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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Alistair Wallingford

    Full detailed profile on Alistair Wallingford Played by Jerry Douglas on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jerry Douglas (CBS)
    Alistair Wallingford

    Actor: Jerry Douglas

    Useful information on Alistair Wallingford

    Was hired to impersonate John Abbott to scare Gloria. He was hired by Sharon and Jack Abbott and Jeffrey Bardwell. Later, he was asked by Katherine and Jill to find out the truth about the Bardwell's marriage. Left town to appear in a theatrical production in Alaska!




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    Wednesday, June 11 2008: One Way Ticket to Alaska!

    It's morning at the Abbott household. Gloria brings Sharon and Jack flowers as an apology for the skinny-dipping incident, then heads out for her new job at Lauren's boutique. Jack promises his wife that Gloria will be out by the time Noah comes back from camp! They then discuss their desire to get rid of Alistair. Jack muses that perhaps an all-expenses paid booze cruise to Alaska might be in order! Before long, Alistair arrives at the Abbott Mansion and announces to Sharon and Jack that he has been cast in 'Man of La Mancha' - in Alaska! He asks for Gloria and is told that she is working at Fenmore's. Alistair thanks them and leaves. Sharon says to Jack, "How did you manage that?" Jack smirks and fills her in on his machinations. Sharon worries that Gloria will talk him out of leaving and decides to follow him to the boutique. Jack is paid a visit by John, who complains that Jack is manipulating Gloria's life by getting rid of Alistair. Jack admits to his father that he is trying to honor his memory by letting Gloria live there - but suddenly, John disappears.

    Sabrina and Victor are at Fenmore's having a fitting for the wedding. Awkwardness ensues when Victoria walks in! Victoria congratulates them on the big event, but says she hasn't decided whether to attend or not. She abruptly says goodbye. Just then, Gloria reports for duty. She spots Victor and chats him up. She winds up embarrassed when the Assistant Manager introduces herself as her new boss! Victor asks if Nikki fired her from Jabot, but Gloria doesn't want to discuss it. Gloria then encounters Sabrina, and not realizing she is engaged to Victor, tells her to make sure her fiance isn't a blood-sucking idiot! Lauren shakes her head as Victor and Sabrina leave! Next, Gloria tells a customer that a certain color doesn't flatter her - Lauren's patience is being tested, but she steers Gloria over to the shoe area. Gloria chants the mantra, "You've done poor before Gloria, you can do it again!" The next customer insults Gloria. Lauren watches nervously to see what will happen! Gloria in turn, insults the customer's foot size. Lauren shows endless patience as she leads Gloria to the jewelry section. Brad comes in looking for a gift for Colleen. "Gloria! You're like a bad penny aren't you? Turning up everywhere!" Gloria swallows a rude response and Lauren comes over to back her up. Brad excuses himself, smirking as he goes. Soon, Alistair appears and informs Gloria that he is leaving to take a role in a show. Sharon is right behind him, telling Lauren that she is there to make sure their thespian friend gets to the airport! When a customer complains that Gloria is taking too much time, Alistair defends her before leaving.

    Tuesday, June 10 2008: Swedgy Designs and Skinny-Dipping!

    Back in the pool house, Gloria continues drinking with Alistair, telling him how she stumbled upon Jack and Sharon 'making out'. As talk turns to the pool outside, Gloria and Alistair decide to go skinny-dipping! As they head outside, doff their clothes, and leap into the pool, the racket brings Sharon out. As she realizes what she is seeing, Sharon shields her eyes in shock and calls out for Jack! He arrives on the double, and eyes wide in amazement, kicks Alistair off the premises! Gloria tells Jack he needs to lighten up a little, and Sharon notes that Glo is drunk! Jack asks Sharon if she thinks a hypnotist would be able to get those images out of their minds. As they laugh, Jack says they need to set some boundaries!

    As Jeffrey says goodnight to Jill, who turns down the offer of another drink, he runs into a very disheveled Alistair who gloats that he's just come from an adventure with the lovely Gloria, who, "Is a tigress in the bedroom!" Jeff hauls off and sucker punches him!

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