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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Phyllis Summers Abbott Newman (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Phyllis Summers Abbott Newman (Past) Played by Michelle Stafford on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michelle Stafford (CBS)

    Birthday: September 14, 1968
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois USA
    Real Name: Michelle Stafford
    Height: 5' 8"
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: Extreme Emotional Distress.

    Thursday, July 24 2014

    Austin calls Summer and they yap about his job interview. She gets off the phone and heads to her mother's hospital room. She holds her hand and tells her all about how much her life has changed since she met Austin. This is the first time she's ever been in love. She got married and now feels like Jack's her dad. After she lets go of Phyllis' hand, the redhead's fingers move. Summer goes on and on about how perfect her husband is. Dr. Burnett watches through the door. He gets Victor on the phone and is ordered not to say anything about the reversible coma.

    He Wouldn't Stop.

    Friday, August 02 2013

    Daniel and Jack talk about Lucy in Phyllis' room. Jack mentions missing Summer's childhood. He talks about 'his girls' and says it's killing him that his love may not wake up.

    On the coffee house patio, Summer asks Kyle to help her convince Jack that Phyllis going to the facility in Georgia is the best thing. Kyle thinks Jack needs to hear it from her.

    At the tackhouse, Nick and Avery bicker about what should happen with Phyllis. Avery lashes out at Nick, who says he's not the enemy. Avery insists she needs to be with family. Nick says Daniel is doing what Phyllis would do.

    Noah stops by Sharon's place with Faith's toy. Sharon asks about Phyllis. Noah says she may not wake up. Sharon gasps. She flashes to Phyllis' fall. "I feel so guilty." Noah is puzzled. He talks about Summer only being able to take so much.

    Summer joins Jack in Phyllis' hospital room and they argue about moving her. Jack says she needs them. Summer says they need her more. Jack concedes she might be right about that. Summer assures him he won't be alone. They hug.

    In the hospital waiting room, Kyle and Daniel discuss being there for Summer and what a mess Nick made of things. Avery appears with Nick. She tells Daniel she thinks Phyllis should to to the facility; she thinks it's what she would want. Daniel hugs her. She says Nick convinced her. Daniel still won't forgive him. Summer appears and says Nick doesn't need to prove anything to her; he loves her. Summer shares that Jack changed his mind about Georgia. They all go to see about paperwork. Sharon slips by and enters Phyllis' room. She tells her she never meant for her to get hurt. She wants her to wake up, but then says Nick can't be told she switched the paternity results. She goes on about having to make him understand herself. She complains that Phyllis should have been patient. Sharon exits and runs into Noah. He asks if she's off her meds. Summer has joined Phyllis and tells her she gets one day to worry; she gets one day to cry, and then they put it all in a box. She needs that. "I love you more than infinity, Mom." Nick goes in next. "No one could ever say we were boring." He won't say goodbye. He joins everyone else. It's time for Phyllis to go. Jack goes in and puts Phyllis' engagement ring on her finger. "I'll wait for you."

    Science Experiment.

    Wednesday, July 31 2013

    At the hospital, Avery and Jack argue with Daniel about Phyllis' care. Avery says she's Phyllis' sister. Daniel asks if she's serious right now. Nick interjects that Avery and Phyllis were getting closer. Daniel tells Nick he should hit the door. Nick wants to explain himself. A livid Daniel would love to hear it. They step away. Jack soothes Summer and Avery that Daniel will calm down. Avery says Phyllis needs to be with her loved ones. If Daniel won't back down, she'll take legal action. Nearby, Nick tells Daniel what he did with Summer's paternity was about Cassie. Daniel doesn't get him using Cassie as an excuse for what he did to Summer - he knew he it was wrong. Daniel reminds Nick that he came forward to exonerate him after Cassie's death because it was right - yet he took another man's child from him.

    Kevin arrives at the hospital to find Daniel shouting about trying to do the right thing. Avery tells Daniel they all love her. Kevin and Daniel go into Phyllis' room. Kevin asks if Daniel's pushing to take her away because he feels guilty about leaving. Daniel says partly, but he also thinks the facility is her best shot. Outside, Jack tells Summer he's not convinced that Daniel's facility is so great. Fen arrives and hugs Summer. They discuss his OD mistake. Summer tells him she's confused. He advises her to look in her own heart. Fen gets a mean text that everyone's seen his mother naked. He eyes up the drug cart. Later, Jack talks to Daniel about how much he loves Phyllis. He understands his need to control the situation, but wants Daniel to trust him to do everything possible to bring her back. They bicker. Jack will not let Phyllis become a science experiment.

    No More Waiting.

    Tuesday, July 30 2013

    Adam arrives at the Abbott house to find Jack has had Phyllis' prognosis confirmed by several neurological specialists - she may never wake up again. Jack tells Adam he proposed when Phyllis woke up and she squeezed his hand. Adam asks if she spoke. Jack admits she said 'Nick'. Adam offers to fly in specialists. Jack doesn't think it will do any good, but he'll figure out a way to pull her out of this. He promises Adam he won't turn to pills. Adam says he's there for him as Billy arrives. Jack goes up to get things for the hospital. Billy tells Adam that Jack will get support from his family - they'll be there when he's no longer around. Adam asks why he wouldn't be around. They are sniping when Jack reappears. He finds the book he wants to read to Phyllis. Her to-do list is the bookmark.

    At the hospital, Avery tells Phyllis she's a survivor. In the waiting area, Daniel arrives and hugs Summer. Daniel lets her know he's up to speed on everything. She's glad he's there. Avery joins them. Daniel goes in to see Phyllis and recalls memories of them together. He says he knows she doesn't have an advanced directive, and promises to do what he knows she'd want him to do. Summer and Avery join him. Avery says they're a family. Daniel excuses himself. He makes a call to someone, saying they spoke earlier about his mother and he'd like to move forward. Jack arrives. They discuss Nick and Summer. Daniel wants to talk about what happens next. Jack just wants to see Phyllis. Adam arrives and chats with Avery. He cares about her and Jack. In the room, Jack reads to Phyllis but gets no reaction. Daniel slips in as Jack vows to stay by her side until she opens her eyes. Daniel says after today, she won't be there. He's having her moved to a cutting edge program in a facility off the coast of Georgia. Jack is stunned. Avery appears and says he's not taking Phyllis anywhere. Daniel says it's not up to her.


    Monday, July 29 2013

    In the hospital, Jack asks Phyllis to repeat herself. She says Nick again. Jack says Nick and Avery have been there and will be back. She says no. In her head, Phyllis tells Jack she loves him and will marry him but first she has to tell him the truth. She tries to say Summer. He says Summer was there and goes on about being a father to her. Phyllis protests in her mind. Jack says she needs water. Phyllis sees Sharon looking in and thinks about ripping Sharon's face off. She becomes increasingly agitated and appears to have seizures. The doctor appears.

    Cut Me Loose.

    Friday, July 26 2013

    Phyllis' eyes are open in the hospital. Jack asks if she remembers what happened. She flashes to arguing with Sharon. Her pulse speeds up, but she can't speak. Jack hollers for a doctor as Nick, Avery, and Summer appear. Phyllis recalls what happened in the stairwell and becomes increasingly agitated. As the doctor takes over and everyone steps out, Phyllis says, "Sh, sh, shhh." The doctor joins the others and urges them to keep Phyllis calm. He warns there can be lasting effects from brain surgery. He'll run more tests when the sedative wears off. Avery goes in and says she can't handle her disappearing from her life again. She talks about their childhood. In the hall, Summer says she's calling Daniel. Nick and Jack bicker about Summer. She tells them to stop and Avery intervenes too. Nick and Avery leave. Jack apologizes to Summer. She watches him rejoin Phyllis. Kyle appears behind Summer. He's checking on his dad. Detective Gordon arrives and gives Summer the items from the stairwell. Kyle joins Jack and says he and Summer don't want him to overdo it - neither would Phyllis. Jack doesn't want her to wake up alone. Later, Jack opens up to Phyllis, who opens her eyes again. He asks her to marry him. Phyllis says, "Nick."

    A Lover Not A Fighter.

    Tuesday, July 23 2013

    In the stairwell at the gala, Phyllis struggles with Sharon over the cellphone and falls. Jack can be heard saying, "Hello? Phyllis?" Sharon gapes at Phyllis laying unconscious. She hangs up on Jack.

    Victoria and Noah congratulate Nikki and Victor at the fundraiser. Nikki walks over to thank Nicholas for coming. He says goodnight. Nearby, Jack leaves Phyllis a message. Avery tells Nick she's realized his only motivation in what he did was love. She has no more doubts. They decide to take the stairs and emerge onto the landing above where Sharon is about to call for help and loses a lipstick while pulling her phone out. Sharon looks up at them kissing and makes a quick exit. Avery and Nick spot Phyllis and call 911.

    Still in the gala, Jack tells Noah he supports him and Summer staying close. Dr. Costner is chatting with Nikki when Avery rushes up saying that it's Phyllis. Jack follows them to the stairwell. The doctor kneels by Nick and says they don't have a moment to lose.

    Bring Out The Carnivore.

    Monday, July 22 2013

    At the cemetery, Phyllis hears Sharon say that she made Nick believe that Jack was Summer's father. She talks about how she put things right. Phyllis' phone rings and Sharon looks at her. Phyllis tells her she heard what she said. Sharon claims it was nonsense. Phyllis asks how she tricked everyone and realizes she broke into the lab and changed the results. Sharon protests. Phyllis says she's going to tell everyone she hurt by doing this and then call the authorities. Sharon pleads as Phyllis takes off.

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