someone is trying to wreck Eden's life! Noah says he's going to have to clear her name. Sharon warns him not to get into trouble. Nick comes in with Abby. Sharon tells Nick that she had a fight with Phyllis. He admits he's tired of the arguing - even with Adam. Noah and Abby head out and Nick and Sharon look at the face that Faith is making. Nick suddenly asks if this is all real - her married to Adam and living at the Ranch - is she happy? Sharon insists that it's pretty perfect. Nick says they used to have that, and wonders how she gets that with Adam. They read a book to Faith that they used to read to Noah.

    Abby and Noah are at the Club. She asks him if he wants to join her to work out. He says he has some things to do. Abby says she'll miss him when he leaves. Adam suddenly appears and tells Abby that she needs to go home with Ashley. Abby says she is going to work out. Phyllis appears and tells Adam this is a coincidence! She questions him about Dr. Taylor again. Adam tries to get by her, but Phyllis wonders why a Harvard business grad would be hanging out with an OB/GYN twice his age!

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