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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Eden Baldwin (PAST)

    Full detailed profile on Eden Baldwin (PAST) Played by Vanessa Marano on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Vanessa Marano (CBS)
    Eden Baldwin (PAST)

    Actor: Vanessa Marano

    Who played Eden Baldwin (PAST) over the years

    Vanessa Marano (December 3 2008 - January 26 2010)
    Erin Sanders (September 17 2008 - November 19 2008)

    Useful information on Eden Baldwin (PAST)

    * Was raised in an Ashram by her father.
    * Lives with Michael and Lauren.
    * Has never attended a real school.
    * Got into trouble with Noah Newman in Paris on a field trip.
    * Was seeing Noah on the sly.
    * Was accused of shoplifting some books, but is innocent.
    * Lost her virginity to Noah Newman.
    * Distrusts Daisy


    Current: student at Genoa City High School


    Eden turned up in Genoa City with Michael Baldwin's estranged father, Lowell (River) Baldwin. She had been raised by her dad in an Ashram in southern California.

    When River was arrested on an outstanding murder warrant, Michael and Lauren agreed to take her in and enroll her in school.

    Eden waited to see if her father would be convicted of the charges against him, and rebelled against her new lifestyle and school!

    She found a teen love in Noah Newman, and after getting into trouble in Paris, they were banned from spending time together. But that didn't stop the pair, who dated on the sly and lost their virginity to one another!

    Eden got into trouble when Sharon shoplifted books and blacked it out, causing Eden to take the rap. Eventually Sharon realized what she had done, and Eden's name was cleared. Since then, Eden and Noah have dated openly with the acceptance of their families.

    Eden recently became suspicious of Daisy, who is new in town.




    Noah Newman


    Lowell/River Baldwin (father)
    Michael Baldwin (half-brother)
    Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (half sister-in-law)
    Fenmore Baldwin (half-nephew)
    Kevin Fisher (half brother-in-law)
    Jana Hawkes Fisher (half sister-in-law)




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    Tuesday, January 26 2010: Chip Off the Old Block?

    Noah is on the phone with Eden at Crimson Lights. He tells her he's stoked about maybe coming to Paris - depending on what his father says. Noah tells her he's going to do some detective work on who sent her to Paris. Daisy comes in and tells Noah she's taking Eden's room while she's away. Noah looks very interested.

    Friday, January 22 2010: Classic Mustache!

    At the Baldwin household, Eden is preparing to leave. She tells Lauren that Noah finally gave up texting her. Lauren thinks it's a misunderstanding and she should just call him. Michael comes in and says Eden's car is there. They exchange tearful goodbyes. Eden tells Michael that he's been more like a real father to her than River ever was. Lauren warns Eden to keep her email box full - or she might fly over there! They embrace. The doorbell rings - it's Daisy with something from the office. She is stunned that Eden is actually going to Paris - she offers to take a picture of them with Daniel's camera. The doorbell rings again - it's Noah. The others leave the room. Noah says he blew it - he wishes she wasn't going - he doesn't know how he's going to get through it! Eden gives him the necklace her mom gave her to keep until she returns - it's the one he saved in Paris. Noah promises to care for it. Eden has to go - she tells Noah she loves him. Noah tells her he loves her more. After Eden has gone, Daisy offers to help Noah take his mind off things, but he leaves in a dismal mood. As Lauren and Michael recall when Eden first showed up on their doorstep, Daisy offers to be a substitute!

    Eden arrives in Paris and greets her aunt. The woman tells Eden she is glad she found her and asked to come for a visit. Eden is stunned, and says she contacted her, not the other way around. Eden wonders if it wasn't her aunt who wrote to her - who was it?

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