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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lowell/River Baldwin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lowell/River Baldwin Played by Michael Gross on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Gross (CBS)

    Birthday: June 21 1947
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
    Marital Status: Married to Elza Bergeron since 1984, 2 children
    Real Name: Michael Gross


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    Hola, Amigo! Remember Me?!

    Friday, December 19 2008

    Noah is at Lauren and Michael's house visiting Eden. They are looking at her teddy bear when they discover the ripped seam and spot the cash hidden inside. Eden panics, realizing that it's her dad's. She asks Noah to take the money with him and hide it. Soon, Lowell sneaks into the house and Eden catches him looking for the bear! She tells her father that she's ready to go with him - back to the Ashram. He says she can't go with him this time. She wonders why he wants her bear. He merely tells her to 'be at peace' and runs out. Eden is terribly upset.

    In an alleyway, Lowell rips open Eden's teddy bear to find that the money has been replaced with paper! He has a tantrum!

    You Don't Want to Beat Me, Or Spank Me?

    Wednesday, December 17 2008

    Katherine is at work in the diner, flanked by Pearl and Murphy. A customer comes in and orders herbal tea - it's Lowell! After Lowell leaves, Pearl asks Murphy if that was another one of his strays. Murphy says he was outside hitch-hiking with nothing but the clothes on his back - and said he was heading west. Katherine asks Murphy what is going on and he says Pearl is just worrying for nothing. Katherine then goes over to Pearl, who says Murphy spends money that he doesn't have helping strangers! Katherine thinks about her ring being worth $5000 at the pawnshop. Murphy sits down and Katherine asks him if he needs financial help - is his business going to stay afloat? Murphy says her company makes him feel rich. He then starts discussing a toy drive.

    Are You On Crack?!

    Tuesday, December 16 2008

    Michael is still in the warehouse with Lowell. He explains that they all believed in him - and he turned out to be guilty after all! Lowell pleads with him to listen to his excuses, but Michael cuts him off, saying he should come with him and turn himself in. Lowell refuses - telling Michael that he'll have to knock him out to take him there! Michael says he can't do it that way. They compare notes on being judged on your past crimes. Michael says he paid for his wrongs, and Lowell says he realizes that what he did was a crime - he doesn't need to go to prison! Michael tells his father that he has an obligation to the people who look up to him to do the right thing - as well, he has to protect Eden!

    Back in the warehouse, Lowell protests that he is no danger to Eden! "The girl worships me!" he says. Michael says that's because she doesn't know the truth about him - he let a man die! Lowell again says that he loves Michael, Gloria and Eden and has devoted his life to peace - why turn him in? Michael says he has developed a conscience. Lowell says Michael won't hurt Eden that way, and informs him that he's walking out the door right now! Michael says if he does, he'll never see Eden again. Lowell feels that Michael has given him no choice, and says that Eden will survive - she's found a home here. Lowell kisses Michael's forehead and leaves. Michael breaks down in tears.

    Just Walk Away!

    Monday, December 15 2008

    Lowell waits at the warehouse for Eden, flashing back to putting the money from Jana inside her teddy bear. He muses, "Don't let me down!" Suddenly, Michael appears. A visibly nervous Lowell asks if he gave Eden a ride. Michael explains that she is at home with Lauren, and that he found a letter. He goes on to explain that he made some calls of inquiry about the letter, which was a tax bill in Eden's name, and what he found out. Lowell begins to try and placate him, but Michael tells him to stop. He details how Lowell robbed the money from the bank, and ends by stating grimly, "You're a thief." Michael then laments that he helped set Lowell free! He calls his father every name in the book - assuring him that he is most definitively not on his side!

    Still at the warehouse, Michael rages at his father. He asks him when he decided to take advantage of him - at the wedding? Michael notes that he must have had so many laughs at his expense! Lowell continues to plead that he has genuine feelings for Michael and Gloria, but Michael hollers at him to just 'shut up'! Michael is so angry he blurts that he should turn him in. Lowell protests that it's all water under the bridge now - no need to open it all up again. Michael urges Lowell to be a man, and own it! Lowell says Michael might turn on him, but how could he do that to Eden. Michael grimly says he'll have to decide now whether to pull poor deluded Eden out of Lowell's life. Lowell says if he cares about Eden, he'll let them go. "Turn your back, Michael. Just walk away!"

    Gloria Bardwell, You're Under Arrest!

    Friday, December 12 2008

    At home, Michael gets a call telling him that the judge has thrown out Lowell's case for good! Lowell and Michael embrace, and Michael thanks his mother by hugging her! Suddenly, Gloria gets a call from Jeffrey. He tells her that he's in the hospital with an allergic reaction! She says she's on her way. A choked up Lowell says he's going out to find Eden. Michael ecstatically thanks his wife for her support. Glo leaves and Michael and Lauren discuss her situation and how he has a complete family now. Lauren remarks, "We've got the whole Christmas card!" They wonder if Eden will want to stay or go back to the Ashram, when Lauren remembers the mail. They look at the tax assessment for $23,000 that's in Eden's name!

    Lowell is at Crimson Lights when he gets a call from Michael about the bill in Eden's name. Lowell puts him off about helping with it. After they hang up, Eden appears, and Lowell shares his good news about being off the hook! He tells her he can't wait to get back to the Ashram, but Eden looks unhappy about that! She says Michael and Lauren want them to stay, but Lowell says that they're just being polite.

    Lowell puts his jacket on at the coffee house and tells Eden to go get her things and meet him at the warehouse like before - they leave tonight. She says she can't just disappear overnight! She asks questions, but Lowell says it's not open for debate!

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