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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Lowell/River Baldwin

    Full detailed profile on Lowell/River Baldwin Played by Michael Gross on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Gross (CBS)
    Lowell/River Baldwin

    Actor: Michael Gross

    Who played Lowell/River Baldwin over the years

    Michael Gross (August 14 2008 - present)

    Useful information on Lowell/River Baldwin

    * Gloria's ex.
    * Michael Baldwin's father.
    * Was a substance-abusing hippie who moved to Canada to avoid the draft.
    * Wanted on an old murder warrant.
    * Switched identities with a petty criminal named Richard.
    * Married Kevin and Jana at the Ashram in California, where his true identity was revealed by Gloria.
    * Followed Michael and family to Genoa City.
    * Was arrested on the outstanding warrant and put in jail.
    * His daughter from a university student, Eden, showed up at Michael's door after the arrest.
    * Allowed Michael to represent him, but pulled an escape from jail with Eden's help.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Activist, Guru


    Lowell Baldwin is Gloria's old flame, and the father of Michael Baldwin. He took off when he got drafted and moved to Canada, leaving Gloria to raise Michael without him.

    Recently, the discovery of his grandmother's diary, enabled Michael to find out more about his father, mostly that he was a no-good, substance-abusing hippie! With help from P.I. Paul Williams, Michael also found out that Lowell was still alive and had a warrant out on him for a murder that occurred during a robbery. Thinking he had found Lowell in the Ashland County lock-up, Michael was discouraged to find out that Lowell had switched identities with another petty criminal. The impostor did, however, tell Michael that his father spoke of him often, and is a genius!

    Unexpectedly, Lowell/River Baldwin was revealed to his son at Kevin and Jana's wedding, where he was the Guru who performed the ceremony! He followed a bitter Michael back to Genoa City to try and make amends. Unfortunately, a jealous Jeffrey Bardwell turned him in on the old warrant and he was thrown in jail. It was then revealed that River had another child, Eden, who turned up on Michael's doorstep distraught! River allowed Michael to help defend him from the charges against him, but panicked and pulled an escape from prison with Eden's help.




    Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell (mother of his son, Michael)
    University Student (Eden's mother)


    Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (daughter-in-law)
    Fenmore Baldwin (grandson)


    Michael Baldwin (son)
    Eden_Baldwin (daughter)


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    Friday, December 19 2008: Hola, Amigo! Remember Me?!

    Noah is at Lauren and Michael's house visiting Eden. They are looking at her teddy bear when they discover the ripped seam and spot the cash hidden inside. Eden panics, realizing that it's her dad's. She asks Noah to take the money with him and hide it. Soon, Lowell sneaks into the house and Eden catches him looking for the bear! She tells her father that she's ready to go with him - back to the Ashram. He says she can't go with him this time. She wonders why he wants her bear. He merely tells her to 'be at peace' and runs out. Eden is terribly upset.

    In an alleyway, Lowell rips open Eden's teddy bear to find that the money has been replaced with paper! He has a tantrum!

    Wednesday, December 17 2008: You Don't Want to Beat Me, Or Spank Me?

    Katherine is at work in the diner, flanked by Pearl and Murphy. A customer comes in and orders herbal tea - it's Lowell! After Lowell leaves, Pearl asks Murphy if that was another one of his strays. Murphy says he was outside hitch-hiking with nothing but the clothes on his back - and said he was heading west. Katherine asks Murphy what is going on and he says Pearl is just worrying for nothing. Katherine then goes over to Pearl, who says Murphy spends money that he doesn't have helping strangers! Katherine thinks about her ring being worth $5000 at the pawnshop. Murphy sits down and Katherine asks him if he needs financial help - is his business going to stay afloat? Murphy says her company makes him feel rich. He then starts discussing a toy drive.

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