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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Traci Abbott Carlton Connolly - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Traci Abbott Carlton Connolly Played by Beth Maitland on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Maitland (CBS)

    Birthday: 1958-05-12
    Birthplace: Rapid City, South Dakota
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Beth Maitland


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    Y&R Recap: A New Low.

    Friday, January 31 2014

    Traci and Abby worry about Billy and Adam at the Abbott house. Traci says it must be killing Jack - she thinks a family breakfast might help. Abby wonders where Jack is. They muse that there will be another Abbott/Newman battle - and it's going to be epic. Abby feels bad for Victor - he considered Delia to be a granddaughter. Tyler arrives. He tells Abby he came to help and not to push him away. Traci and Abby talk about Kyle having gone to New York. Traci goes to update him. Abby gives Tyler five minutes to talk. Tyler tells her he loves her and if she could forget about Mariah they could have something special. They kiss. Abby says there's nothing to forgive him for. Tyler tells her he'll take legal action if Mariah doesn't leave them alone. Abby takes his phone and leaves Mariah a voicemail. "It's time we met."

    Jack arrives at home and tells Traci that Victor wouldn't admit a thing, but he was right and Nikki knew it too. Traci asks if it's Victor he's really upset with. Jack talks about Adam and their closeness. He would have tried to understand if it was anyone but Delia. They worry about Billy and what is going on.

    Y&R Recap: Picket Fences.

    Tuesday, December 31 2013

    Jack is surprised to see Traci arrive at the Abbott house on New Year's Eve. He asks what she's doing there. Ashley appears. "The same thing I am - making sure the Abbotts start the new year off right." They tell him he has to start living his life again. He's angry they want him to forget Phyllis. They insist it's what Phyllis would want.

    At the Club, Lily and Cane fawn over Leslie's engagement ring. Devon and Tyler appear and a toast is made to the newest Winters. Leslie looks uncertain. Tyler and Leslie step aside. Leslie talks about making it official with Neil. Tyler mentions Abby thought she saw Mariah sneak out of their room in L.A. Leslie thinks he'll be going all 'picket fences' sooner than he realizes. Hilary comes into the lobby as Devon is running off a reporter. He thanks her for the heads-up about Mason. Neil appears, followed by Abby. Hilary watches them go into the dining room. Victor and Nikki arrive and congratulate Neil. Nick enters. Nikki and Victor are pleased, until Sharon appears behind him. Abby wonders if Sharon has a tracking device on him. Nick tells Sharon not to let them get to her. Jack enters with Traci and Ashley. Victor and Jack eyeball each other. Ashley and Victor have an exchange about peace between him and Jack. Abby glares over at Sharon, who asks Nick to check her back for knives. She muses that people will think they're a couple. He says they're friends. She thinks anything's possible. Meanwhile, Victor needles Jack about the prostitute he picked up there. He wonders what he is helping Adam cover-up in return. Jack spots Hilary and confronts her about telling his sisters what he's doing. He advises her to focus on her life, not his - kiss someone at midnight. Nearby, Leslie assures Abby, Traci, and Ash it will be a long engagement. Neil proposes a toast to Leslie. The new year is rung in. Jack says, "Happy New Year, Red." Hilary and Devon look close, and Nick and Sharon kiss. Victor notices.

    Y&R Recap: Wishbone Tradition.

    Wednesday, November 27 2013

    Traci, Abby, Tyler, and Kyle are gathered at the Abbott mansion. Ashley arrives and surprises them. Hugging ensues, followed by talk about traditions. Tyler gets a text from Mariah. He turns off his phone and reassures Abby. Later, Abby admits to Ashley that his ex won't go away. They all laugh about Tyler's first meeting with Victor. Tyler won't let him chase him off. Kyle says he's been good to him. Ashley questions Kyle about working at Newman.

    Jack and Summer arrive at the Abbott house and greet Ashley. He tells her Billy's been elusive. Traci is glad they came back in time for dinner. After dinner, Tyler leaves for Neil's place. Abby and the Abbotts talk about how hot and amazing he is, and then do the wishbone tradition. Jack and Summer each take one side. Jack doesn't think it will matter who gets the bigger side - they both have the same wish.

    The Mole.

    Wednesday, November 13 2013

    Jack is looking at photos at home when Abby and Traci come in. Traci says she got a call from Victoria - Billy agreed to go to grief counseling. Jack's surprised but pleased. Kyle enters with a box of eclairs to celebrate Abby's birthday later. Abby says Ashley sent a handbag from Milan. They talk about wanting Ashley there, and the evening of festivities Jack has planned. Abby stammers - she already has plans. Jack tells her to have the time of her life. Kyle walks Abby out. Jack tells Traci he really needs the family to be together. Traci asks how he is, really. Jack says Neil helped him stay sober. Kyle overhears Jack discuss using Devon to spy on Victor. After, Kyle tells Traci he wasn't aware that Jack was struggling. Traci says they all need to find ways to minimize Jack's stress.

    Tea Party.

    Tuesday, October 29 2013

    Outside the funeral home, Reed and Vikki greet Chloe and Kevin. Reed tells Chloe he'll miss Delia and hugs her. Traci and Jack offer supportive words to Chloe. Victor stops Jack. "I'm sorry for your loss." They go in. Cane hugs Chloe and says Lily stayed with their sick twins. Kevin wonders where Billy is. Chloe tells Kevin to go in. Billy appears. Chloe falls into his arms and sobs. They agree they're not ready to say goodbye, but will do it together. They go inside. Adam appears outside, listens, and then leaves. Inside, Chloe reads the poem Delia wrote for Katherine's funeral. One by one, everyone leaves, wiping tears. Victoria and Chloe embrace, and then Billy and Chloe embrace. After, Billy sits with Victoria and they talk about what Reed and Delia would have been doing for Halloween. Vikki says he was a great father - how much air did he sip at pretend tea parties? Billy hopes Delia realized how much he loved her.

    At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe is stunned to see everyone from the funeral assembled in the living room - Jill has planned a tea party in Delia's honor. Billy enters, realizes what's happening, and turns away. Traci joins him. He tells her he never realized what she felt when Colleen died. They embrace. Nikki hugs Reed, and Jill recalls what it was like with Chance growing up far away. Ashley and Victor hug. She tells him she's worried about Billy trying to hold everything in. Victor muses that some people have trouble showing emotion. Victor approaches Billy and says he's facing something today that no father should ever have to with great courage. "Your daughter would be proud of you." Billy thanks him. Later, Esther tells Jill she left a cup of tea for Delia. Jill says that's the sweetest thing she's ever seen. They hold hands and say they miss her. Kevin appears looking for Chloe - she's gone.

    At the Abbott house, Abby, Traci, Kyle, and Jack says goodbye to Ashley. Ashley is glad Abby's happy. Jack tells her to come home again soon. John appears to Jack again. "You've become the head of the family."

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