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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ana Hamilton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ana Hamilton Played by Jamia Simone Nash on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jamia Simone Nash (CBS)

    Birthday: August 21 1996
    Birthplace: Virginia Beach, VA
    Real Name: Jamia Simone Nash


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    You Still Have To Face Me.

    Thursday, July 12 2012

    Ana is recording a track for Devon at his studio when Lily wanders in and wants to hear it. Ana phones Harmony to invite her then Harmony invites Neil to come. Later they all groove to Ana’s song. She hugs Harmony. While alone Lily tells Neil he can’t keep following around Harmony with puppy dog eyes and Harmony tells Devon she and Neil aren’t acting on their feelings. Later, Harmony gives Neil kudos for helping her kids. She wants him in her life and if it's a mistake… it'll be her favorite one. She asks him for dinner. He exuberantly accepts.


    Wednesday, July 04 2012

    At Katherine's barbecue, Neil and Moses greet Ana and Harmony. Harmony and Neil exchange looks. Devon is teased by Murphy and Kay about his grilling. Devon tells Kay he's glad to have reconciled with Harmony. They talk about forgiveness and starting over. She offers to help him in business. He's thrilled. Tucker and Ashley arrive and talk to Kay and Devon about Abby's stunt. Neil chats with Sofia. Harmony sits alone. Devon approaches Tucker and thanks him for keeping him informed about Abby and helping Ashley. Devon wants to get back to where they were before. Tucker would really like that. Harmony tries to talk to Ashley, but is told, "You slept with my husband. There's no coming back from that." Neil watches. Later, Devon tells Sofia he's happy - it feels good to let things go. Sofia says things feel right for her now. Murphy hugs Kay as she says it's the best Fourth of July ever. Tucker and Ash leave. Neil tells Harmony she can only do so much where Ashley's concerned. Devon asks and excited Ana to record a song with him. Kay and Harmony watch them. Harmony tells Kay she's not getting romantically entangled again. Meanwhile, Sofia gives Neil the go-ahead to pursue Harmony.


    Wednesday, December 21 2011

    The children's choir practices in the church. Devon opens the doors to see Harmony directing them and hugging Summer. Devon tells her she is great with the kids. She wishes she could have been this person when he and his sister were young. He's glad she's healthy now. Neil and Sofia arrive with Moses. Harmony congratulates them on their marriage. Lily, Cane, Tucker, and Ashley arrive. Neil introduces Harmony to Ashley. Katherine enters and says she has a surprise. Ana appears. Devon rushes to embrace his sister. Sharon arrives and holds Faith, who's with her nanny. Harmony and Ana reconnect. Kay says Ana promised to sing. Phyllis enters and asks Sharon if Nick is there yet. He appears. She questions him about Newman. He says his main concern is keeping Adam out of Faith's life. Phyllis snarks that she knows exactly what he's going through - she's being undermined by her sister. The performance starts. Nick and Phyllis are proud of Summer's opening speech. The choir sings, and then Ana sings. Harmony watches with tears in her eyes. Vikki enters, sees Lucy, and leaves. Ana says her goodbyes. Katherine follows an emotional Harmony. Everyone leaves. Nick tells Faith to say goodnight to mommy, and leaves with Faith calling for Sharon. Adam arrives, sees Sharon crying, and turns.

    Devon and Ana discuss Harmony at the coffee house. He tells her Katherine is helping Harmony, but she has an agenda. Ana reminds him she paid for her tuition - she's not a bad person. Nearby, Lauren and Michael joke with Fen. Lauren wants more family time. They kiss.

    Such a Hater!

    Monday, May 18 2009

    Tyra is surprised to see Aunt Virginia come into the reception. Devon beams and introduces his great aunt to Roxanne, and to Neil. Virginia thanks Neil for what he's done for the family. Tyra tells Virginia they should talk, but Devon takes her to get a drink first. Neil tells Tyra this is exciting - she seems less than thrilled. Cane and Lily meet Aunt Virginia next - she says she'll be in town for a while. Across the room, Nick and Phyllis chat with Daniel and Amber, then recall their own reception. Phyllis brings up the incident at the Club with Sharon. Nick suggests they have some fun, and they drink a toast.

    It's time for Cane and Lily's first dance. They share a passionate kiss. Neil and Jill begin to dance next, joking about having grandchildren. Mac dances with Devon as Billy watches. Jana convinces Kevin to dance, and Amber is put out that Daniel can't dance because he is taking photos. Billy and Chloe join the others on the dance floor and joke about old times. Neil cuts in to dance with Lily - she says she hoped her marriage is half as good as his was with Dru. Jill and Cane also dance and she asks him to consider taking his father's name. Kay and Murphy dance alongside, and Katherine says she loves Cane as she did young Phillip - it's a good idea. Cane says he'll think about it. Cane then dances with Kay, and Jill is swept off by Murphy!

    Trust...No Matter What!

    Friday, May 15 2009

    At the church, everyone has now arrived and is seated. Devon walks Jill up the aisle and seats her. Cane comes in and takes his position next to Devon at the front, followed by Colleen. Next, Neil and Lily appear. He tells Lily that her mother is smiling down on her right now. As Lily reaches the front, the minister begins the ceremony. Cane and Lily beam! Ana sings, and Katherine reads from the bible, before Cane and Lily exchange personal words. Lily tells Cane she knows she can trust him no matter what, and that when they're old and gray she'll still get butterflies when she looks at him. Cane says that she grounds him, and he is marrying the love of his life. They exchange heartfelt vows, and rings, and are pronounced husband and wife. They kiss.

    Loaded For Bear!

    Monday, May 04 2009

    Ashley approaches Nikki in the living room, and tells her that she disagrees with Victor that she was behind the gown incident. Nikki thanks her, and commiserates about how awful it must have been. Ash excuses herself, and Jack moves next to Nikki, who tells him about the gown incident, and says she's worried about Ashley!

    In the garden, Mac stands with Amber, Jana, Kevin, and Daniel, who admits to having had a huge crush on Mac years ago. Amber jealously tells him to go take photos, then bonds with Chloe over disliking Mac. Amber then talks to Nina, who admits that putting Jill in the closet was fun! Chloe calls Billy, who has taken Jill to the Club, and tells him she's heading home soon. Nearby, Victor and Jack have a tense exchange about Ashley, with Victor assuring his adversary that her well being is his top priority! Neil and Tyra are about to dance, when Ana drags her off to see the huge bath! Paul and Nikki are dancing when Victor shocks them by cutting in! He tells Nikki that he may have misconstrued the events the other night. She realizes that Ash made him apologize, but still, the close proximity to Victor seems to set her pulse racing!

    The Good Guy!

    Monday, April 20 2009

    Outside the courtroom, Devon tries to reassure Ana, who is worried she upset Karen and Neil by hugging Tyra. Cane arrives and Ana greets him, as Devon fills Cane in on Tyra filing a petition. Lily comes out of the courtroom and when she sees Cane, asks to speak to him alone.

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