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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Nikki Reed Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nikki Reed Newman Played by Melody Thomas-Scott on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melody Thomas-Scott (CBS)

    Birthday: 1956-04-18
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Edward Scott ( October 12, 1985 - present) 3 children
    Real Name: Melody Thomas-Scott
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Y&R Recap: Right Some Wrongs.

    Monday, October 27 2014

    At the ranch, Nick overhears Faith telling Nikki she's sorry she's sick. Once alone, Nick tells Nikki he heard her tell Faith she's on new meds. He worries about the stress she's under. He tells her about the Halloween wedding plans. She questions his rush. Nick wonders how she's stayed with Victor. Nikki loves him and can't see herself with anyone else. When Nick and Faith are gone, Nikki eyeballs the alcohol and pulls out a pamphlet.

    Victor arrives at home and complains about Nikki being in a clandestine operation without his knowledge. She snaps that he's done it to her countless times. They bicker. He says putting her life at risk is unacceptable to him. She wonders if it's because he wasn't involved in the planning, or because Paul was. Victor warns if she wants to protect this marriage - no more secrets. Nikki wonders if it applies to both of them. They bicker over whether she tried to reach him. Victor starts hollering about Nikki being with Paul and Maureen telling him she was in a suite with another man. Nikki say the honesty has to go both ways and slams out the door. Outside, she grimaces. Victor has a drink and spots the AA pamphlet.

    Nikki finds Maureen in her suite. Maureen talks about explaining to Victor and Nikki needing a friend. She pours them a drink. Ben knocks at the door. Nikki makes a beeline for the other room, saying she'll explain later. Maureen realizes Ben wants to talk about the truth and tries to stop him. He wants this over with. "I have to tell the truth about dad's death." Nikki listens. Downstairs, Cane wants to know about Joe's business. Joe isn't prepared to tell yet. Cane looks at his proposal and sees something Joe failed to mention - Dylan and his coffeehouse are losers in the deal. Joe says it's nothing personal, just business.

    Y&R Recap: Still Standing.

    Tuesday, October 21 2014

    At the station, Nikki is outraged at Paul accusing her of falling off the wagon. She says Maureen was just making a friendly gesture and obviously doesn't know she's a recovering alcoholic. Paul's not buying it. Nikki snaps and says she and Maureen are making backroom hooch together for their speakeasy. Paul reminds her he saw her with a vodka tonic at the Club. Nikki wonders if he thinks she was lying then too. Paul doesn't know. Nikki tries to leave in a huff. Paul says it's understandable if the pressure's been too much. She reassures him. Chris enters and assures them Ian will be locked up for a long time. Nikki takes a call from Maureen, who tells her how she covered with her husband. Once alone, Paul tells Chris he's turned on by her throwing the book at the bad guys. He's grateful she agreed to his plan. Chris complains about Nikki always needing his help with something. If he can't see it, he's lying to himself. Paul says Victor hasn't been accessible.

    At the ranch, Nikki is eyeballing the vodka when Victor appears. He says Maureen told him she was at a charity meeting. Nikki says she made up a story to get rid of her - she was actually being used as bait to catch Ian Ward. Victor complains about not being in the loop. Nikki counters that he was away and she wasn't in danger thanks to Dylan and Paul. Victor reminds her she encouraged him to go. She doesn't recall, snaps at him, and then pleads exhaustion. Later, Nikki finds herself alone and takes a call from Maureen. She tells her she doesn't need her to lie for her. Nikki pours a vodka and drinks. She talks aloud to Ian - he didn't destroy her; she's still standing.

    Y&R Recap: Face The Music.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    At the Athletic Club, Summer tells Austin she loves watching him work out. Jack calls. "We have a situation." Summer hangs up and tells Austin that her grandfather is the reason her mother's better. They head to Jack's. Upstairs, Maureen offers up vodka at Nikki's suite. Nikki tries to get rid of her. Maureen assumes she has a man in there.

    At the Club, Nikki gets rid of Maureen and Paul tells her Dylan is in the building and has spotted Ian. There's a knock - it's Ian. Paul jumps out with his gun and Dylan and Harding appear. "Ian Ward, you are under arrest."

    At the station, Ian says he came back for Nicole, and it's not over. Paul and Dylan reassure Nikki, who says it's not done yet. She finds Ian in booking and tells him off. Ian is amused that she thinks she's won. He chuckles at the family tableau of Nikki, Dylan, and Paul and says the only thing missing is her husband. He snarks that she always liked to play the field. Dylan lunges. Ian taunts about Dylan's temper. Nikki says Sharon has her daughter, and they have their family - Ian has nothing. Paul takes Ian to his cell, where Ian tells him nothing is over. After, Dylan tells Nikki they all made it work, especially her. Paul hugs her. He then asks if she's been drinking again.

    Y&R Recap: He Suffered Terribly.

    Friday, October 17 2014

    At the Club, Lauren wows Michael with her sexy outfit. They kiss and talk about being so happy - their problems are over. Madame Isadora the psychic arrives. They sign a contract with her. Lauren gets called away. Madame Isadora shakes hands with Michael and looks stricken. "Take care of yourself, Mr. Baldwin." Michael calls Dr. Botnik's office back and learns he needs to come in. Upstairs, Maureen spots Nikki. She assumes Nikki is taking some alone time. Nikki says she has a meeting and enters her suite. She eyes up the mini bar. Paul enters and startles her. He tells her he thinks the burner phone Ian gave her was bugged, so he'll come here. They'll be ready for him. Nikki marvels that they make a good team. Paul feels Victor probably isn't thrilled about this. Nikki says he's out of town and she's not returning his calls. She has to do this and Paul makes her feel strong.

    In the Club suite, Paul pulls his gun when there's a knock. Nikki opens the door to Maureen, who boasts that she's got the vodka. "We could both use a drink."

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