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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Nikki Reed Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nikki Reed Newman Played by Melody Thomas-Scott on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melody Thomas-Scott (CBS)

    Birthday: 1956-04-18
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Edward Scott ( October 12, 1985 - present) 3 children
    Real Name: Melody Thomas-Scott
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Y&R Recap: Book Her!

    Wednesday, March 04 2015

    In Nikki's car, she and Neil struggle over the steering wheel. They veer toward Christine, who is standing beside her vehicle. There's a smashing noise. Nikki rushes over and realizes it's Christine on the ground. Neil calls an ambulance as Christine moves. Nikki is upset with Neil. Paul appears on the scene and realizes it's Chris. Nikki sobs. Paul tells the officer, "Book her, suspected DUI!" Neil protests. Paul tells him to shut up.

    Kevin asks what happened as Nikki is brought into the station. Neil fills him in. Kevin asks if Christine and the baby are okay. Neil asks, "Christine was pregnant?" After, Neil wants Nikki to tell the truth. He doesn't want anymore protection - he's got nothing left to lose. Nikki says he won't go to prison. Soon, Victor arrives. He asks Nikki if she was drinking. She says she wasn't, but she's worried about what Neil is saying. Victor asks what she's keeping from him.

    Y&R Recap: Not My Son.

    Tuesday, March 03 2015

    Paul finds Christine scarfing chocolate in his office. Nikki interrupts their kiss. She's certain Phyllis is innocent. Paul wants to hear Nikki out. Chris rolls her eyes. She wonders why everyone's suddenly defending her. Nikki says when they were facing death she didn't put herself first; she's changed. Nikki feels they should drop the charges. Chris sniffs that she's not qualified. Paul points out that she has nothing to gain. Chris fumes. "Unlike me." Nikki goes. Chris explodes and they argue heatedly. Chris says this isn't about business, it's about their marriage and his undying loyalty to Nikki. Chris storms out.

    At the Club bar, Lily tells Neil he's had enough to drink. He pours more and wonders if she'll have him thrown out. Lily can't understand why he'd want to do this again. She reminds him of Moses and calls him selfish. He asks about her and Cane. She says they fought and he slept in the guestroom, but Neil's self-destructing. Neil says he doesn't care about Cane; she can dump him. Devon appears. He tells Neil not to take this out on Lily. Neil mocks him. Lily says Hilary is to blame. Neil laughs and downs his drink. He points out Lily can't forgive Cane and what he did was nowhere near Devon's betrayal. Lily stalks off. Neil stops Devon from apologizing. "You are not my son." He tells him to go find Tucker. Devon says he's sorry. Neil reiterates the things he did knowing Hilary was married to him. Devon reminds him he did the same thing to Malcolm. He will make this right. Neil says he can't make it right, but he can make it better by becoming drunk like him. "Then my gift to you can become your gift to me." Devon looks bewildered. Nikki overhears. She tells Neil her family knows about her drinking. She's going to a meeting. He won't go along, but allows her to take him home. Meanwhile, Devon tells Lily the stuff Neil said to him is beyond what he imagined. She thinks the alcohol is partly to blame. They bicker about Hilary. Devon appreciates that Lily still cares. She cares, but they won't be as close.

    In Nikki's car, Neil goes on about wanting Devon to hurt. He realizes she's taking him to a meeting. He wants out and grabs the steering wheel. They veer toward Christine who is about to get into her car.

    Y&R Recap: Woman Scorned.

    Wednesday, February 25 2015

    At the ranch, Victor's children are overjoyed to see him. Victor takes Nikki's drink. "I need that more than you do." The children fuss over Victor, who suddenly collapses.

    At the hospital, Adam and Chelsea have a conversation about fighting for love. She thinks they're talking about Sage. Billy appears - Jack will be fine. Adam is visibly relieved. Billy wonders how close they are. Adam says Jack gave him a second chance when no one else would. Sage arrives. She tells them their building is closed down. Once alone, Chelsea tells Sage that Gabe told her about the will but they can build a life. After, Sage tells Adam he's shameless. They discuss Jack. Adam admits he knows who he is. Sage is panicked because he's on medication and could talk. Adam can trust him. In Jack's room, Kelly bursts in ranting about how he ripped her clothes off and made love to her. Jack is appalled. He can't believe he thought Phyllis was the cause of the trouble. Kelly hollers he's made fools of them both. Kelly becomes completely unhinged when they accuse her of being delusional and poisoning herself. A doctor intervenes. Kelly goes. Jack asks Phyllis to forgive him. She is subdued because he almost died, and agrees they'll take it from here. She leaves, looking for Kelly. Adam enters Jack's room. He reminds him when he visited him in the hospital a couple of years ago. Jack says Victor saved his life. Adam tells him to ask Billy how he got out of the burning building. Jack worries he may have said something to Victor. Adam says he's still under the rubble. Jack is stunned. Later, the Newmans learn that Victor has a concussion. Nikki insists Victor stay overnight. The nurse says he'll have to share a room. He reluctantly agrees. Nick spots Sage and reiterates he wants to know her better. Adam sees them embrace. Sage tells Adam that Nick's father is alive. Adam muses it must be true that Victor Newman is immortal. Adam warns Sage again that Nick will never cut loose from Sharon. Meanwhile, Victor is installed in Jack's room. They bicker. Victor asks for a transfer and Jack wants another hospital. Abby chastises them, but once alone, they bicker again. In the waiting area, Victoria and Nick confront Nikki about her drinking. "When you nearly dropped Katie and blamed it on the MS you were drunk, weren't you?" Nikki tearfully admits it; she's been drinking for months. Nick blames Victor's stunts, but Victoria argues the point. They assure her they'll get her help.

    Y&R Recap: I Did What?

    Tuesday, February 24 2015

    At Crimson Lights, everyone waits for word on Victor and Jack. Phyllis decides to go to the hospital and wait. Noah wants to go too. Dylan says Nick will call, they need to sit tight. Phyllis and Kelly start bickering about Kelly's claim she made love with Jack. Ashley stops them. Phyllis pulls her aside. Ash admits she saw them coming out of the storeroom adjusting their clothes. "I'm so sorry." She tells Phyllis to put it aside. Nick calls and says they found Jack alive, but haven't found Victor yet. Nikki's encouraged - Victor wouldn't let Jack best him. Later, Nick arrives. He's frustrated he couldn't find Victor. Dylan urges Nick to take Nikki home with Victoria and Abby.

    Nick, Victoria, Abby and Nikki arrive at the ranch. Nikki pours a vodka and downs it as they watch in horror. Victor appears. "You might as well pour me one while you're at it."

    Y&R Recap: Mad Passionate Love.

    Monday, February 23 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Nick and Dylan want to go back to The Underground. Avery protests that they should leave it to the professionals. Paul backs her up - second collapses are often deadly. Ashley and Victoria are both there. They are concerned but feel Jack and Victor will beat the odds. Nick agrees - until he sees proof, his dad's alive. Victoria and Nick fret over Nikki, who snaps at everyone, including Paul when he refers to the recovery mission. Ashley tells Victoria that Billy doesn't know about Jack yet. Phyllis talks to Avery about her regret over pushing Jack away. Ash hears and notices Kelly enter. Kelly says she's been calling Jack. Ashley tells her he didn't make it out. Kelly sputters that Jack can't be dead. Ashley says she should go. Kelly thinks Jack is done with Phyllis, but says she'll go. Phyllis appears. Kelly tells Phyllis that last night Jack finally chose her.

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