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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Jeffrey Bardwell

    Full detailed profile on Jeffrey Bardwell Played by Ted Shackelford on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ted Shackelford (CBS)
    Jeffrey Bardwell

    Actor: Ted Shackelford

    Who played Jeffrey Bardwell over the years

    Ted Shackelford (2007 - present)

    Useful information on Jeffrey Bardwell

    * Twin brother of deceased William Bardwell.
    * First appeared at his brother's wake.
    * His brother gave him a box with a sample of Jabot Cream and note saying "Don't let her get away with it."
    * Blackmailed William's widow Gloria into marriage under threat of revealing that she tampered with the Jabot cream.
    * Divorced Gloria when she called his bluff, and had a brief affair with Jill Foster Abbott.
    * Re-married Gloria in Vegas.
    * Plotted to takeover Jabot Cosmetics.
    * Bought Gloria Neil's bar.


    Current: Co-owner Gloworm
    Past: unknown, possibly lawyer


    Since coming to town after his brother's death, Jeffrey has revealed very little personal information about his past. He apparently has ties overseas and alludes to having been a lawyer.

    Jeffrey once lived in Korea, where he had a girlfriend who pursued him to the United States and caused trouble between he and Gloria.

    Jeffrey inherited the tainted Jabot cream from William and holds it over Gloria's head - every so often threatening to turn her in and produce it as evidence of her crime.

    Jeffrey had a brief affair with Jill Foster Abbott, before admitting that he had fallen in love with Gloria and eloping with her to Las Vegas!

    Jeffrey continued to scheme along with his wife. They tried to gain control of Jabot Cosmetics, and then bought and began running the former Indigo bar, called Gloworm.

    After it appeared Jeffrey had run off to Vegas with all of her money, Gloria began dating mobster, Angelo, who helped her keep Gloworm. The truth was that Jeffrey was trapped on an island by Angelo! Jeffrey recently made his way back to Genoa City, but has amnesia.


    Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell (divorced after first marriage)


    Gloria Fisher (Wife)
    Ex-girlfriend in Korea (Kyon)
    Jill Foster Abbott


    Will Bardwell (Late twin brother)


    Michael Baldwin (step-son)
    Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (step daughter-in-law)
    Kevin Fisher (step-son)
    Jana Hawkes Fisher (step daughter-in-law)
    Fenmore Michael Baldwin (step grandson from Michael Baldwin)


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    Tuesday, August 12 2014: Y&R Recap: Solve The Puzzle.

    In the park, Billy makes a crack about Adam as they prepare the party. Chelsea doesn't want to argue about him on Connor's birthday. Kevin appears with Jeffrey and Connor. Kevin makes special note of Billy's presence. Connor gets a stuffed animal that reminds Billy and Kevin of Delia's Pinkerton. A clown with balloons appears. Billy takes Connor, who calls him 'Da Da'. Everyone looks awkward. Kevin understands why Connor is confused. Chelsea thanks Jeffrey for hiring the clown, but it wasn't him. The clown has disappeared. Billy tells Kevin that Stitch gave his boss the file himself. Billy says it wasn't a noble win, and he doesn't have Victoria back - he'll never stop wanting a life with her.

    Tuesday, May 13 2014: Y&R Recap: The Wrong Doorbell.

    At the Club, Nikki tells Jack she's staying there. He realizes she's moved out on Victor and feels partly responsible. They go to her suite and talk about her situation. Nikki tells Jack she knows he's hurting over Phyllis too. She mentions Victoria has gone away. Jack reassures Nikki he wants only the best for her. She smiles about Dylan keeping an eye on her. Jack goes and Nikki phones someone. "I have to see you." By the door, Chloe tries to blow off Gloria's questions about Kevin's whereabouts. Glo thinks she's looking calmer. Chloe smiles and thinks about asking Billy to make another baby together. They sit and Gloria grills Chloe about what she and Kevin have been doing for fun. Jeff, who just won on the horses, arrives and cozies up to Glo.

    Kevin arrives at the Club, where Chloe whispers a warning to him that his mother is all over their marriage. He sits, and Gloria tells Chloe about an aphrodisiac they've discovered - an essential oil that sends Jeffrey into overdrive. Chloe looks thoughtful. Kevin changes the subject. Lauren and Michael arrive discussing Paul and Christine's pregnancy plans. They join the table, where Gloria is still going on about the aphrodisiac and Kevin and Chloe's marriage. A toast is held to the newlyweds. Gloria's glad Chloe has a new outlook since she doesn't want her son with a cuckoo bird. Chloe spills champagne on her and everyone leaves the table in the ensuing chaos. Chloe eyeballs Glo's purse and steals the aphrodisiac. Nearby, Michael and Lauren talk to Kevin about a possible annulment and point out that Chloe may still be capable of behaving unpredictably and hurting someone. Kevin gets a call from Billy about doing a background check on someone.

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