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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Nicholas Newman

    Full detailed profile on Nicholas Newman Played by Joshua Morrow on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joshua Morrow (CBS)
    Nicholas Newman

    Actor: Joshua Morrow

    Who played Nicholas Newman over the years

    Joshua Morrow (June 1994 - present)
    John Nelson-Alden (1991-1994)
    Griffin Ledner (1990-January 1991)
    Unknown Actor (December 1989)
    Marco and Stefan Flores (1989)

    Useful information on Nicholas Newman

    * Resides in the Tack House on the Newman Ranch at
    421 Larkspur Trail.
    * Was found guilty and sent to prison for the murder of Matt Clark but was later released when Amy Wilson came forward as the real killer.
    * Had an affair with Grace Turner while married to Sharon.
    * Turned Victor in to the FBI for his corrupt business dealings.
    * Had an affair with Phyllis Summers while married to Sharon.
    * Sued Victor along with his sisters and won a big settlement.


    Current: Owner of The Underground
    Past: Newman Executive
    Past: Owner of Restless Style
    Past: Co-Owner of Restless Style (with Phyllis), Newman Executive
    Past: Co-Chief Executive Officer of Newman Enterprises
    Past: Co-owner of the Crimson Lights Coffee House.


    Although Nick Newman grew up starving for the affection of his father Victor, he was very close to his stepfather Jack. At ten years old, Nick went away to spend six years in a Switzerland boarding school and wasn't seen again until his sixteen birthday.

    Being a teenage boy, Nick had girls on the mind! Although he dated Amy Wilson, Nick set his sights on Amy's friend Sharon Collins who was involved with Nick's rival Matt Clark. After Sharon eventually left Matt for Nick, Matt sought revenge by beating the heck out of Nick and raping Sharon! Hoping that he would destroy Nick and Sharon for good, Matt told Nick that Sharon had given up her child for adoption, but Nick and Sharon remained intact. However, after Sharon confessed that Matt had raped her, Nick went to confront Matt and found him dead on his floor! Nick was convicted of murder and sentenced to fifteen years in jail, but was later exonerated after Amy Wilson came forward and admitted to shooting Matt after he had raped her.

    Against his mother's wishes, Nick and Sharon married and had a son Noah. Although the two had a happy marriage, Nick came home drunk one night and slept with Sharon's friend Grace Turner thinking she was his wife! Grace assured Nick that his infidelity would remain a secret. A year later, Grace came to Sharon and Nick with the news that she found Sharon's long lost daughter. Though Nick had a hard time accepting Cassie at first, he soon welcomed her as his own.

    Nick later went on to cheat on Sharon again with Grace, but this time his wife found out and took the kids and left! It wasn't until Cassie's adoptive mother wanted her back that Nick and Sharon reconciled to win custody of Cassie. Determined to make their marriage work, Nick took on an executive job at Newman and he and Sharon bought the Crimson Lights Coffeehouse, the place where they fell in love.

    Nick challenged his father unlike anyone else after turning the great Victor Newman into the Feds for sabotaging Jabot's comeback campaign! Victor was sentenced to community service and Nick's relationship with his father was badly damaged. However, when Victor asked Nick to travel with him to his father's deathbed, Nick realized what his father had gone through and understood why he felt the need to fight so fiercely for everything he owned! Little by little, the two repaired their relationship and Victor made Nick CEO of Newman.

    Throughout the years, Nick and Sharon's marriage survived numerous affairs, a miscarriage, family illnesses, kidnappings and near death experiences, but their love became truly tested with the death of their daughter Cassie. Now a teenager, Cassie became smitten with sixteen year old Daniel Romalotti. After lying to Nick and Sharon, Cassie went to a party and found a drunken Daniel passed out in the backseat of his car. Wanting to help him, Cassie took his keys and attempted to drive home. Her inexperience behind the wheel caused her to wreck and she later died as a result from the accident.

    Nick was devastated and became withdrawn from Sharon and obsessed with making Daniel pay for Cassie's mistake. In the end, Nick came forward with evidence that proved that Daniel was innocent. With his marriage on the rocks, Nick began a passionate affair with Daniel's mother Phyllis Abbott. Soon Nick and Sharon separated, then found their marriage over after Phyllis became pregnant. When Phyllis expressed to Nick that she wasn't sure if the baby was his or Jack's, a paternity test was administered but Nick was the only one to view the results and then claimed that he was the father! Although Nick found himself scared to the bone when Sharon was kidnapped after getting drawn into Brad Carlton's past, she ended up okay and the two divorced.

    Not wasting any time, wanting to avoid the six-month waiting period, Nick and Phyllis flew to Mexico and got married! Shortly after, the couple gave birth to a little girl named Summer. While Nick appears to have it all, little did he know, there was an impostor out there with Phyllis' face! His new bride and his daughter were kidnapped by Shelia Carter and Nick's had to fight with all he had to get them back!

    Since then, Nick has survived the Clear Springs debacle and the coma of his sister, Victoria. He had a falling out with his father, Victor, and left Newman Enterprises, however. Deciding to start fresh on his own, he began a partnership with Jack Abbott and their wives, and started up a fashion magazine called Restless Style. The partnership deteriorated over time, and Nick bought out Jack's share. Recently, Nick made the decision to also go back to work at Newman as Victor has disappeared from town, while he is mourning the death of his wife.

    Nick briefly went back to his ex, Sharon after they made love in the Abbott cabin, but then went back with Phyllis. He and Sharon conceived a baby, which Ashley believed was hers after Adam pulled a fast one. Nick and Sharon believed their child died. A crisis with Summer pulled Phyllis and Nick back together. Adam's deception was revealed and Nick and Sharon took custody of their daughter, Faith, from Ashley. Phyllis and Nick's marriage didn't survive because she got tired of him trying to look out for Sharon.

    Nick joined his sisters in suing Victor and they won a big settlement. Nick repurchased Restless Style from Billy Abbott and ran it with Phyllis. Soon, the pair become romantically involved.

    After Diane was killed, Nick began getting calls from an unknown number, playing back a recording of Nick threatening to kill Diane on her voicemail. He changed his number but still got the calls. He suspected Adam.

    Nick found out that Phyllis and Avery Clark were sisters and tried to get them to spend time together. Eventually, Nick and Avery grew close and Phyllis cheated on Nick with Ronan. For a while, Nick bounced back and forth between Phyllis and Avery.

    Nick sold Restless Style back to Billy and returned to Newman Enterprises, but after Nick beat up Deacon for getting Nikki drunk and marrying her, Adam was named CEO instead. Nick then quit when Victor was set to marry his ex-wife Sharon and went to work for Tucker instead. Nick returned to Newman after Victor and Sharon separated.

    Nick and a pregnant Phyllis planned to get married, with Avery as maid of honor. When Phyllis lost the baby on their wedding day after arguing with Daisy, Nick wed her in a private ceremony the next day instead. Still, Nick left Phyllis when it was revealed she had run down Christine and Paul back in 1994, but he returned at Summer's insistence. But when Ronan admitted his love for Phyllis, Nick moved back to the ranch with Summer.

    After Victor went missing, Sharon fired Nick from Newman. Victoria and Nick proved in court that Sharon was mentally unstable, and Nick was rehired. When Victor was declared dead, Phyllis consoled Nick, but when Phyllis' case about running down Christine and Paul was dismissed, Nick filed for divorce and turned to Avery.

    Jack helped Adam take over Newman, and Nick was fired again. Unwilling to fight for the company anymore, Avery encouraged Nick to buy a bar and he opened The Underground, intending to run it with Noah. He hired war vet Dylan McAvoy, who ended up being Avery's long lost love. Still, Avery assured Nick he was the one for her. They got engaged, and she worked hard to convince Nick she was over Dylan.

    Nick learned Summer and Kyle were moving toward intimacy and it was revealed Summer's paternity was in question. Sharon switched the new results, so that although Nick really was Summer's father, everyone believed Jack was. Phyllis, Jack, Nick and Summer were all devastated.

    Nick and Avery found Phyllis unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell at an MS gala. She was in a coma and Nick convinced Avery and Summer to let Daniel take her to a facility in Atlanta.

    Nick and Avery moved forward with their wedding plans while Sharon worked to get close to Nick, using Faith to play on his emotions. When Avery did not show up at her own wedding because she was helping Dylan, Nick broke up with her. Sharon admitted her feelings to Nick, but he told her he wasn't interested.

    When Nick learned that Dylan was his long-lost brother they got into a fight, which pushed Nick closer to Sharon and they became romantic again. Then, Nick and Dylan teamed up to protect their mother Nikki when Ian Ward, the cult leader who fathered Dylan, came to town. Their mutual goal made them grow close.

    Sharon confided in Nick that she was seeing visions of their dead daughter Cassie and got electro-convulsive therapy to stop the mental torment. The treatment wiped away Sharon's memory that Nick was Summer's true father, her role in Phyllis' injury, and that she had switched the paternity results. Nick told Sharon he was in love with her and moved back in.

    Nick caught the Cassie lookalike and found out Victor had hired her to torture Sharon. Nick explained the truth to Sharon and confronted Victor. Victor told them Sharon was hiding a secret that would harm Nick, but Nick was adamant he loved Sharon no matter what.


    Phyllis_Summers_Abbott_Newman (divorced)
    Sharon_Collins_Newman (divorced)


    Amy Wilson
    Grace Turner


    Victor Newman (father)
    Nikki Newman (mother)
    Victoria Newman Carlton (sister)
    Victor Adam Newman Jr. (half-brother)
    Abby Carlton (half-sister)
    Albert Miller (paternal grandfather)
    Cora Miller (paternal grandmother - deceased)
    Nick Reed (maternal grandfather - deceased)
    Matt Miller (uncle)
    Dr. Casey Reed (aunt)
    Eve Howard (niece - deceased)
    Reed Hellstrom (nephew)


    Faith (daughter with Sharon_Collins_Newman)
    Cassie Newman (daughter by adoption with Sharon Newman - deceased)
    Noah Newman (son with Sharon Newman)
    Summer Ann Newman (daughter with Phyllis Newman)
    Unnamed child (daughter with Sharon Newman - deceased)



    Wednesday, November 26 2014: Y&R Recap: Only One Choice.

    Outside the cabin, Nick grimaces with his leg in the trap and cries out. The dog joins him. When the dog runs off, Nick collapses.

    Tuesday, November 25 2014: Y&R Recap: On Trial.

    Outside the cabin, Nick chops wood with an axe and swigs from a whiskey bottle. He flashes to confronting Sharon about what she'd done to him and Summer. He recalls her saying she's so sorry, and leaving her in the park. The dog appears. He invites him inside. Nick finds some old alcohol and wonders if it can go bad. He drinks it anyway; it's like paint thinner. Nick complains to the dog about women. They go back outside. Nick complains about his life being blown.

    Inside the cabin, Nick sees Amy Wilson. Amy tells him he was her first love and even though he just liked her, she's not sorry they made love. Laughter rings out. "Made sweet, like pink cotton candy, which can also make people sick to their stomach." It's Grace. She talks about Nick crushing Amy's heart, and how she was always there to pick up the pieces for him. Nick acknowledges Grace always showed up when his head wasn't on straight. They discuss Sharon. Grace says he was willing to cheat..the question is why? They talk about Nick's parents hating Sharon and Victor will never forgive her burning down the ranch. Nick wonders if he was trying to prove something to Victor by reconciling with Sharon. Sharon appears. She says it wasn't anything like was just love.

    Outside, Nick slurs to the dog that it's pretty trippy; like they're really in there. He hears noises and goes inside. Phyllis is playing video games. Nick joins her. She muses that he likes a challenge. He asks, "Like you?" They wonder what went wrong. Phyllis says maybe love is like a merry-go-round. Nick wonders if they could jump back on. Phyllis doesn't think he wants that. Avery appears. They debate about how in love with her Nick was. Phyllis points out Avery loved someone else. Nick complains about Phyllis sleeping with Ronan. He says they both betrayed him. Phyllis and Avery protest that he's not exactly St. Nicholas. he has things to answer for. Avery says he's on trial and court is in session. All the women are seated in the room. Avery accuses him of callously breaking hearts with his careless declarations of love. They flash to Nick hurting Amy because he can't get Sharon out of his head. Phyllis says he couldn't care about Grace either, because he was obsessing over Sharon. Avery reminds him he promised to love Phyllis forever. He flashes to their wedding. Nick admits he didn't keep his promise. Phyllis recalls when he walked out and she confronted him about still loving Sharon. Nick protests that he doesn't regret Faith and Summer being in this world. Avery accuses him of emotional polygamy. Nick says Avery loved Dylan and Phyllis loved Jack. Avery calls her star witness - Sharon Collins Newman.

    Outside, Nick swigs a beer. Sharon appears. He says he's made so many mistakes; made so many promises he hasn't kept. She says it's being human. They flash to their wedding. Nick says she didn't trust him with things from the start and lists secrets she kept from him. Sharon was scared and felt she didn't deserve him. Nick says she tested him constantly. He's tired, and it all led to her devastating his kid. She's so sorry. He has to keep his distance or they'll end up in the same place. Sharon wants to forgive each other. Nick says not this time. He won't love any woman again.

    Inside, Nikki asks, "Any woman, sweetheart?" She talks about how it hurts when you love so deeply. She warned him about Sharon. They flash to her saying girls like Sharon are more trouble than they're worth. Nick says if he'd listened to her his life would have turned out differently. Nikki reminds him he's had a lot of joy along with the pain. Nick flashes to buying The Underground with Avery, making up with Phyllis, and Sharon telling him why she loves him. Nick says every relationship he's had has crashed and burned. She asks, "Every one?" Outside, Summer and Faith laugh and play. Nick joins them. Mariah appears; she's going to hurl. Nick says she's part of the family. Mariah's all for him giving up women. Summer insists that he believes in love. Nick says it's not that simple. All the women appear. They urge him not to give up on love. Nick says it would take an act of God to make him go there again. He shouts, "I'm done!" and wakes up in the cabin with the dog. They go outside and Nick gets his leg caught in a bear trap.

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