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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Gina Roma - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gina Roma Played by Patty Weaver on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patty Weaver (CBS)

    Birthday: 1953-09-23
    Birthplace: Clarksburg, West Virginia
    Marital Status: Married Jerry Birn (1995 - present)
    Real Name: Patty Weaver
    Height: 5'


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    Katherine's Memorial Part 2.

    Wednesday, September 04 2013

    At Katherine's memorial service in the park, Jill composes herself after breaking down and tells those in attendance the story of how she and Katherine met and became friends. She explains about the history between her, Katherine, and Phillip. She thought that was the end of her relationship with Katherine...but it was just the beginning. Jill says she never imagined the impact Katherine would have on her life. She marvels that they made their peace with each other...but it didn't happen overnight. Jill then reflects on how the six years they believed they were mother and daughter beautifully redefined their relationship. Others think back on Katherine and Jill's love/hate relationship. Jill says they were destined to have their lives entwined - she doesn't know what kind of universal joke that was... She recalls the last night she saw her going up the stairs. Jill says Katherine will always be with her. "None of our lives will ever be the same without you." Murphy takes the podium with an urn. He says Katherine wants everyone to participate in remembering her. Paul fondles a letter from Katherine. Christine asks if he'll open it. Father Todd reads a poem and then places the urn on a table. Each person lays a rose beside the urn and says their last words to Katherine. Chloe then reads a poem that Delia wrote for Katherine about being free. Murphy tells them there is one more surprise - today is the dedication of Chancellor Park, Katherine's place for now and for always.

    As the reception begins, Paul steps away and reads his letter from Katherine. He looks up and smiles. Jack and Victor have a civil, but brief, exchange. Devon tells Neil and Lily that today has hit him harder than he expected. Nick suggests to Avery that the park would be the perfect spot for them to get married. She agrees and they kiss. Billy and Victoria appear. Avery tells Vikki they've found the location for the wedding. Paul gets two glasses of champagne and joins Christine. He says he just read Katherine's letter. Father Todd joins them. Paul asks Todd to read the letter to Christine. In it, Katherine urges Paul to marry Christine now. Paul gets down on one knee and proposes. She accepts. Everyone applauds. Danny wishes them all the happiness in the world. Jill congratulates them. "We should turn this memorial into a wedding!" Father Todd agrees with her. Everyone claps again - even Nina. Preparations begin. Christine borrows Gina's bracelet. Lily gives Chris a new pen with blue ink. Victoria supplies an antique handkerchief for the 'something old'. Michael arranges to get a marriage certificate and Paul asks him to be his best man. They embrace. Nina approaches Chris and with a nod lets her know she'll stand up for her. Everyone takes their places and the ceremony gets underway. Paul and Chris exchange personal vows in which they agree they are soul mates. Todd pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss.

    Later, Paul and Christine receive congratulations and Todd tells Paul he has to get back to Michigan. He says Katherine would have loved all of this. They embrace. Todd leaves Paul with his bible. Everyone gradually makes their way out. Jill tells Lauren she doesn't want to leave the park. Lauren goes. Jill joins Nikki, who is sitting alone on a bench. They talk about how it was exquisite. They talk about what's next. Jill says Katherine left her an epic quest - she doesn't know what she's supposed to find. Nikki says she also left her a quest; she knows exactly what she's supposed to find, but isn't sure she's ready.

    In Play!

    Wednesday, December 02 2009

    Kevin gets to the Club and sits down with Gloria and Jeff, who try to ply him with champagne to loosen his tongue. He turns it down, and they start interrogating him about the buzz surrounding Chancellor Industries. Kevin scoffs that it's only his first day, besides, he has no intention of letting Katherine down again. Gloria notices his agitation and warns him he should just spill it now - she won't stop until she knows everything!

    Let Me Out!

    Wednesday, March 11 2009

    Colleen and Gina confer over the newspaper at the Club. They look at the front page photo of Kevin and the bomb, and Gina fumes that he's on another rampage! A reporter arrives and Gina says that Kevin Fisher once burned down her restaurant!

    Jana and Daniel arrive at the Club to confront Colleen and Gina. Jana furiously yells in Colleen's face. Colleen tries to placate her - saying she knows Kevin has changed! Gina steps forward and says people like that never really change! Jana vibrates with outrage. When Gina says Kevin needs to be locked up, Jana comes close to threatening her. Daniel hustles Jana out.

    Downhill Slide.

    Wednesday, March 04 2009

    Inside Jimmy's Bar, Gina tries to extract a promise from Amber that she'll stay away from Clint Radison. Amber is non-committal. Daniel takes her aside and says he is worried that Clint is going to try and rip her off somehow. Amber says that he might have Mrs. C!

    Jill gets to the Club, and runs into Gina, who tells her that her ex-husband, Clint Radison, is back in town. She says he met Amber and told her that he saw someone who looked like Katherine. Jill rolls her eyes, saying that obviously Marge and Clint are working together again!

    It's You!

    Friday, January 16 2009

    Gina greets Nikki as she comes into the GCAC. Nikki tells her she won't be joined by Paul. Gina brings up the subject of the woman who says she is Katherine, and Nikki rants about the nerve of the woman! Gina approaches Jill and Cane's table, but Jill doesn't want to talk to her about Marge. Cane says he has to leave to go to Esther's birthday dinner. He asks Jill to go, but she says the best gift she could give Esther is to stay away! As Cane leaves, Gina stops him and apologizes for upsetting Jill by bringing up Marge. She then tells him she was a victim of Marge's scamming all those years ago as well. Cane reassures her and leaves. Gina turns back to Nikki and shows her to Jill's table - they are both dining alone.

    A Good Day For a Haunting!

    Thursday, November 20 2008

    Amber and Daniel arrive at the Chancellor home and are greeted by Esther. Danny and Gina come in and Gina begs Daniel to try and get Danny to stay for a few more days, but Danny says he can't. Billy comes through the door next and is warmly greeted by Cane. Just as Mitchell Sherman asks everyone to have a seat, Gloria and Jeffrey blow into the room. Jill looks outraged! Mitchell begins to read the will. She leaves Brock 1% of her estate in trust so that he may continue his good works, and he is also named Chairman of the Chancellor Foundation. Danny and Gina get one half of 1% of her estate in cash as her stepchildren, and she leaves Esther enough money to live the rest of her life in comfort as well as her entire 50% ownership of the Chancellor Estate! Esther nearly faints, and Nikki calls for water. Billy smirks at Jill, "Mom, you may be in the market for a new maid!" Jill takes Mitchell aside and says that Katherine must have been drunk when she made the changes, but Mitchell tells her it's ironclad and Katherine was certainly not impaired! He continues the reading of the will, telling Nikki, that as someone who Kay thought of as a daughter, she has been left Katherine's jewelry and her mother's ring - a family heirloom!

    Still in the Chancellor living room, Mitchell details how Billy and Cane will receive one-quarter each of her estate. Amber and Daniel are given enough money to fund their respective ventures, and Amber also gets sole rights to Katherine's memoirs! Jill jumps out of her seat in protest, but Mitchell cuts her off, saying that Jill has been left the remainder of the estate, and all but 5% of her Jabot shares. He then turns to Gloria and tells her she has been left a priceless vase that was a gift from John, as well as the remaining 5% of her Jabot shares - in honor of John's memory! Jill turns to Cane in panic, and Jeff and Gloria beam! As they all rise from their seats, Daniel asks Amber if she's going to publish the memoirs, but she says she wonders if she should bring more upset to the family. Danny comes over and says goodbye. Brock wanders over and says he'd like to know more about the memoirs. They all share a laugh. Across the room, Jeff purrs at Gloria that she's never looked hotter than she does right now. Jill comes over and asks what she did to make Katherine give her the shares. Gloria says that Kay genuinely liked her! Billy takes Jill away, telling her that if he had inherited what she just did, he'd be dancing on the table right now! Jill goes after Amber before she can leave - she informs her that she won't have her capitalizing on Katherine's memoirs and if she tries to print it, she'll fight her every step of the way. Amber tells Daniel she's going to make it her life's mission to print them now! Nikki is next to leave, telling Jill that she hopes she doesn't mind Katherine giving her the jewelry. Jill rudely tells her that her life's such a mess, how could she mind. Esther kindly tells Nikki she can still come to the house to visit her. Jill goes back into the living room and notes to Cane that they're very vulnerable without that stock! It then dawns on Jill that she is no longer answering to Katherine and can do whatever she wants!

    I've Been Expecting You!

    Tuesday, November 18 2008

    Jill thanks Gina for arranging the reception at the GCAC. Esther, Danny, Liz and Brock all discuss how much Katherine would have liked the service. Billy, Cane, Chloe, Amber and Daniel join in the conversation too. They joke about how wild she could be at times and share a laugh. Neil, Karen, and Lily arrive and pay their respects. Jill thanks them for coming. Billy asks Brock why he called her 'the Duchess', and Brock explains that that's the way he always saw her. Liz agrees that she had a regal bearing. Neil takes Lily aside and asks if she's okay - she's been very quiet. Lily notes that it's just a sad day. Neil is joined by Karen and they tell Lily that they're engaged. She congratulates them happily. Nearby, Brock introduces Cane to Nina. Cane tells her that he's the 'other' son - Jill will always consider Philip her son as well. He says he'd like to meet her son sometime, and she says he'd love that too. They agree to meet to chat later.

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