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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Victor 'Adam' Newman Jr. (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor 'Adam' Newman Jr. (PAST) Played by Chris Engen on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Engen (CBS)

    Birthday: October 25 1979
    Birthplace: Apple Valley, California
    Marital Status: In a relationship
    Real Name: Chris Engen


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    Unfair Advantage.

    Monday, April 09 2012

    Victoria arrives in the cabin as Chelsea starts to drift off holding the baby. Vikki takes him and tells Chelsea to rest. Billy comes in and Vikki hands him his son. Victoria checks Chelsea, who's freezing. They wonder who helped her. Chelsea murmurs, "I took my vitamins." Adam watches as they prepare to take Chelsea and the baby to the helicopter. Abby enters and tells them someone had already called an ambulance. Vikki says whoever it was saved their baby's life.

    Satan's Understudy.

    Friday, March 09 2012

    At Gloworm, Victor encounters Anita working. She says she needed pocket money since Billy didn't come through. Victor says he's a punk and tells her she's still got time to do what she came to do. Victor steps away, and Anita looks at Jeff. Chelsea enters and wants to know where her father is. Anita tells her to get her head on straight about the kid first. They bicker. Chelsea tells her she's disgusting. Victoria enters and spots Victor. She says she saw the article, and lets him know that Billy had nothing to do with it. Victor says Billy lives to damage their family. Victoria tells him she accepted Genevieve's offer, and lets him know she's sick of his disapproval. Victor calls Sharon and says he has a proposition for her. Nearby, Anita asks Jeff if he has any kids. He chuckles that he doesn't think so. Anita approaches Victoria and warns that tomorrow Chelsea could change her mind about the baby. Victoria says Chelsea is nothing like her mother.

    Now You Get To Deal With Me.

    Monday, July 26 2010

    Outside, Adam sneaks into the institution through a vent opening onto an alley. He crawls through the shafts and into Patty's room. She mumbles to herself as he stands beside her. He flips through her notebook and tears out some pages. She wakes up and sees him. He tells her he's the ghost of Richard. "You look like Adam," she says. He says that she killed him and she has to die there if she doesn't do as he says. Adam offers to take her down the rabbit hole to the answers she wants. She scribbles in her book and then he takes her hand and leads her out. They slip out into the alley and he gives her a nun's habit and a fake ID. He says she's going to Canada to do penance and can never come back. "Tell Jack I'll never forget him," she says.

    The Walls Are Closing In - Can You Feel It?

    Monday, March 08 2010

    Sharon and Adam bicker in their room. She says he played her the same way he did Heather and Rafe. Adam protests that he loves her, and did nothing to Ashley - she's fine, and Faith is fine. Sharon flashes back to her dream and then yells at Adam that she heard her baby cry - and Taylor was the only person to see her. She screams, "She's alive, isn't she? My baby is alive!" She pleads with him, but he says he doesn't know anymore than she does. She says he only cares about saving his own skin - if his mother was alive she would be disgusted, and would despise him! She slams out of the room, and Adam weeps. He packs a suitcase, and flinches with back pain - he calls someone to bring a prescription to the room. Soon there is a knock on the door - Heather is standing there with his prescription, which was outside the door. She tells him people have been coming to her suspecting him of criminal behavior - for old time's sake, she thought she would warn him before she begins a formal investigation. Heather says, "The walls are closing in - can you feel it?" She then leaves. Adam calls someone and arranges to meet them at a burger joint on the highway. He then whispers, "Sorry, Mom. I have no choice."

    Maybe She Didn't Die!

    Friday, March 05 2010

    Adam and Victor are in the hotel room, where Adam says he'll tell Victor why he didn't show up for court. He claims he was conflicted about lying on the stand, but Victor asks since when does perjury concern him. Victor then wants to talk about everything else he's done! Adam again threatens to reveal the Jabot bid scam they pulled. Victor thinks maybe it's time to call his bluff! Adam doesn't back down - he says it's in everyone's best interest for Victor to protect him. Victor glares, and asks if he knows why they call him 'ruthless'?

    He Reaps What He Sows!

    Thursday, March 04 2010

    Adam tells Sharon, in their room, that he's had a rough couple of days - with everything surrounding Jabot and it being the anniversary of his mother's death, he just had to get away. She says she's had a bad couple of days too - she learned that she defended him when he was lying - he knew Dr. Taylor had molested Skye! She thrusts the diary at him and wonders if he's going to claim it's a fake, or another conspiracy against him! She shouts that he's a compulsive liar who recruited a terrible man to be Ashley's doctor. Adam knits his brow as she screams, "Who are you?!" Adam tells her he couldn't admit the truth - he was too worried that she would leave him. He says he loves her, and knows she loves him too. Sharon assures him that they're done - and walks out!

    Alone in the room, Adam sees Skye's ghost. He tells her diary cost him the only woman he's ever loved. She scoffs that he was supposed to have loved her too. Adam tells her this is different. Skye notes that Sharon really got under his skin - but it's time to let her go. Adam says he won't do that! Skye smirks that wifey isn't his only problem - soon everyone will figure out what he's really done! There's a knock on the door - it's Victor.

    We're Playing For the Baby!

    Wednesday, March 03 2010

    Still dreaming she is pregnant, Sharon sits with Nick on a sofa. Adam comes in and asks what Nick is doing there. Nick says she's his, she always has been, really, and so is the baby. Adam claims there is no baby. Sharon and Adam bicker over whether they married each other to get back at Nick. Sharon tells Adam she can't save him - not after Taylor! She goes into labor! Nick has disappeared, and Adam kisses her, saying she's having their baby! Sharon protests - it's not his! Sharon then pops up in a hospital. She is calling out for a doctor and Nick appears - he tells her the baby never died. She pushes and the baby comes out, but when she asks to see her, Adam is standing there saying she died - there were birth defects - he had her taken away. She cries and cries for Faith as Adam hugs her. Adam disappears and Sharon continues to cry. Just then, Nick comes in and hands her the baby, telling her not to let her go, and he won't let her go. Sharon wakes up in her room at the Club and begins to cry. Just then, Adam comes home. He says, "I'm back."

    At the Ranch, Ashley calls the lab, and learns that the test results on the purple cloth will be available in the morning. She says to Faith, "We're not going to let anyone mess with us, are we sweetie?" Ashley goes to bed, and dreams that she wakes up on the couch. Faith isn't in her cradle, so she runs up the stairs - but Adam stops her on the steps - he is wearing a purple veil over his face and says he's the only friend she's got! She turns and goes back down the stairs, where Adam is standing there claiming innocence with a scrap of purple cloth on his shoulder. She calls him a liar and asks why he brought the sick Dr. Taylor to her home. Phyllis, Nick, and Sharon also appear and behave as though Ashley is crazy. She shouts at them not to look at her like that! Suddenly, she wakes up, and is relieved that Faith is there with her.

    Ashley falls back to sleep and dreams of asking Victor where the baby is. He asks her what she means. Ashley sees Faith, and Victor sneers that she was there all along! He says he is taking the baby, and they argue about their girls. Ashley says she is the constant in their lives. He says she's crazy. Ash tells Victor he is cruel and vile. She takes the baby from his arms, but it's just a blanket. Victor asserts that she's insane - she needs to be institutionalized again! She turns, sees Jack, and begs him not to let them lock her up! He asks if she's okay. Ashley tells him she knows there was a time when she pushed reality, but not anymore! She is holding Faith and laments that she can't get upstairs to put her to bed. Jack looks at her sternly and tells her the baby didn't make it. She sees Adam on the stairs again, but he disappears. Jack tells her there is no Faith - it's an empty blanket she's holding! Ashley panics, as Jack assures her they all understand, and want to help. He soothes, "The baby died, I'm sorry."

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