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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Patrick Murphy

    Full detailed profile on Patrick Murphy Played by Michael Fairman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Fairman (CBS)
    Patrick Murphy

    Actor: Michael Fairman

    Who played Patrick Murphy over the years

    Michael Fairman (November 2008 - May 2013)

    Useful information on Patrick Murphy

    * Is a widower who owns a tackle shop.
    * Was friends with Marge as a patron at the diner she worked in.
    * Took Marge in when she was losing everything due to alcohol addiction.
    * Found Katherine in the car wreckage and brought her to his trailer, thinking she was Marge.
    * Helped Katherine prove her real identity.


    Current: Bait and Tackle Shop owner


    Murphy was a friend of Katherine Chancellor's lookalike, Marge. He was a regular at the diner where she worked.

    Murphy had taken Marge in when she lost her apartment and went on a bender.

    Unbeknownst to Murphy, Marge called Katherine and picked her up at Murphy's trailer to take her to rehab. They were in a car wreck, and Murphy found Katherine unconscious - believing her to be Marge. He brought her home and nursed her back to health.

    Murphy and Kay fell for each other and he helped her prove her identity. They married, and Murphy moved in with Katherine. It was revealed that Murphy had a son who died - he was killed by Maggie MacLaine, who tried to kill Murphy so he couldn't reveal the truth about her to Nikki and Victor. Murphy survived her two attempts on his life and helped put her behind bars.


    Betty (deceased)


    Katherine Chancellor




    Deceased son.


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    Wednesday, August 27 2014: Y&R Recap: A Grand Old Time.

    At Chancellor Park, Murphy remarks that it's going to be a hell of a day. Jill wants to know about Murphy's instructions from the Great Beyond. His lips are sealed. Nina appears and asks Paul about getting shot. Nina tells Jill and Esther that Chance couldn't make it. Devon arrives with Hilary and Neil. Jill remarks on their quickie wedding. Neil tells Jill that's the pot calling the kettle black. She suggests he remove his sunglasses and look her in the eye. Neil announces that he can't see and gets irritable when everyone pities him. Jill asks Murphy to start. Victor says Nikki's not there. She appears. "Oh yes she is!" Murphy reads a letter from Katherine which asks them all to carry out a ritual inspired by a ceremony she undertook while doing her bucket list with Murphy. Murphy gets choked up. Michael continues reading. Katherine wants them all to write letters to her and then burn them. Paul writes about his marriage to Chris and thanks her for the journey that brought his son to him. Nikki confides in Katherine about her drinking and wishes she was there. Lauren talks about her affair and the new troubles with Michael. Colin knows Katherine's snarling at him for what he's done, but says he's doing it to protect his family - he loves them that much. Esther says things aren't the same without her. Murphy assures her he's living his life to the fullest as she asked and one day they'll dance together again. Nina tells Katherine she's over Paul and her writer's block is gone. Lily wants help for Neil. Cane talks about Devon, and Devon writes about Hilary. Neil writes that he's got his own angel on earth and has Hilary read it out. Devon hears and crumples his up. Kevin writes to Katherine about his imagination taking him to some scary places. Jack trusts Katherine and John are having a grand old time and saying goodbye to Phyllis. Victor knows Katherine wouldn't approve of his latest project but misses her and thinks of her every day. Everyone places their letters in the urn. Murphy notices Jill's is blank. She muses that Katherine had nothing had to say to her about the music box. Neil knocks the urn over. Jack steals Victor's letter but then feels bad and puts it in the urn. Murphy asks Nikki to do the honors. She manages to light a match and the letters burn. Murphy says Katherine thanks them for trusting her. Victor steps away to take a call from the doctor who is ready to start Phyllis' treatment - they'll know quickly if it works. Paul steadies Nikki. Murphy says Katherine wanted a party. He spins tunes and invites Esther to dance. Neil hollers at Devon to dance with Hilary. Victor returns to the party and Paul says Nikki seems shaky. She gets belligerent about them hovering over her and runs into the bushes where Stitch finds her and notes she seems off. Victor appears. Stitch suggests he take Nikki home. She snarks at him. Victor and Nikki leave. Nina reminds Paul that he ended it with her to be with Cricket, so they'd better work out. Kevin tells Lauren and Michael that Katherine would want him to strike out and fulfill his destiny. Cane challenges Colin about the sketchy guy. Jill saves Colin. She crabs about this ridiculous exercise today and her heart breaking. Colin reassures her and Jill finally realizes what the music box means. Neil asks Jack to describe Hilary dancing - she's gazing into Devon's eyes. Jack says she's radiant out there. Everyone is invited to the Chancellor Estate. Jill stays alone to tell Katherine she understands the hunt was the treasure - she and Colin found each other again and she's never been so happy in her life. She leaves the music box playing in the park. Someone takes it.

    Tuesday, August 26 2014: Y&R Recap: The Magic Is Still There.

    At the Chancellor Estate, Jill gets teary reading Katherine's letter. Colin comforts her. Jill is glad she now knows the truth that Katherine did leave her what was most valuable to her. Murphy arrives. Jill hugs him and he thanks her and Esther for putting everything together. He congratulates Jill and Colin on their marriage and is happy to hear they're expecting a good crowd today. Esther suggests they head to the park. Murphy tells Jill there's something he needs to do at the party - he got instructions as well.

    At Chancellor Park, Lauren and Michael admire Katherine's portrait. Kevin greets Murphy, who talks about hanging out with his buddies at the Lodge. He misses Katherine, but feels gratitude for the time he had with her. Michael and Kevin step aside and bicker briefly about what Kevin will do next. Kevin says it's Katherine's day. Jill and Lauren check in with each other. Lauren confides in her sister about Michael's issue in the romance department. Jill advises her that Katherine would have told her not to make something out of nothing - the magic is still there. Colin joins them and tells Lauren he looks forward to working together. Lauren isn't up for talking business there. Kevin and Esther remember last year. Esther thinks she and Delia are together. Kevin acts bitter about losing Katherine, Delia, and Chloe. Michael looks on, concerned. Jill wonders what Murphy will be doing. He says once everyone arrives, he'll let Katherine tell them herself.

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