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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Nikki Reed Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nikki Reed Newman Played by Melody Thomas-Scott on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melody Thomas-Scott (CBS)

    Birthday: 1956-04-18
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Edward Scott ( October 12, 1985 - present) 3 children
    Real Name: Melody Thomas-Scott
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Y&R Recap: Winner Of The DNA Lottery.

    Monday, September 15 2014

    At the Club, Maureen greets Nikki as 'Sherry'. Victor asks why she's calling her that. Nikki says she doesn't know. Maureen apologizes. "I thought you were my friend Sherry." Nearby, Chris starts a toast to Paul, who is whispering to Dylan about having to question him at the station. Paul thanks everyone for coming, but says he needs to get back to work - there's a development in the Ian Ward case. Chris is peeved. When Avery learns Paul is taking Dylan, she wants to go too, but Dylan convinces her to stay. When Victor takes a call, Nikki thanks Maureen for not letting on to her husband and apologizes for misleading her to believe her name was Sherry. Maureen says they have something else in common - her son may be the father of her next grandchild. Nikki gets her mind around her being Stitch and Kelly's mother. Maureen wants to celebrate with a drink. Nikki says she doesn't drink. Nick and Sharon arrive. Victor spots Sharon admiring her ring. "Are you two getting married, or what?" Nikki joins them and offers congratulations. Victor grunts at Nick saying he's keeping his family together. In the dining room, Avery leaves quickly when she hears Chris and Michael saying Paul found blood at the ranch. Later, Victoria arrives. Nikki and Victor tell her Nick and Sharon are engaged. Nikki has a go at Victor about using Mariah to terrorize Sharon. Victor gets a call from Cutler that Phyllis has talked. Upstairs, Nick makes love to Sharon in a suite. He says nothing will break them up this time.

    Y&R Recap: It Makes Sense.

    Friday, September 12 2014

    At the ranch, Victor wonders why Nikki isn't ready for Paul's party. She doesn't think they should go. They bicker. Nikki complains about Victor's many business trips. Victor promises to stick around and not to argue with Paul at the party. Nikki worries Chris will criticize her. Victor reassures her.

    At the Club, Christine tells Lauren they need to keep Paul's gathering low-key. Chris feels it will be a nice surprise for Paul. They discuss Paul's recovery. Chris admits they haven't moved ahead with their pregnancy plans yet. She asks about Lauren and Michael. Lauren says they're fine. Upstairs in Maureen's suite, she and Ben discuss Kelly. Maureen complains she was always daddy's girl. Ben tells his mother not to feel obligated to stay, but she says she was given the advice to face her demons. Maureen presses Ben to get a paternity test and learns that the mother-to-be is Victoria Newman. Maureen says she's sorry about Jenna and Max too. Kelly arrives with Jack, who gushes about Kelly. Ben mentions he'll be working for Ashley. Jack warns that he'll actually be his boss. Maureen thinks Kelly is fortunate to have a man like Jack. Jack says he is the fortunate one. Downstairs, Nikki and Victor greet Lauren and Chris. Dylan and Avery arrive next. Victor thanks Dylan for protecting Nikki from Ian. Nikki tells Dylan she's proud of him. They start to wonder where Paul is. Lauren is surprised to hear Avery say she and Michael have lightened their caseloads - he worked late the other night. Paul appears. Chris says, "Surprise." He looks disapproving, but accepts everyone's congratulations on being chosen for the distinguished citizen award. Michael arrives and pulls Paul away to tell him Dylan was spotted at the racetrack. Paul lets Dylan know he will have to question him at the station. Meanwhile, Maureen spots Nikki and calls her 'Sherry'. Victor hears.

    Y&R Recap: Something To Unload.

    Wednesday, September 10 2014

    At the ranch, Victor questions Nikki about stumbling into the table. He thinks it's her MS. She angrily says she's fine. The doorbell rings. Nikki pops a mint as Victor lets Paul in. They talk about Ian Ward being out there. Paul says his forensic team found evidence on the property - blood and an overturned planter on the driveway. Nikki says Dylan went tearing out of there after Ian. Paul says Dylan said he didn't catch him. After, Victor and Nikki argue about Dylan letting Ian get away. Victor wants Ian found. Nikki also wants her life back. Victor tells her about Victoria's divorce. Nikki says she'll call her, but goes to throw up. Paul returns and Victor asks if he thinks Dylan and Ian had an altercation. Paul tells him to say goodbye to Nikki for him.

    Y&R Recap: We Are Sisters!

    Tuesday, September 09 2014

    At the bar, Nikki savors her vodka as the woman beside her watches. She introduces herself as Maureen. Nikki says she's Sherry. They bond over drinking. Nikki's phone rings - it's Victor. She ignores it. Nikki and Maureen have another round. Maureen notices the expensive 'rock' on Nikki's hand. Nikki admits she's furious with her husband right now. Maureen understands, though she's not married anymore. Maureen worries about meeting the people she hasn't seen for a while - it could stir up trouble. Nikki urges her to face down her demons. Maureen thinks they're cut from the same cloth. "We are sisters!" After, they order coffees. Maureen thanks Nikki for the pep talk.

    Nikki arrives home and finds Victor's roses with a heartfelt card. She knocks them over. Victor appears. "What in the world?"

    Y&R Recap: Liquid Courage.

    Monday, September 08 2014

    Nikki is reaching for the tequila when Victor arrives at the ranch and asks about the police outside. Nikki says Paul sent them in case Ian returned. She complains about Victor's security team and him being gone. "Where were you?" Victor says on an important business trip. Nikki says he's left his family in the lurch. She tells him about Ian drugging and marrying Mariah. They argue about whether Mariah deserved it. Victor arranges for security to follow Nikki everywhere. Nikki angrily asks where he was yesterday. Victor complains she turned to Paul. She wonders what she was supposed to do. Victor snarks, "Call 911." Victor complains about how many times she's turned to Paul. Nikki retorts that she can count on Paul! Nikki leaves. Victor phones Paul to get his officers off his property. They bicker about who is responsible for Nikki's safety. Victor barks, "I protect Nikki."

    Nikki enters a bar and orders a vodka on the rocks. A woman appears. "I never expected to see you here." She wonders what another classy woman is doing there. Nikki says her car broke down. The other woman says she's going to meet some people she hasn't seen for a while and needed liquid courage. She asks about the Genoa City Athletic Club and they toast to new adventures.

    Y&R Recap: Show Him The Path.

    Tuesday, September 02 2014

    At the ranch, Ian stops Nikki from calling the guard. He holds up a syringe and says the guard is unavailable. "You and I have unfinished business." Nikki plays along so she can get to the phone. He grabs it. She slaps him. They argue about whether she was his victim. Nikki's phone rings - Ian grins; it's Dylan. He warns Nikki. She answers and says she's fine and has total faith in his father. "Take care of that cold okay?" After, Ian tells Nikki it should have been her, but he had to find a replacement. She realizes he means Mariah and asks, "What have you done?" Ian tells Nikki he needs her and holds up the tequila. He wants what she owes him.

    Dylan appears at the ranch as Ian brandishes the syringe at Nikki and roars, "I want more!" Ian runs off and Dylan follows.

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