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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Noah Newman (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Newman (Past) Played by Kevin Schmidt on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kevin Schmidt (CBS)

    Birthday: August 16 1988
    Birthplace: Butler County, Kansas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kevin Schmidt


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    Ashley's Farewell.

    Friday, August 03 2012

    Outside at the Abbott house, Summer and Noah arrive and sit behind Phyllis and Nick outside. Katherine and Murphy follow. Kay wonders what's keeping Nikki. Vikki whispers to Billy that her dad marrying Sharon is another of his stupid games to ruin things for Nikki. Inside, Nikki tells Victor to go so she can marry the man she loves. He tells her to stop the nonsense talk. Sharon enters. Victor tells Nikki he and Sharon got married. Nikki says they deserve each other and stalks away. Sharon tells Victor she knew he'd be there. He reassures her and they go. Outside, everyone hushes as Nikki appears. Jack beams from his wheelchair. When she reaches Jack he slowly stands up. Jack makes a heartfelt speech to Nikki, who says she's so proud of him...and proud to be his wife. She says vows of her own and they're pronounced husband and wife. Everyone applauds as they kiss. Jack sits back down in the wheelchair. After, Phyllis sees the Victor/Sharon nuptial news online and tells Nick. Victoria joins them for a vent session and learns Restless Style had the exclusive video. Abby, Summer, and Noah watch it nearby. Kay and Murphy sit with Traci and Ashley talking about New York. Abby joins them, and asks who's ready to be appalled. Inside, Nikki tells Jack that Victor came to tell her about marrying Sharon. He realizes that's why she was late coming outside. Nikki says she almost wishes she'd asked Victor to stay and see how happy they are. Jack gives her a peculiar look. They follow Summer outside to cut the cake. Billy toasts them with some questionable marriage advice, and Jack and Nikki thank everyone. Abby catches Nikki's bouquet. Sarge gives Jack kudos for pulling it off. Ashley then asks to speak to Jack in the house. Inside, Vikki is arguing with Billy about posting the video. Ashley needs to talk to Billy, so Vikki goes. Ashley tells Jack and Billy she's going to New York with Traci. Jack says he didn't intend to run her off. Billy says he'll miss her. Outside, Nikki tells Vikki and Kay that Victor could have married Segundo for all she cares.

    Where He Belongs.

    Friday, July 20 2012

    Noah arrives at the penthouse and Summer lets him in. They decide to go to meet Nick.

    At Crimson Lights, Daniel asks Nick exactly how pissed off he is with Phyllis. Nick says it was a big secret to keep all these years. Daniel says Phyllis apologized for disappointing him, but he's concerned she's just going to play the guilt card. Nick assures him she's not playing head games - she needs him and has been there for him many times. Daniel decides to go see Phyllis. Summer and Noah arrive for an update. Nick explains that Phyllis is out on bail. Summer wonders why he's not with her - does he think she did it? She freaks out. Nick tells Summer she can go to New York with Noah, but Phyllis is still her mom and she would always be there for them - they shouldn't bail on her now.

    As Nick, Noah, and Summer are leaving the coffee house to go see Phyllis, Summer spots Christine and lays into her about having her mother arrested in public. Nick tells Christine to stay away from his children. Christine mocks that he never really knew Phyllis. He says he knows exactly who Phyllis is, and is starting to see who Christine is too.

    Phyllis calls out for Summer and Nick at the penthouse. Avery arrives with Daniel, who says Lucy needs hugs. Daniel says he's there for her. Noah and Summer arrive. Phyllis is glad to hear Nick talked Summer into staying. Nick enters. "Did I miss all the hugs and kisses?" They step aside. Phyllis tells Nick he had every right to leave, but she's not that person anymore. Nick says he knows, and this is where he belongs. "I love you."


    Tuesday, June 12 2012

    At Gloworm, Noah and Summer speculate with Avery about what might have happened with Phyllis. Ricky appears and flirts with Avery. He pretends to be sorry to hear the wedding was postponed. Avery tells him to shut up. Ricky sits and starts writing about Phyllis. Noah phones Nick and he says Phyllis was sick. Summer takes the phone and Phyllis gets on to reassure her. Ricky tries to talk to Noah, who tells him they're leaving.

    Still at the penthouse, Phyllis wonders to Nick if the miscarriage was karma. She says Daisy is just like her - it's her past sins coming back to haunt her. Nick says nothing she ever did would make her deserve this. Phyllis says he doesn't know that. Daniel arrives and speaks to Nick about Daisy while Phyllis is upstairs. Daniel says he's furious. Phyllis appears and Daniel embraces her. He goes to get frozen yogurt and books. Nick asks Phyllis if she would still marry him today. Phyllis agrees, if it's just the kids. Nick calls Katherine. When Noah, Summer, Daniel, and Faith are all there, Katherine arrives. Phyllis and Nick exchange vows, and Katherine has Nick kiss the bride before announcing them husband and wife.

    Epic Fail.

    Monday, June 11 2012

    At Gloworm, Nick tells Sharon she's not welcome there - he's serious. Victor ambles over to tell her she looks stunning. He takes her aside to remind her they agreed she wouldn't come. She says her place is by his side. He chuckles about her entrance and says from now on, she'll never go anywhere without him. Nearby, Summer and Noah complain to Nick, who is puzzled the penthouse phone is going straight to voicemail. He decides to go find out what's happening. Nikki approaches Sharon and orders her out. Sharon asks if she's the bouncer and taunts her about her drinking. Nikki hisses that nobody wants her there. Sharon says Victor does. Jack watches, and muses to Abby that Phyllis likes to make a big entrance. Abby says it will be tough to top Sharon's. As she starts talking about investing in Beauty of Nature, Jack tries to quiet her. Nearby, Victor smirks. Victoria joins Nikki, and tells Sharon she's embarrassing herself and her children. Sharon continues with the pole-dancing theme with Nikki, and says she'll stay as long as Victor wants her there. Across the room, Daniel tells Eden how they thought it best Daisy didn't come. Summer muses that Sharon came to ruin things instead.

    At Gloworm, everyone gets texts saying that the wedding has been postponed. Victor tells Abby he had his driver take Katherine home. Daniel decides to go check on his mom. Sharon approaches Victoria and Avery to ask if they know what's going on. Victoria says it's none of her business. Jack talks Nikki down, and then notices Victor and Abby are missing. Summer complains that it's another epic fail for her mom and dad. Victoria notices Sharon searching for Victor and tells her she's way down his priority list. Sharon says she's very important to him and she'll have to learn to deal with that. Noah deals with the staff, Summer, and then reminisces with Eden. She says even though they can't be together, they're still friends. Avery offers to feed Noah and Summer, and then whispers with Victoria about being worried.

    Tick Tock.

    Friday, June 08 2012

    On the Crimson Lights patio, Daniel tells Daisy about the wedding. Daisy says if she's staying home, Lucy will stay with her. Daniel tells Daisy not to stress his mother out - she's pregnant. Inside, Heather and Paul arrive, and Eden tells Paul that Noah is staying with her. Heather notices Paul's relief. He admits he's scared of what Ricky might do to anyone, and fills her in on the late ex-girlfriend and Craig Hunt. Paul asks her to keep it to herself.

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