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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Rafael Torres - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rafael Torres Played by Yani Gellman on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Yani Gellman (CBS)

    Birthday: September 2 1985
    Birthplace: Miami, Florida
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Yani Gellman


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    I'd Marry You In A Paper Bag.

    Tuesday, July 31 2012

    Michael, Ronan, and Heather question Tim, who says Phyllis paid him to leave after Ricky came sniffing around. Michael asks what Phyllis didn't want anyone to know. Tim asks for a lawyer. Rafe fills the bill. Once Tim and Rafe have talked, questioning resumes. Tim refuses to talk. Michael bickers with Rafe about privilege. Michael decides to challenge. They disband and Avery bickers with Michael, while Heather corners Tim and says she's Ricky's sister - would he speak to her dad?

    Come To Papa!

    Thursday, July 05 2012

    In the interrogation room, Abby rants about Michael over-reacting. Victor enters. Carmine tells Victor he was as surprised to become her boyfriend as he was to find her in his trunk. Rafe arrives to represent Abby, who enrages Michael by claiming it was all performance art. Chloe and Kevin arrive and confront Carmine. Michael ushers them out and Vikki and Nick enter. Ashley tells Abby she won't be truly sorry until no one shows up to help. She goes, and Abby tries to help Carmine. He tells her to stop. Abby's released on bail. Michael tells Rafe he picked the wrong week to become D.A.

    More Zombie Juice For Everyone!

    Monday, October 31 2011

    At Jimmy's Bar, Vikki is carrying on the Halloween party tradition. Rafe, Eden, Lauren, Michael, and Nick chat with her. Vikki says she knows it was Billy's thing, but it's hers now. She announces she signed the divorce papers. Vikki squeals over Abby's squash costume. Devon, Roxy, and Daniel laugh too. Abby and Eden snipe at each other as Noah appears. Gloria is at the bar. Angelo and a young woman approach - he calls Glo the most beautiful woman in Genoa City. Avery arrives, then turns to go. Nick tells her to stay. Angelo introduces Gloria to his daughter, Angelina, who has a broken heart. Gloria tells him about Jeffrey. Nearby, Vikki is getting tipsy and talks to Devon and Daniel about Lucy and Billy. Noah and Hunter listen to Eden and Abby insult each other, while Nick buys Avery a drink. She reminisces about Halloweens past.

    Risky And Unsettling.

    Thursday, July 14 2011

    In the holding room at the police station, Billy tells Rafe he's late for his hearing and the charge against him is bogus. Rafe believes him, but says the trick is convincing everyone else. Billy's release papers come and he rushes out.

    Jill arrives at the courthouse and trades barbs with Esther about the custody case. She's concerned about Billy. Nearby, Chloe's lawyer tells her and Kevin that the hearing is about to begin and 'daddy' is nowhere to be found. Jill and Chloe end up bickering about Billy. Esther and Kevin intervene. The judge calls court into session and notes Billy's absence. Jill tries to stall the judge, but he begins to render his verdict. Rafe and Billy arrive, but the judge isn't pleased. He confronts Billy about his arrest and leaves to review the testimony. Jill walks over to Billy and says this is her fault - she spoiled him and let him down. Billy sneers that what she means is he let her down. The judge returns and awards sole custody to Chloe. Jill tells Billy she wants to help, but he brushes her off. Billy then tells Chloe they're not done. He says it's not his fault today. Chloe says it never is. He asks her not to do this to him. She says it's about Delia, not him. Jill tells Chloe she's sorry and goes. Kevin tells Chloe now comes the hard part. She doesn't know how she'll explain this to Delia. She cries and questions herself. Kevin supports her actions. They can't believe Billy got arrested.

    Back Full Of Cutlery.

    Tuesday, July 12 2011

    At Gloworm, Rafe asks Victoria about Billy, but she says she's not in his orbit right now.


    Monday, June 20 2011

    At home, Billy asks Rafe about an appeal - he can't believe someone like Daisy has any rights. Rafe levels with him - he doesn't see the courts supporting him. Billy says he's lost his daughter, and may lose his wife. Later, Vikki comes home and Billy tells her he's packed his bags. Thrown, Vikki asks where he's going to go. He wonders if it matters. Vikki gets a call from Abby asking if there's anything she can do. Vikki cuts her short as Billy heads out the door. Reed comes in and Victoria explains that Lucy won't be living with them anymore. He then asks, "Where's Billy?"

    It's Going To Get Ugly.

    Thursday, June 16 2011

    At the courthouse, Leslie warns the demurely dressed Daisy that she had better lose her attitude. Daniel comes in and warns Daisy that Phyllis won't follow through on her promises. Daisy wants what's best for their daughter. He advises her to walk out the door and leave Lucy with Billy and Victoria. Phyllis arrives and promises Daisy she'll come through. Nick comes in and Phyllis says she's sorry his sister is hurting. He says she and Billy will be devastated to lose Lucy. Nick tells Phyllis that she will be nothing to him if that happens. Billy and Victoria enter, followed by Lauren. The guards won't let her into the courtroom. The judge starts the proceedings and Leslie puts Daisy on the stand. She claims to have been a victim of her Aunt Sara. Rafe cross-examines Daisy, who puts on an act of innocence. He accuses her of making a deal with Phyllis. Leslie puts Phyllis on the stand next. She claims to have no deal with Daisy and says the baby was never unwanted. Rafe accuses Phyllis of ultimately wanting custody for herself. She says she wants justice. Daniel takes the stand and testifies about Daisy's true character, he also says anyone who would take Lucy from Victoria and Billy doesn't know what it means to be a mother. A recess is called and Phyllis warns Leslie to salvage this no matter what it takes.

    A Way To Be Happy.

    Wednesday, June 15 2011

    Rafe meets with Vikki and Billy at Crimson Lights. He says he'll do everything he can to get the State to reinstate the adoption. He warns that a biological mother fighting for her child can present a compelling case. Victoria starts to panic and leaves.

    Get Over Yourself.

    Monday, June 06 2011

    In court, Rafe tells the judge that Billy and Vikki would like to immediately adopt Lucy with the full consent of Daniel Romalotti. The judge doesn't think Daniel's had time to think it through. Billy talks to the judge about what they have to offer. He admits that he cut corners by using a baby broker, but says he wants to make it right. Daniel is forced to admit that his mother is against the adoption, but Kevin speaks up, saying he is the baby's uncle. They all try to stop him from talking, but the judge lets Kevin speak. He says the best place for Lucy is with Billy and Victoria. The judge takes a recess. Daniel thanks Kevin. Michael arrives and Jack fills him in on Kevin's testimony. Billy and Vikki thank Kevin too. Jack mentions Jabot to Victoria. She gets a call from JT about Reed's visit. Billy tells Jack that Vikki's not taking Kay's offer. The judge returns and says she'll allow the adoption to move forward. The documents are signed and Lucy is handed over. Victoria thanks everyone. Lauren arrives and Michael tells her it's over - there is now no reason for Phyllis to lure Daisy back to town.

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