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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Victor 'Adam' Newman Jr. (PAST)

    Full detailed profile on Victor 'Adam' Newman Jr. (PAST) Played by Chris Engen on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Chris Engen (CBS)
    Victor 'Adam' Newman Jr. (PAST)

    Actor: Chris Engen

    Who played Victor 'Adam' Newman Jr. (PAST) over the years

    Chris Engen (February 2008 - present)
    Celeste and Coryn Williams (1995)
    Danielle and Sabrina Helper (1995)
    Spencer Klaas (1995)
    Hayden Tank (Recurring: December 1996 - August 1997)
    (Guest: June 2002)

    Useful information on Victor 'Adam' Newman Jr. (PAST)

    * Son of Victor Newman and Hope Wilson.
    * Raised in Kansas.
    * Harvard-educated.
    * Engaged to Heather Stevens.
    * Alienated from the Newman family after trying to take control when Victor was presumed dead.
    * Lost his best friend, Skye, when she was murdered by Nikki's husband David Chow.
    * Joined forces with Jack to bring Victor down.
    * Proposed to Heather, who then convicted him when he forged Victor's diary.
    * Started going blind in prison, now resides at Victor's Ranch - may be faking blindness!


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Executive at Newman Enterprises
    Past: Investment Banker in New York (Past)


    Victor Jr., known as Adam, was raised by Hope and Cliff Wilson (whom he believed to be his father) on the farm in Kansas. He never knew he was the natural son of Victor Newman until this year when Hope passed away from terminal cancer. On her deathbed she told Victor Jr. the truth about his paternity with Victor Sr. present. She urged him to get to know his real father, and Victor offered him a job at Newman Enterprises. He also offered to buy Hope's farm for Victor Jr. in order to keep it in the family. Victor Jr. decided to leave his job in New York City and come work for his newfound father at Newman Enterprises.

    Adam Wilson, as he is known in Genoa City, became a success at Newman Enterprises, but when Victor was presumed dead in Mexico, Adam tried to take over the company and fired Neil and Victoria in the process. Victor came back, disowned Adam for his actions and kicked him off the Ranch.

    Adam was living with fiancee Heather at the GCAC, but that didn't last long once his part in forging Victor's diary came to light! Heather convicted him and he went to prison. In jail, Adam began losing his sight, so Victor sprung him to come and live at the Ranch with an ankle bracelet. Adam and Heather have just started to see one another again, but he may be using her, and faking blindness, in an effort to escape his incarceration!




    Heather Stevens (fiancee)
    Skye (ex-girlfriend in New York City, deceased)


    Victor Newman (Father)
    Hope_Adams_Wilson (Mother)
    Nick Newman (Half-Brother)
    Phyllis Newman (Sister-in-law)
    Noah Newman (Nephew)
    Cassie Newman (Niece - deceased)
    Reed Hellstrom (Nephew)




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    Monday, April 09 2012: Unfair Advantage.

    Victoria arrives in the cabin as Chelsea starts to drift off holding the baby. Vikki takes him and tells Chelsea to rest. Billy comes in and Vikki hands him his son. Victoria checks Chelsea, who's freezing. They wonder who helped her. Chelsea murmurs, "I took my vitamins." Adam watches as they prepare to take Chelsea and the baby to the helicopter. Abby enters and tells them someone had already called an ambulance. Vikki says whoever it was saved their baby's life.

    Friday, March 09 2012: Satan's Understudy.

    At Gloworm, Victor encounters Anita working. She says she needed pocket money since Billy didn't come through. Victor says he's a punk and tells her she's still got time to do what she came to do. Victor steps away, and Anita looks at Jeff. Chelsea enters and wants to know where her father is. Anita tells her to get her head on straight about the kid first. They bicker. Chelsea tells her she's disgusting. Victoria enters and spots Victor. She says she saw the article, and lets him know that Billy had nothing to do with it. Victor says Billy lives to damage their family. Victoria tells him she accepted Genevieve's offer, and lets him know she's sick of his disapproval. Victor calls Sharon and says he has a proposition for her. Nearby, Anita asks Jeff if he has any kids. He chuckles that he doesn't think so. Anita approaches Victoria and warns that tomorrow Chelsea could change her mind about the baby. Victoria says Chelsea is nothing like her mother.

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