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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Drucilla Barber Winters - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Drucilla Barber Winters Played by Victoria Rowell on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Victoria Rowell (CBS)

    Birthday: 1960-05-10
    Birthplace: Portland, Maine USA
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Victoria Rowell
    Web site:


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    No Free Pass!

    Thursday, January 07 2010

    Neil goes to Cane and Lily's house, where he cordially greets Malcolm. Malcolm tells Neil that he is aware how he and Cane feel about him being in town, but after discussing it with Lily, he's decided to stay. He notes that he's received a job offer, and will be in Genoa City indefinitely. Neil glowers. Lily thinks it's great that Billy offered Malcolm a job. Cane tells Lily he disagrees, and tries to tell Malcolm to get on a plane. Lily stops him, saying this is merely a challenge. Neil asks for a moment with Malcolm. He congratulates him sarcastically on what he's done - it really sounds like he's staying for Lily! Malcolm sighs and says there is another reason he's staying - Neil.

    Victoria's blood pressure rises!

    Thursday, November 08 2007

    At Indigo, Cane notices something bothering Heather and she explains she just found out that a very good friend she’s known for years and trusted committed a very big crime. He mentions her accountability level, being a District Attorney and she agrees.

    As Cane and Heather leave, a disappointed Lily watches and turns her attention to Neil and Karen asking if they need help. Karen invites Lily to stay and to go out after with them, but she declines.

    Neil and Karen dance seductively to music, he’s happy they found each other. They passionately and slowly kiss, falling into each other’s arms, breathless. She tells him he can take his time and there is no pressure. He passionately kisses her again as they start to undress and make love!

    They wake up later as they talk about everything including Dru and his kids. He admits to Karen that he hasn’t been this happy in a long time, his life isn’t over and he doesn’t want to spend it alone.

    Enrique Iglesias sings at Indigo!

    Wednesday, November 07 2007

    Paul, Maggie, Neil and Karen arrive at Indigo. Neil brags and makes jokes about Karen’s kickboxing. Paul and Maggie also make jokes about fighting with each other. Neil brings up Dru, while Karen becomes uncomfortable.

    Later, Neil, Lily and Devon spot Daniel, Amber and Kevin at the club and Neil gets up to ask Daniel to leave, but Lily stops him.

    Jack is questioned about Ji Min’s homicide…

    Tuesday, October 09 2007

    At the Winters, Devon arrives with ice cream for everyone. Neil informs Devon and Lily they have to wait, Karen is coming. Lily states “We don’t ever invite anyone over for ice cream night.” Neil advises maybe they should they always talk about needing a fourth player. Devon disagrees. Neil elaborates that “ice cream night” is supposed to be a fun night, why not include someone else. Both Lily and Devon disagree and say perhaps its fun because no one else is included. Neil promises that from now on he will check with them first.

    Karen arrives. Lily and Devon see her and leave the room. Karen wonders what just happened. Neil points out her hat looks identical to a hat Dru wore. She apologizes, she just picked it up at a thrift store. He admits he just donated a hat like it to a thrift store, along with a ton of his wife’s stuff. They discover it was Dru’s and are shocked by the coincidence. Karen really apologizes and asks that he apologize to his children for her, she wants to take off. He insists that she stay. She really wants to go, but he really wants her to stay.

    Back at the Winters, Neil, Karen, Devon and Lily try to enjoy playing cards. Karen apologizes for what happened. She has trouble playing the card game and asks for more ice cream. She accidentally spills ice cream on the cards and apologizes, saying its just cards. Devon states that their mom bought those cards for them.

    Karen offers to get another deck of cards that match. Neil tells her its okay. He shares that he had a fantastic night with her. He hopes she had a good time. She made his night. He hugs her. Devon and Lily mimic Karen as she walks up and offers Lily Dru’s hat as a gift. Once Karen leaves, Neil demands Lily and Devon to sit down.

    Nick & Jack argue over Sharon!

    Tuesday, October 02 2007

    At the Club, Sharon calls Neil, she really needs to see him. They agree to meet up at Newman shortly. Neil calls Karen to postpone their dinner plans and apologizes. He will call her as soon as he can.

    Sharon meets Neil at Newman and confesses her kiss with Nick to him. He wonders how Jack found out and she tells him he overheard Brad and her talking about it. Sharon tells Neil, “I hate myself for letting this happen and Jack, he was devastated. What kind of wife does this to her husband?” Neil consoles her and tells her she made a mistake, that everyone does and that she admitted that she might be falling back in love with Nick. He tells her she was confused and Nick was acting like the man she was married to. Sharon admits, “He was acting like the man that I needed him to be when our marriage was falling apart.” Neil agrees, but tells Sharon the question now is how does she feel about him. She confesses, “Well, when we were locked in that vault, I felt something. I was overwhelmed by memories but I couldn’t imagine a life with anyone but Nick. Then when the door opened, it was back to reality. Nick and I, we have a past and that is where that’s going to remain. I will always love him but I guess that’s all there is to it. I’ve moved on, I’m with Jack and Jack’s my whole life now, with Nick I was reaching for something, for something that just could never be, for a marriage, to repair our marriage that we just never could because our little…Neil interjects, “Cassie.” She admits when you lose someone you really love, you will do almost anything to get them back.

    Later, Neil asks Sharon if she wanted Jack to find out about the kiss on some level. She tells him no. Neil brings up Carmen and his attraction to her. He confesses that instead of dealing with his problems with Dru, he turned to someone else. Sharon admits there were no problems until recently. Neil poses the question that if there were no problems, does she really think she would kiss Nick. He tells her that she forgave Jack, he should forgive her, but first of all she should forgive herself. He tells her how much he loved Dru and she thanks him for all the support.

    At the Club, Neil finally meets up with Karen and explains he met with Sharon, his wife’s best friend. He also explains how Dru was the greatest friend one could ask for, the loyalist person he knew. Karen admits she’s met someone like that. She admits, “You.”

    Goodbye My Love

    Monday, April 09 2007

    Back at the site of Dru's accident, Neil approaches a makeshift shrine filled with flowers and photos, looks to Dru's picture and says, "I didn't sleep at all last night. All I could think about is you, where you are, out there, somewhere." Through tears of agony, Neil talks of Lily's birth, "Awe, Dru, I would change places with you if I could. If I could just find you and bring you home"

    One Last Breath

    Wednesday, April 04 2007

    Sitting in their living room, Dru tells Neil that she's not looking forward to dealing with Phyllis at the photo shoot, "She's crazy and always trying to make Sharon's life hell." Changing the subject, Neil and Dru share a romantic moment with talk of the kids, Sharon's upcoming wedding and their own wedding ceremony. Neil kisses Dru

    In the hallway, Sharon runs into Dru and says, "I can't take Phyllis anymore!" Dru says they need to come up with a plan to put Phyllis in her place. Daniel briefly stops to chat as Sharon and Dru wonder how Daniel turned out so good with a mother like Phyllis!

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