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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore Played by Jess Walton on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jess Walton (CBS)

    Birthday: 1949-02-18
    Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Marital Status: Married John W. James (1980 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: Jess Walton
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Y&R Recap: The Clock Is Ticking.

    Friday, April 24 2015

    At the Club, Lily and Cane kiss. They talk about dinner together later. Jill and Colin appear. Jill muses that Lauren is working Cane to the bone. They discuss the hectic retail business. Jill wonders if it's enough for Cane, who says he couldn't be happier. Lauren and Michael arrive. Lauren asks Cane about a dinner meeting. Cane has plans with Lily. Michael thinks he should be there. Lily agrees. At their table, Lauren complains that Cane wants to spend time with his wife - unlike Michael. She says being Sharon's guardian has allowed him to avoid her and his oncologist. She urges him to reschedule his appointment. "You look like hell, Michael." She's sure he's holding something back. Michael snaps, "I have a big case!" Colin and Jill look over as he yells at Lauren. Cane interrupts. Lauren tells him they should work and stalks off. Jill joins Michael to question him about his treatment of Lauren. She wants to know why he's pushing her away. He uses the case as an excuse. Jill wants to cut through the bull. "What is going through that head of yours?" He says he needs space to come to terms with what he's going through. Jill understands but questions why he can't explain that to Lauren. Michael says he owes her an apology. Colin joins Lily at the bar. He thinks she's upset about Cane canceling plans. He warns her not to let anyone interfere while they're getting back on solid ground. They discuss Lauren, who has cheated before and is out of sync with Michael. "Keep a close eye on your husband," he advises. Colin rejoins Jill and they discuss Cane and Lauren. They wonder if Michael is pushing her into Cane's arms. Jill says that would be crazy. Upstairs, Devon opens his door to Hilary who didn't like how they parted - she won't let things end like that. Devon says they can't go back. She wants to at least be friends; he's the love of her life.

    Y&R Recap: Strictly Business.

    Thursday, April 02 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Jill tells Cane she has the final decision. He wants to reassess the way things are structured at Chancellor. Jill understands why he's frustrated, but he agreed to be second in command. He argues that things have changed. Colin appears. Jill says Cane has misplaced anger - his marriage has hit a rough patch while theirs is stronger than ever. Cane says he and Lily are back on track. Jill tells him to stop worrying about Chancellor and focus on his marriage. She goes to join Lauren. Colin advises Cane to move on. Cane gets his back up. He won't let Colin become the official number two and accuses him of playing him and Jill. Colin doesn't want Cane to be stressed - he should find another company. Cane's not going anywhere. Nearby, Jill talks to Lauren about Cane's issues. Lauren says it looks like Michael's treatments will be successful. Later on the patio, Kevin reconvenes with Courtney and Noah. Courtney wants to find out why Austin was following Jack. Noah warns she could get kicked off the force. Kevin says he can help - he's got it figured out. Courtney reassures Noah, who asks her to leave it until after the wedding. She says Kevin might as well tell her what he knows now. Kevin gives her instructions. Inside, Colin tells Jill to prepare for battle with his son. Jill's not worried with Colin by her side.

    Y&R Recap: Mission Accomplished.

    Thursday, February 26 2015

    Colin, Jill, Lily, and Cane enter the Ashby house. Esther throws her arms around a grouchy Jill. Cane thanks her for babysitting. Awkwardness ensues when she asks about Devon, Hilary, and Neil. Esther shows Cane and Lily the cards the kids made for them. Esther goes for drinks. Lily says Cane explained the plane crash to the kids really well, now they need to figure out how to tell them Daddy won't be living there anymore. Jill and Colin defend Cane, who apologizes again. She wants him to leave. "You broke up this family when you broke our trust." Cane slams out. Colin follows. Jill asks if Lily learned nothing at all from last night. Jill gets rid of Esther, and then argues with Lily about turning her back on Cane. Jill feels they survived because of love, which can overcome an adversity. Lily says, "Try telling that to my father." Jill presses Lily not to give up on Cane, who wanted to shield her from pain. Jill reminds Lily that Cane is human and made a mistake. Lily tells Jill she'll go tell the children Cane will be home to tuck them in.

    Y&R Recap: Mad Passionate Love.

    Monday, February 23 2015

    Neil makes his way through the snowy forest and calls out as he goes. At the site, Lily is upset that Neil went on his own. Hilary asks Devon to find Neil, but Cane tells Devon he's not going anywhere. Cane thinks they should stick together. Lily rants about the kids possibly having to grow up without their parents or grandparents - even if they survive their lives will never be the same; their family is broken. Lily tells Cane that he's as bad as they are, but Devon says he's the one responsible for hurting Neil; no one else is to blame. Lily says that's a big consolation to Maddie and Charlie. Devon doesn't get her bringing the kids into it. He loves Hilary and should have handled things differently. Lily will never forgive him... or Cane. Jill tells Lily she needs to grow up - sometimes people do the wrong things with the best of intentions. Lily doesn't want that kind of marriage. Nearby, Colin advises Cane to fight for his marriage before it's too late. Devon pleads with Hilary, who is out again, to please wake up. In the forest, Neil sinks to his knees. He shivers and huddles in his blanket and flashes to memories of Hilary and what happened on the plane. A rescuer finds him. At the site, Cane apologizes to Lily and asks for a chance to make things right. A helicopter appears overhead. Hilary wakes up. She and Devon think Neil saved their lives.

    Y&R Recap: Doing Penance.

    Friday, February 20 2015

    At the plane crash site, everyone is asleep and snow-covered. Gradually they all awaken, except Hilary. Devon calls her name urgently. He realizes she's not dead and enlists Lily's help. "I can't lose her." Lily knows. Cane apologizes to Neil for not telling him sooner. Neil suggests he tell it to a priest. Cane tries to explain Devon and Hilary's position. "They love each other and they love you." Devon wants to go for help on his own. "We can't wait it out." Jill is vehemently against it - she thinks he's doing penance; it would be suicide. Colin has a map. They study it. Devon asks Lily to care for Hilary, tells Neil he'll make this up to him, and promises Hilary, who has come around, he'll come back. Suddenly they realize Neil is gone with the map.

    Y&R Recap: A Cover-Up.

    Wednesday, February 18 2015

    At the site of the plane wreck, Hilary wants to tell Neil something but she goes unconscious. Devon pleads for Hilary to stay with him and goes for a defibrillator. Jill rants about them freezing and Lily being missing. Neil tells her to pray. They get a pulse from Hilary - Neil saved her. Cane appears carrying an unconscious Lily. She comes around and stammers that Cane lied. He'll make it up to her. Devon holds Hilary and Neil urges them to stay positive to stay alive.

    Y&R Recap: A Weird Feeling.

    Tuesday, February 17 2015

    The private jet carrying the Winters family has crashed in a snowy forest. Cane is disoriented and bellows for Lily. He helps Jill up. Nearby, Neil and Devon stand slowly and Colin sits up. Hilary is pinned under the fuselage. Cane panics - he can't find Lily. He spots a foot, but it's the dead pilot. Neil urges Devon to help find Lily - he'll stay with Hilary. Colin spots Neil's briefcase. Devon returns - there's still no sign of Lily. He warms Jill and then reassures Hilary with a kiss. Neil watches. By the fire, Colin and Jill open the briefcase - it's full of keepsakes. Neil says they can burn it - except for the pictures of him and Lily. Colin and Jill give a freezing Cane a jacket. Devon tries to reassure Neil, who shivers and stares. Soon they move the fuselage off Hilary and work together to stabilize her. Hilary thinks she's going to die. There's something she needs Neil to know...

    Y&R Recap: Bang The Billionaire.

    Monday, February 16 2015

    On the private jet, Lily is thrilled Neil's vision has returned. Jill thought it was impossible. Neil would have thought a lot of things were impossible. He talks about his sight returning. "And what a sight it was - my lying son in bed with my cheating wife." Hilary says she tried to tell Neil so many times. Devon admits it's true. Lily slaps Devon and calls him disgusting. Jill lashes out at Hilary for playing Bang the Billionaire. Devon says they're in love and want to be together. Neil declares that's not happening. Neil isn't accepting apologies and works out how long it's gone on. Lily has a go at Hilary but Cane pulls her off. Neil says none of this is news to Cane. Cane admits he knew. Lily is stunned. Cane tries to explain himself. Jill lashes out again. Neil reveals that Colin knew too and was blackmailing Devon. Arguing escalates. Neil tells Hilary the good man he was to her and Devon is dead and gone. "You and Devon killed him." Lily tries to stop Neil from drinking. He says it's way too late. He says Hilary and Devon are going to pay. Colin wonders why Neil wanted them all in this confined space. "What's in the briefcase, Neil?" Colin and Cane implore him to open it. Lily says Neil would never hurt them. Neil apologizes to Lily. He says their lives are in that case. The plane hits turbulence and they are thrown around the cabin. "Buckle up!"

    Y&R Recap: Silk Panties.

    Friday, February 13 2015

    At the Club, Cane tells Lily the private plane is ready to go. Nearby, Jill assures Devon that Colin is only going as her husband. Hilary arrives and whispers with Devon about telling Neil the truth once he gets used to the idea of not getting his eyesight back. Neil arrives and sees them all chatting. He is spotted and they all talk about the trip. They head out.

    On the private jet, champagne is poured. Neil chats with Colin while watching Hilary and Devon. Hilary rejoins Neil, who reminds her she once told him she always puts her affairs in order before boarding a plane. Colin hisses to Devon that he's playing a dangerous game. Devon isn't moved by his threats. Hilary and Devon meet by the bar again. Neil watches them and thinks about them being cowards. He's disappointed in all of them and worries Lily will be hurt by this, but he's been left no choice - it all ends today. Neil goes to the bar and pours a whiskey. Lily hollers, "That's alcohol!" Neil reads the label and announces he can see. "I can see everything."

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