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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ana Hamilton

    Full detailed profile on Ana Hamilton Played by Jamia Simone Nash on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jamia Simone Nash (CBS)
    Ana Hamilton

    Actor: Jamia Simone Nash

    Who played Ana Hamilton over the years

    Jamia Simone Nash (July 2008 - May 18, 2009)

    Useful information on Ana Hamilton

    * Came to Genoa City with Tyra Hamilton, who told everyone she was Ana's mother.
    * Is an accomplished singer, who often sings in Neil's club, Indigo.
    * Was introduced as Devon Hamilton's cousin, but it was revealed that she is actually his sister.
    * Is being raised by Tyra Hamilton, her aunt. Her mother is Yolanda Hamilton.
    * Lived at Neil's place with Tyra, but then left for New Hampshire to attend an art school on a scholarship provided by Katherine Chancellor who had seen her perform at a gala.
    * Moved away with Tyra.


    Current: Student/Singer


    Ana came to town being raised by her single mother, Tyra Hamilton. They showed up when they had nowhere to go because Tyra had lost her job. They landed on Ana's cousin Devon's doorstep, and began living with his adopted dad, Neil Winters.

    Soon it was revealed that Ana's mother was actually Yolanda, Devon's mother, which made Tyra her aunt, and Devon her brother. Tyra took Ana away to an arts school in New Hampshire on a scholarship provided by Katherine Chancellor.

    Ana came back, but eventually left town with Tyra after her affair with Devon.

    Ana has come back to Genoa City twice since leaving. The first time she met Yolanda/Harmony her biological mother. Currently, she has returned to work in the music business with Devon.


    Yolanda Hamilton (mother)
    Tyra Hamilton (aunt/guardian)
    Devon Hamilton (brother)




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    Thursday, July 12 2012: You Still Have To Face Me.

    Ana is recording a track for Devon at his studio when Lily wanders in and wants to hear it. Ana phones Harmony to invite her then Harmony invites Neil to come. Later they all groove to Ana’s song. She hugs Harmony. While alone Lily tells Neil he can’t keep following around Harmony with puppy dog eyes and Harmony tells Devon she and Neil aren’t acting on their feelings. Later, Harmony gives Neil kudos for helping her kids. She wants him in her life and if it's a mistake… it'll be her favorite one. She asks him for dinner. He exuberantly accepts.

    Wednesday, July 04 2012: Whiplash.

    At Katherine's barbecue, Neil and Moses greet Ana and Harmony. Harmony and Neil exchange looks. Devon is teased by Murphy and Kay about his grilling. Devon tells Kay he's glad to have reconciled with Harmony. They talk about forgiveness and starting over. She offers to help him in business. He's thrilled. Tucker and Ashley arrive and talk to Kay and Devon about Abby's stunt. Neil chats with Sofia. Harmony sits alone. Devon approaches Tucker and thanks him for keeping him informed about Abby and helping Ashley. Devon wants to get back to where they were before. Tucker would really like that. Harmony tries to talk to Ashley, but is told, "You slept with my husband. There's no coming back from that." Neil watches. Later, Devon tells Sofia he's happy - it feels good to let things go. Sofia says things feel right for her now. Murphy hugs Kay as she says it's the best Fourth of July ever. Tucker and Ash leave. Neil tells Harmony she can only do so much where Ashley's concerned. Devon asks and excited Ana to record a song with him. Kay and Harmony watch them. Harmony tells Kay she's not getting romantically entangled again. Meanwhile, Sofia gives Neil the go-ahead to pursue Harmony.

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