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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Nikki Reed Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nikki Reed Newman Played by Melody Thomas-Scott on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melody Thomas-Scott (CBS)

    Birthday: 1956-04-18
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Edward Scott ( October 12, 1985 - present) 3 children
    Real Name: Melody Thomas-Scott
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Y&R Recap: Deja Vu.

    Thursday, January 29 2015

    At Newman-Chancellor, Nikki reads Victor the riot act about putting Victoria in a terrible position. She tells him to return the formula. They bicker about what he did to Nick and is doing to Dylan. "No wonder you drive me to such extremes!" Victor asks what she's talking about. He thinks she's picking a fight and orders her out. She goes. Victor phones someone. "This is Victor Newman. You know what to do." Elsewhere, Nikki drinks and tells Katherine's photo she's not hurting anyone.

    At the church, Jack tells Summer and Nick that Phyllis is under the weather from the treatments Victor forced on her. Nikki listens as Ashley and Abby arrive and grouse about Victor with Ben, and Nick complains to Noah and Summer about Sharon. She hears Ben and Dylan discuss the attacks at the coffee house and steps outside to drink. Victoria and Billy appear. Nikki lies she was getting air. They all go in and Victor appears. Victoria asks what he's doing there. He's there for his granddaughter's christening. Chelsea has deja vu. Jack grumbles. Ashley confronts him. Jack gets a call that the Environmental Authority is returning everything they seized. Victor is allowed to stay. The christening ceremony takes place without incident. After, Victoria thanks Victor for putting family before business. He says he always does. Ashley and Jack tell Victor the thought of losing his granddaughter must have been worse than the thought of losing to Jabot. Victor doesn't lose to anyone. Dylan asks Ashley about Joe and tells her he's dangerous.

    At Victoria's house, Chelsea thanks Victoria for including her, Victoria tells Ben how important he is to her, and Nick awakens Nikki who has dozed off in the chair. Photos ensue and Nikki nearly drops the baby.

    Y&R Recap: Sending A Message.

    Thursday, January 15 2015

    Paul arrives at the ranch where a disheveled Nikki claims she's fine. "You're lying, Nikki." They talk about what Victor is doing to Dylan. Paul asks if she's taken a drink. Nikki takes a call from Avery and tells Paul they have to go to the hospital.

    At the hospital, Avery flashes to slow dancing with Dylan. Nikki and Paul arrive. The doctor says Dylan has a concussion and took quite a beating. They go in to see him. Dylan doesn't know who did it, but feels he knows what it was about. Paul questions him about the robbery. Dylan admits he fought them - he was fighting for Crimson Lights. Avery says his life has more meaning than the building. Paul learns there were no other robberies in the area. He recalls the brick-throwing incident and thinks someone is sending Dylan a message. Later, Dylan tells Nikki that Victor offered him money earlier and made a veiled threat. She hates to say it, but Dylan should be afraid of Victor.

    Y&R Recap: Present Tense.

    Monday, January 12 2015

    At the ranch, Nikki listens to Paul's concerned voicemail. She whispers, "Don't worry Paul. I have everything under control." She hides a bottle of vodka when Victor comes in. He notices her stumble and assumes she's having an MS episode. She snaps that an MS episode is nothing compared to what he's done. She rants about him making her sick. Dylan walks in. He asks Nikki if she wants to leave. Victor asks if he's serious. Dylan asks if Victor going after his business is about money or his wife having a son with Paul Williams. Victor orders him to calm down and not spin this business decision. They argue until Nikki stops them. Dylan won't leave despite Victor ordering him out several times. Nikki tells Dylan she's fine. He goes. Nikki tells Victor she won't share his bed. She has another go at him about Dylan. Victor says they'll discuss it later and exits. Nikki drinks.

    Y&R Recap: Cold Feet.

    Wednesday, January 07 2015

    At the Club, Nikki demands to know if Victor has been keeping the truth from her. He insists it's not personal. Nikki points out her son will lose his business. Victor reiterates it's not personal. Cane, Lily, and Colin whisper about the revelation. Nikki tells Dylan and Avery Victor has a history of underhanded moves and stalks off. Dylan asks Victor about his business. Victor says there are other considerations and he's ignorant and has bad timing. Jill complains he's tanking Chancellor. He won't hand it to Jill. Dylan tells Paul that Kevin found the information. Paul says it explains a lot. Avery confronts Joe. He says it's a good deal and Dylan won't walk away empty-handed - he has her. Jill tells Colin that Victor must be desperate; it's the perfect time to make a move. Dylan confronts Joe about luring Avery to his suite and they nearly come to blows. Paul intervenes. Lily tells Joe he's not making friends in this town. Cane, Colin, and Jill join Lily. Colin thinks Cane and Jill should be running Chancellor. They shake on it - partners. Jill thinks maybe this is what Katherine wanted all along; for them to realize they needed each other as much as Chancellor.

    At the ranch, Victor says everything he does is for his family. Nikki rants to Victor about gaslighting Sharon and tricking Summer. He cites the good results, and says rebuilding the inner city will create a lot of jobs. Nikki fumes. "And to hell with my son, right?" She rants about him not caring about Dylan and betraying her. Victor says Dylan can relocate - he'll give him startup money. He won't discuss it further until she calms down. After, Nikki eyeballs the tequila. She tries to walk away, but drinks it.

    Y&R Recap: Selling Us Out.

    Wednesday, January 07 2015

    At the station, Kevin is digging for information online and Paul warns him to keep it legal. Nikki arrives and they discuss the rally. Nikki's going to the party to get the scoop on the presentation. Nikki wants Paul to help their son - without Crimson Lights he might leave. Kevin thinks the project is sketchy and the person behind Gerolomo should have to answer for it. Nikki whispers to Paul that she's still on the wagon. Paul worries about the next time something happens she can't handle. Nikki reassures him and thanks him for always being there. Cane calls and they head to the Club. Kevin tries to find out who's behind Gerolomo.

    Victor greets Nikki and Paul at the Club. Cane says he asked Paul there because of the protesters. Joe begins his presentation. Dylan and Avery appear. Dylan confronts Victor. "You're the one selling us out." He hollers that Victor owns Gerolomo and has been lying to Nikki and everyone. Nikki demands to know if it's true. Victor says it's business and no one will stand in the way.

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